phone got run over

I was talking to my friend on the phone and then she almost got run over and i was obviously really concerned so i asked her if she was okay and after a moment she replied “there is a Jesus in the sky” in a really matter-of-fact sort of way
so obviously I thought something was seriously wrong but

A+ (High School AU!) Chapter 9

category: angst

pairing: eunwoo X reader

warnings: more bad language and suicide mentions

note: you guys thought I forgot about Eunwoo??? ;) 2.3k words!

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You left Jiyoon’s house in the morning after staying the night there. After much contemplating, you have finally decided to go back home and confront your mother.

Opening the lock to the front door, you braced yourself for who knows what. As soon as you stepped in, you saw that your mom was passed out on the couch. A can of beer was placed in her limp hand as her head slumped over the arm of the chair.

Leftovers of fast food were sitting on the coffee table, wrappers and ketchup packets littered the ground. You leave for two days and this is what happens, the woman couldn’t even clean up after herself.

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Second family

Anon: “Imagine being in a relationship with a youtuber(fictional) but he abuses you and one night after it gets pretty bad, you run to Alfie’s home and find most of the male youtubers are there and they learn about your situation even though you didn’t tell them, you can decide what happens after that, I want the reader to find that one of the boys actually cares about her more than a friend(you can decide which youtuber she’s gonna fall in love with!) SOOO EXCITED FOR YOUR BLOG!!” 

A/N: I named the ‘abusive youtube boyfriend’, Jake… just letting you know. Oh and sorry about the writing, there might be errors since I finished this around midnight. Tell me if you guys want a part 2, I have a lot of things planned. 


Youtubers involved in this fic: are Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman and Caspar Lee!

Words: almost, almost 1000

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Trope of the Week: Clumsy Girl

She seems like the perfect girl. She’s cute, funny, and sweet. But her deep, dark flaw? She’s totally clumsy! This girl trips over her own two feet constantly, but luckily no one ever gets hurt. After nearly knocking you over on her way to work, she helps you pick up your papers and apologizes with a small smile. See? This girl’s not perfect. After all, she’s a klutz.

Why this can be bad: The problem with this trope is not in regards to the clumsiness itself, really. For those of us who are legitimately clumsy, we know that this is a character trait that results in many broken electronics, twisted ankles, and crying at your own inadequacy. I dropped my phone as I was walking out of the store I bought it from, got my other phone run over by a go-kart, and have somehow avoided grievous bodily harm despite tumbling down a flight of concrete stairs both by foot and bike. I know what it’s like to be clumsy, and I know that it is not cute. At all. Ever.

The problem with this trope is that when clumsiness is applied to women, it’s often written as a cutesy character flaw that involves no actual consequences and makes the woman all the more endearing. It also tends to be the woman’s only character flaw, making her two-dimensional and closer to the manic pixie dream girl.

How you can fix it: Clumsiness is a legitimate trait some women have, but don’t forget that it comes with repercussions. Tripping occasionally or knocking down a series of bookshelves with nothing more than an “oops!” accessorizes the trait rather than making it an actual part of the character. If she trips a lot, mention her scabbed elbows and bruised knees. If she breaks something expensive in a store, make her have to pay for it. Give her phone a cracked screen, make her step carefully across wet pavement, show her doing things that actually embodies what it’s like to be clumsy rather than some romanticized ideal of it.

Also, do not treat this like a flaw that creates a well-rounded character. It doesn’t. Clumsiness is not on the same level as fearfulness or rage. Make sure your character has legitimate flaws and consequences for them, so as to ensure you’re not crating the MPDG or some other “perfect” character.

Bottom Line: Being clumsy has consequences and often results in less “So quirky and cute!” comments and more “How are you alive?” comments.

INTP Fail Moments pt. 2

School started for me this week, and I have already started off on a rather bad start…

Within a week, I…
•lost my phone TWICE
•got my phone run over by a car (however, my phone is still functioning, which is good and funny!)
•ran in a door
•tried to pull a door that you are supposed to push
•tripped on myself twice
•broke my laptop screen

Reblog with stories! Also, as my only piece of technology is my phone right now, I may not be on often! I’m waiting for my new laptop to come…