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Was it dumb to fall in love in less than a year?

Yes. Yes, it was.

Sasuke used to believe falling in love would take a considerable amount of time and he would not be aware that it was happening. He used to believe it would eventually happen with someone who was already in his life and it would be a warm, comfortable memory that he would never experience again.

But that had not been the case for him.

He had been fully aware when he fell in love with a stranger.

He met her by chance in an antique shop, and she had spoken to him first. Pleasant conversation was followed by exchanging phone numbers, which led to a series of dates, late nights, bed sheets, and intense emotion that had rapidly led to his heart being fully and utterly won over by a dark haired young woman with pale eyes.

And then she was gone.

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how i spent time with my sign crushes

aries: went out to eat and watched a lot of movies, always had heated but friendly debates

taurus: cracked a lot of jokes and would always rap songs together

gemini: talked for hours straight and forgot we werent the only two people at the party

cancer: baked cookies almost every time we hung out

leo: flirted through email an excessive amount and shared at least 20 songs a day with each other

virgo: explored his basement and talked a lot about what kind of weird statuses you could post when you hack someone’s facebook

libra: made out against random buildings on our walk home from the bars

scorpio: made me jealous all the time & really easily

sagittarius: talked on the phone every night and became best friends

capricorn: mostly exchanged shy smiles and glances, not much ever came of it

aquarius: both laughed at everything we said to each other. Always giving each other a mental workout

pisces: an endless supply of late night conversations and observing each others every move trying to get inside the others head

Winter warmer

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Christmas collab with @noir0neko - 7 days with BTS
Day 5: Jimin

Warnings: Dirty talk. Video chat sex. Masturbating.

Distance was, is and never will be a problem…

I cross out the 24th box of December. It’s officially one year since I last saw Jimin outside of my phone screen. We exchange texts and phone calls every night, talking about our life on the end of the line until midnight. It has never been easy to maintain our feelings for each other through technology, still we manage to make it works somehow. I always think about how nice it would feel to have Jimin just for one Christmas, to shrink myself in his arms while feeling his breath brushing against my hair. Not once had he made me feel unwanted emotionally. He makes sure that our hearts are connected. Whenever that string is about break in halves, he patiently mends it. But my body also yearns for him, it keeps asking me questions about his touch which I can’t find an answer to.

I met Jimin during one of his oversea tours last year. I was in the concert organizing team, that was probably the only reason he could notice me. We talked and ended up exchanging contacts. At first our conversations were short and quick, full of awkwardness and typical manners. Then he started to become more opened about his worries, his dreams and wishes. Gradually, I opened my heart to let him in as well. Our conversations became more flavorful and comfortable. We gave each other nicknames, told jokes and secrets. From texting, we began calling. From calling, we began video chatting. Jimin always wakes up early to wish me goodnight and I takes picture of the sunrise so he can bring it into his dream. Just like that, the word “love” slips from our mouth so naturally.




“Morning!” I wrap myself around my cobalt blanket. Even the thick pyjamas can’t keep my body temperature heated in the winter weather. Snow is falling on the raven sky, sticking on the leafless branches. Soon it will turn the whole city into its own white wonderland, colorless but undeniably angelic. I blush at Jimin’s messy morning hair. My heart skips a beat at his daydreamed face.

“Hey…” He yawns, stretches his arms to the back of his neck and scratches his marmalade head. I burst out a small giggle. “What are you laughing at?” He pouts. “You’re just too cute.” I respond without looking at the screen. How many times I say that sentence all over again, they never seem to be enough.

Our conversation fills with laughter. Jimin talks about the other members, which is always his main topic. How Namjoon was bullied on a variety show, what new recipe did Seokjin discover, what time did Yoongi came back to the dorm last night, a new joke that Hoseok created, a new anime recommendation from Taehyung or how much lamb skewers Jungkook ate last night; he never misses a detail. He tells stories about his fans and how much they love him. His eyes brighten when he talks about being able to perform on stage, sing his heart out and dance until tiredness sweeps him off his feet. I tells him about my ordinary day, waking up to going to sleep. Compared to his life, mine sounds completely mediocre, still he loves everything about it. He puts his chin on his hand and looks into my eyes so dearly.

“Is it snowing there?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah… I wish you were here.”

“Do you want me to warm you up?” Jimin’s question triggers a strange anticipation inside me. My sixth sense tells me we are about to escalate to another level.

“Take off your shirt.”

I undo the buttons of my pyjamas top and slide it down on my shoulders, revealing my naked torso. My nipples harden under his gaze. I start losing control of my heart. It beats without an order, jumps around from place to place that it shouldn’t be. His stare becomes more intense. I could feel his breath shorten, as if something is suffocating him.

“Close your eyes and touch your breasts, imagine that’s me.”

I close my eyes and start touching my breasts. My hands squeeze them then pinch the small nipples. The area between my thighs feels ticklish. My mouth is half opened, gasping the thin air above my head. I moan his name softly while my imagination works it way to where he is. He records everything in his mind, captures every moment and saves it somewhere only he can access.

“Feel your pussy, tell me how wet it is.”

His alluring voice drag my hand into my panties. I press on my clit as I breathe out heavily. The juice sticks on my fingers and damps the ivory panties cover my core. My cheekbones turns rosy. I lick my dry lips.

“Very wet…”

“I can put two fingers in there easily right?”

He was giving a question but I was taking it as a command. I insert two fingers in myself, pumping it in and out. Jimin bites his lips. The view of me touching myself is too aphrodisiac for him to be distracted. My head throws back so that my face touch the sky. As for me, the feeling of him watching me is more than just ecstasy.

“Say my name.”




His name mixes with moans slips from my tongue, so fast it was impossible for me to catch. My body heats up as I feel the lower stomach of my body squirms and shrinks like a crumpled piece of paper. My fingers doesn’t stop teasing my own entrance. I can’t stop, I want Jimin to touch me more, to curl his edgy fingers inside me until I cum while he caresses my breasts with his other hand. I need his warm touch on my cold skin, his lips on any sensitive spots that can tremble my thighs. I yearn for more than just Jimin’s gaze. Suddenly, everything escapes from me, wakes me up from my little world.

“You cummed already? Let me see how dirty you are.”

I slide down my pants and panties and spread my legs so that the webcam shows the middle area of my legs. He examines it with his lustful eyes. They seem satisfied of what they’re looking at. The way it’s staining on my white bed sheet must be how they wanted.

“Good girl. If I were there, I would have lick you clean. Now go wash up and change your panties.”

The sky is still sprinkling snow outside but sweat is dripping on my forehead. My body is a human torch itself. But I can’t deny, this has been our best conversation yet.


There was always this fair a couple of weeks before school starts and that is where she met Enrico. They spent the night going on the silly rides and such, eventually ending the night exchanging phone numbers and a kiss. She’d promised to call but the weeks passed and because of work and getting ready to go back to school she was just too busy.

Walking into her first class of the week, the one she was the Teacher’s Assistant for, she saw the professor writing something on the board. Going up she tapped him on the shoulder, “Hi I’m your TA, Samantha.”
Without a Word, chapter 2, a Castle fanfic | FanFiction

They had both downloaded apps onto their phones that first night, practicing daily and learning to exchange words and bits of conversations little by little with their hands. When Castle is too lazy, though, he’ll snag a piece of paper, write her a note and hold it up for her to read.

You don’t have to learn too, Beckett. I’m mute, not deaf.

“I want to learn,” she’d replied, snatching the pen from his fingers before he could come up with a new protest. She’s aware that she doesn’t need to know sign language to communicate with him, she’s aware that she doesn’t have to be at the loft so often, but leaving him alone hurts too much, elicits a rush of guilt and a hollow spot the sound of his voice once filled, aching and raw in her chest. “I’m where I want to be.”

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