phone from car

Yui: What do you guys say when you answer the phone?

Shu: “What up?”

Laito: “Who dis be?”

Ayato: “No, she’s dead. This is her son.”

tbh any other bill ship would be creepy, unhealthy, possessive, etc

but billcest? nah. happiest couple in the dimension. so cute and affectionate that your teeth will rot. totally and completely in love

because after all, theres nothing bill loves more than himself

if you buy thor a cup of coffee (and ask him nicely), he’ll recharge your cell phone for you.

Rosie Gaines is the keyboard player and singer Prince drafted for 1990’s Nude tour. This afternoon Prince has been asking her questions on camera for a documentary he’s making. I ask her whether she asked him any questions.

“Nooo,” she says, grinning. “I wish I could have.”


“I want to ask him just to come out to my house and meet my husband and have a barbecue, just not be Prince for a day.”

He has been around her place once, actually. In the driveway, anyhow. Prince called up one night after midnight. He’d just done some new music, and it was so funky he had to play it to someone.

She was the closest. So she gave him directions. When he was outside he phoned from the car and she came down and sat for half an hour in his blue BMW, listening to new tunes: “The Flow,” “Walk Don’t Walk.” While the music played they didn’t say anything.

It was so funky Rosie didn’t want to get out of the car. Rosie listens to Prince’s music and knows he has love in his heart. Also, he made her feel good about her looks; he told her she was sexy inside. Prince calls Rosie “cousin.” She calls him “Prince” but says she’d like to call him “baby.”

-Rosie Gaines, GQ (1991)


The end of the world?

We drove Bella to the airport tonight, because she has to work tomorrow. Nick’s company paid for her flight, because they would have paid for his, but we drove instead. The sky was spectacular. To our left and in front of us was blue sky with a strange rainbow shooting straight down from the clouds, and to our right was this dark, fiery cloud formation. Cell phone pics from the car can’t do it justice.