phone exchange at night

Fake Dating Series; Joshua/Jisoo

- you’re studying in the library of your university with your friends jeonghan and seungcheol and everything’s going well like you’re actually surprised you’re getting work done with these two together and it’s all quiet and peaceful
- but then jeonghan opens his mouth
- and he’s like “oh (name)…… so i know this guy who—“
- you’re like “not this again omfg jeonghan SHUT UP I’M PERFECTLY FINE BEING SINGLE”
- seungcheol joins in and he’s like “(name) come on!!! you’re going to like this guy he’s so your type”
- basically they’ve been trying to set you up with someone because they don’t want you to be alone once they leave
- jeonghan and seungcheol have pretty much been your only friends since entering uni and they’re graduating that sem while you have one more year to go and they don’t want you to be all by yourself ISN’T THAT CUTE
- but you’re perfectly fine living the single life and you don’t need a bf but they’re like NOPE WE WANT YOU HAPPY WHILE WE’RE GONE WE WANT SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU WHILE WE CAN’T
- you end up arguing with them to the point the librarian kicks all of you out because you’re all too loud and well there goes your studying
- they keep annoying you but you keeping refusing and they finally give up and you’re like THANK YOU
- seungcheol’s like “fine you’re paying for dinner then” and honestly you couldn’t care less because you’re not going on a blind date…
- …or so you thought.
- you get to the restaurant where you were supposed to meet jeonghan and seungcheol but WOW SURPRISE THEY’RE NOT THERE
- instead, a person you’ve never met in your life is sitting at the table reserved for “s.coups” seungcheol’s stupid nickname
- while you’re internally raging and plotting your friends’ deaths, the boy at the table looks up from the menu and locks eyes with you and your heart skips a beat
- he has. the most. gorgeous eyes you’ve ever seen and not going to lie he’s really cute and you’re like oh wow they weren’t kidding when they said he was your type in terms of looks
- but then you snap out of your daze because you’re angry at your friends
- you sit down and say “alright. jeonghan and seungcheol. sound familiar?” and all he says is “blind date” and you say “yeah”
- the boy runs his hand through his hair and sighs “i should’ve expected this” and his hair gets all messy and cute and you’re like don’t do that
- you say “i’m REALLY sorry about this” and he just smiles like “no worries it’s jeonghan and seungcheol like of course they’d pull something like this”
- you laugh and say “right? i swear, one day i’m going to get back at them” and the boy laughs “me too”
- but then his eyes widen and he looks up at you and says “……hey. i have an idea.”
- you look at him like what is it and he says “do you really want to get back at them?” and you ask “what do you mean??”
- he says “I MEAN…… we PRETEND to date. we trick them into thinking their plan worked and then we break up IN FRONT OF THEM like REAL BAD, that’ll teach them to quit setting us up on blind dates”
- and you just stare at him like… did this angel just say the evillest thing
- but you like the plan so you smirk and say “okay, sounds good. let’s do it.”
- the boy reaches out his hand and says “i’m joshua by the way. it’s nice to meet you”
- you shake his hand and say “i’m (name). nice to meet you too, boyfriend.”
- you two end up actually having dinner at the restaurant but the whole time you guys are just laughing and talking about how this whole thing is going to go
- unknown to you guys, jeonghan and seungcheol are watching your interaction from a distance and they high-five in victory because they think they succeeded
- by the end of the night you and joshua exchange phone numbers and schedules, and you both plan the entire thing. the breakup is set to be at the end of the sem so in about four months
- when you both go up to pay, you’re reaching for your wallet, but joshua stops you and says “if i’m going to be your pretend bf for the next four months, i should at least act the part well” and you say “what?? no no it’s fine you don’t have to do all this if it’s just pretend” and he just smiles and pays
- actual gentleman joshua hong everyone
- you guys ended up staying later than expected at the restaurant so it’s really dark by the time you guys get out
- your dorms are on the same side of campus and yours is a little further, but this is JOSHUA so he walks you all the way there
- while walking, you guys decide to tell each other a few things about each other and you find out you guys actually have so much in common???
- you get so into your conversation with joshua that by the time you reach your room, you’re disappointed by how short the walk was
- you say “well this is my room. thanks for walking me back” and joshua says “it’s no problem. so….. since we’re “dating” now and all….. do you want to go eat out for lunch tomorrow?”
- and you smile and say “sure!! this is perfect actually because i usually eat lunch with seungcheol and jeonghan so i can invite them along and we could tell them about how we’re “dating” and all”
- joshua laughs and says “i can’t wait to see their reaction by the end of this” and you just laugh “me too”
- joshua says “well, i’ll be going now. good night and see you tomorrow!!” and you say good night to him as well before entering your room and going to bed
- the next day, after your morning classes, joshua texts you “hey! :) i’m right outside your building. seungcheol and jeonghan are here too” and you’re like omg he used a smiley face he’s so cute LOL
- you go outside and see the three of them waiting for you so you run up to them, and they each greet you
- seungcheol and jeonghan both have smirks on their faces and when joshua says he’ll be right back, they both go up to you and say “sooo we heard you guys are dating!!” and you laugh “yeah…. i actually had a good time with joshua last night at the restaurant. you guys were right when you said he was my type”
- seungcheol gasps and says “joshua said that too!! i swear you guys are meant to be. jeonghan, we chose well.”
- jeonghan pretends to wipe away a tear and says “my baby’s growing up”
- when joshua comes back, you three go to a restaurant near campus just to have a quick lunch together, when seungcheol and jeonghan tell you guys they “have to go hand in an assignment” and you’re like OOOKAY RIGHT
- when they leave you turn to joshua and say “you think they’re convinced?” and joshua says “yeah. they are.”
- seungcheol and jeonghan actually do believe it at first, but after about three weeks…… they start getting a bit suspicious
- you and joshua don’t hold hands or kiss or do any of those couple stuff, you guys don’t even HUG
- you just tell them you’re shy because your relationship just started but you’re both starting to panic because NO THE PLAN CAN’T BE RUINED WE HAVE TO GET BACK AT THEM
- one day, you exit your class to see joshua waiting for you outside the door and he does his cute eye smile when he sees you
- he walks up to you and says “i told seungcheol and jeonghan we’re going on a date tomorrow. i was kinda thinking that we DO go on one since they’ll probably follow us around to see for themselves…. you know….?” and you say “oh, you’re right!! this would definitely convince them!!”
- the next day, you find yourself rummaging through your entire closet looking for something cute to wear but you’re like wait
- why?? it’s just joshua??
- but then you convince yourself that you’re doing this for seungcheol and jeonghan….. like it’s just to make it look like you’re actually trying…… right……
- you dress up and before leaving your dorm, you take one last look in the mirror to see how you look and then you leave to go meet up with joshua outside the building
- you spot him leaning against a tree and his hair is blowing in the wind and his skin looks so dewy under this bright sun
- just wow….. he looks like a model….
- and your heart may or may not have skipped a beat
- when joshua spots you, he pushes himself off the tree and he walks over to you, and you quickly compose yourself because you’re pretty sure you were gaping at him
- he gives you one of his deadly eye smiles and says “(name)!! how are you? you look really nice” and your ears are burning but you ignore it and answer “oh thanks, just…. threw on anything, you know……”
- joshua grins “so, ready for our date?” and you’re like asjhlaks DON’T SAY IT LIKE THAT but he’s like ??? but it is a date ???
- you ask “where are we going??” and he says “well, i was just thinking of spending a simple day in the city…… you know, street food, shopping, and other stuff we find on the way?? omg i hope that’s not too boring for you i’m so sorry you probably have to go study and—”
- you cut him off by laughing and he just looks at you and says “uhhh did i say something funny??” and you reply “joshua, our date hasn’t even started and you’re already worrying”
- and he laughs and says “my bad…. alright, so are you ready to go?” and you nod your head
- you both take the bus to the city and the date…… is surprisingly going well???
- joshua takes you to this little family restaurant and the food is so good, you’re like omg joshua you have to stop me or i’ll end up ordering the entire menu
- you expected it to be awkward because…. an ENTIRE day with him?? you’re going to run out of things to say
- but no. joshua’s so talkative and there’s never been an awkward silence the entire meal
- when you both finish, you take out your wallet to pay but joshua tells you it’s fine because of coURSE
- “joshua, we aren’t even dating for real, you really don’t have to do this”
- “i invited you out today and you probably have homework to catch up on, this is the least i could do for you”
- you guys walk a little further down the street after leaving the restaurant to see that there’s a street market going on
- and while joshua’s looking through a bunch of cute keychains and plushies, you notice two people looking at you from the corner of your eye
- you subtly turn in that direction and see two people rush behind a stand of mangoes and you’re like really, seungcheol?? really, jeonghan?? i saw you guys
- joshua notices you looking somewhere and he follows your gaze, but instead of focusing on the two heads popping out from behind the stand, he thinks you’re looking at this handsome boy buying street food
- and he gets this look in his eyes
- he quickly takes your hand in his and when you look up at him in surprise, he smiles and says “don’t pay attention to them, only look at me”
- and you’re surprised of course but you’re also like…. come on, snap out of it, he’s just doing this because he saw seungcheol and jeonghan
- but for the rest of the date
- he doesn’t let go of your hand
- you guys spend the day shopping around, and joshua even gets you guys cute matching bracelets
- “you’re getting too into this fake dating stuff”
- “but it’s two for one!!!!”
- at the end of the day, you and joshua take the bus back to get to school and then you realize……. you’re still holding hands…..
- out of embarrassment, you let go and joshua’s like ??? and you say “ohhh uh i think they gave up on following us….. hahah…..”
- and joshua’s cheeks turn pink and he’s like right!!! i’m sorry!!!
- you guys sit next to each other, and you find yourself slowly dozing off as you both wait for your stop
- at some point you black out, but when you open up your eyes again….. you realize you’re resting your head on joshua’s shoulder
- you stop yourself from jumping up and instead take this opportunity to observe his features and….
- he really is good-looking. his cute eye smile, his warm smile, his soft skin….
- you close your eyes again because you feel your face getting warm, and two stops later, joshua shakes your shoulders to wake you up
- he softly says “(name), wake up, our stop’s next” and you pretend you just woke up
- and you’re like wow his voice too how unfair
- when you get off the bus, joshua walks you back to your dorm and you say “how much do you want to bet jeonghan and seungcheol are going to text me the second i step into my room?”
- joshua says “i don’t think they will….. i think they’ll attack you in person instead” and you say “what are you talking about, no way will they be able to wait that long”
- then joshua says “alright then, it’s a bet. loser pays for the next date” and you say “YOU’RE ON”
- you both reach your room, and joshua says good night before leaving. you feel kind of bad since he has to walk an extra few mins to get to his, so right before he’s out of view, you say “joshua”
- he turns around and says “yeah?” and you say “i say this a lot but….. you really don’t have to walk me back every time” and he just smiles and says “it’s fine. i just want to make sure you’re safe”
- when you enter your room, you just smile at his words because how could someone be so kind???
- your roommate says “you’re looking really happy. did something happen??” and you say “what?? no…… not at all”
- after changing into your pyjamas and plopping onto bed, you receive a text from seungcheol “HOW WAS YOUR DATE”
- you win
- dates become a regular thing, you and joshua go out every friday night or saturday, and he also picks you up after each one of your classes
- holding hands becomes so natural, it’s not even awkward at all when you guys have to in front of jeonghan and seungcheol
- this whole fake dating thing is going just as planned
- but then something goes wrong
- you fall for joshua
- this wasn’t supposed to happen
- but just one look from him sends your whole world spinning, when you hold hands with him you never want to let go, and just being with him makes you so happy
- it makes you sad knowing all this is going to end in not too long
- before you now it, you guys only have three weeks left before the breakup
- while eating out with him, you say “alright, so what did you tell them?” and joshua says “i said that you’re giving me too much attitude nowadays”
- you say “perfect, i keep telling them that you’re getting so clingy that it’s starting to annoy me. i also said we’ve been fighting lately” and joshua says “we still have to meet up secretly to plan the huge fight” and you say “ohhh you’re right”
- you guys meet up to practice but you realize….. that joshua’s WAY too nice
- “joshua, you have to talk back to me”
- “but what if i say something that makes you sad????”
- “this is pretend I KNOW YOU DON’T MEAN IT”
- it gets so bad to the point that you guys actually have to write a SCRIPT to follow
- the day of the breakup is here, and you and joshua are supposed to go out with seungcheol and jeonghan
- you decide to meet up in their dorm room, and to make things seem awkward, you both go SEPARATELY
- you take a deep breath before entering the room and it takes all your willpower not to laugh when you see joshua looking away from you
- you say “hey seungcheol, hey jeonghan” and they say hi back, but they quickly realize that you didn’t acknowledge joshua
- it’s quiet, until seungcheol coughs and says “so….. we should probably head to that restaurant now…..”
- and you say “sure, just make sure i’m not seated next to HIM” and joshua says “i didn’t even say anything”
- seungcheol says “hey, guys, don’t ruin the night, let’s just go get some food and—”
- you say “I’M ruining the night??? he can’t even look me in the eye. how immature” and joshua retorts “immature? i’m not the one picking a fight over NOTHING”
- jeonghan says “woah joshua, that’s not like you at all” and he says “well, some people can make others change for the worst”
- you say “why don’t you just say my name, we all know you’re talking about me” and he says “you’re just going to cause trouble if i say it directly”
- seungcheol and jeonghan look at each other, and they start panicking and feeling guilty because they were the ones who got you together
- at some point, you just look at them and say “meant to be, huh?” which made them sink into their seats and feel even worse
- you and joshua follow the script word for word, and slowly it’s getting hard to control your laughter
- until
- joshua says “keep going on those blind dates.”
- you say “yeah? maybe i will.”
- “good for you then. because that’s the only way you’ll ever find someone.”
- it’s in the script. those words are in the script……. but they hurt
- you’ve only ever been on blind dates with the help of seungcheol and jeonghan but without them, would you really be able to find someone?
- are you really this….
- hopeless?
- you must’ve been quiet for some time because joshua says “(name), wait. i didn’t mean that”
- and you decide to end it there
- you say “well i meant every word i said. i was stupid for dating you….” you then turn to seungcheol and jeonghan and say “…..almost as stupid as you two for BELIEVING US LOL”
- they both say “what?? what are you talking about??”
- you start laughing hysterically and you say “WE WERE PRETENDING TO DATE”
- jeonghan says “WAIT THE WHOLE TIME??” and joshua laughs “the whole time”
- seungcheol and jeonghan are the ones to pay for the meal that evening, and afterwards, joshua walks you back to your dorm
- before you enter your room, he says “i’m sorry for what i said, it was mean” and you say “it was part of the script, you have nothing to be sorry for lol”
- he says “just know that…. you’re a great person, and you deserve someone as great”
- his words warm your heart and you say “thanks, joshua. you too.”
- he smiles and says “well…. good night, (name). it was fun.” and you say “it was. good night, joshua.”
- the next day, after your morning class, you exit and you feel sad because
- joshua’s not there waiting for you
- why would he?
- you guys aren’t “dating” anymore…… there’s no reason for him to
- you tell yourself “it’s just like before we’ve met, everything’s back to normal”
- but you really do start feeling lonely
- because joshua isn’t there to pick you up after classes, he isn’t there to walk you back to your dorm room, he doesn’t ask you out on friday nights or saturdays, and after four months of being “together”…..
- they’re all reduced to a simple “hi, how are you?” when you catch each other around campus
- you hate it
- seungcheol and jeonghan both notice how much sadder you seem these days, but you just tell them it’s stress from school
- but it’s really because you miss joshua
- you look down at the matching bracelet you have tied around your wrist and you just think of your first date and how fun it was and how happy you felt
- one night, you’re unable to sleep so you decide to make a quick trip to the nearby convenience store
- you buy some ramyeon and water for a quick snack, and while the cashier is ringing up your items, someone taps you on the shoulder
- you turn around to see joshua and you jump in surprise
- you say “joshua?? what are you doing here??” and he holds up a box of cookies and says “just getting a snack….. i couldn’t sleep”
- the cashier tells you your total, but joshua places his cookies on the counter and pays for both of your things
- he grabs the plastic bag and exits the store before you could say anything about it, and you follow him outside
- he takes his snack out of the bag and then hands you your things, but you say “joshua, why did you pay?? how much was it?? let me pay you back”
- he says “no, it’s fine, it didn’t cost a lot anyway” and you say “you really didn’t need to, i mean…. you’re not my “boyfriend” anymore”
- you immediately regret saying that because it creates an awkward silence between you two
- until joshua asks in a soft voice
- “can i be?”
- you notice his face turn red as he continues “can i be your real boyfriend?”
- you freeze for a moment because joshua just confessed to you…… but when you regain your senses, you get up on your tippy-toes and kiss him right on the lips
- the kiss is soft and slow, and if you can kiss him like this every day….. why. not.
- when you both pull away, you tell him “yes, joshua. you can.”
- you both tell seungcheol and jeonghan that you’re official, but they don’t fall for it right away
- “nice try. do you guys think we’re THAT dumb???”
- you prove it to them by pulling joshua by the collar and kissing him, and that’s when they really both go crazy
- joshua goes back to picking you up after classes, and dates are back to being every friday night or saturday
- you notice that joshua always wears the matching bracelet you both got at the street market, and it makes you smile because you haven’t taken yours off after the “breakup” either
- seungcheol and jeonghan never shut up about succeeding in bringing you two together and they always joke about it
- but they’re really just happy that you won’t be alone anymore
- “joshua, take care of (name) for us, all right?”
- “i will. i promise.”

With You By My Side - One

A/N: Mini series, or series… I haven’t decided yet. This is going to be an angsty ride, so be prepared. Thank you to @melonberri @hanny-writes-spn and @thorne93 for checking this out for me. I’m still recovering from a writer’s block, so don’t be too harsh.

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Jared (mentioned)

Warnings: None in this part I think. Itallics are memories.

Wordcount: 1257

*No hate towards Jensen and his lovely family. This is fiction.*

“(YN)? Is everything okay?” Jensen’s sleepy voice sounded through the phone. You were probably crossing a line calling him like this, two months after your breakup, at one in the morning, but you needed to hear his voice.

You and Jensen had gone from friends to best friends to falling madly in love, but it was short lived. You didn’t know if it was the distance or the fact that you just did better as friends, but after a year of trying to make things work you had both decided to end it. The heartbreak was inevitable, but you didn’t know if it was your friend or you boyfriend that you missed.

“Yeah, everything is fine. I just…” you trailed off, not knowing how to finish that thought. “You remember when we first met? Way back when Jared dragged you to my 23rd birthday party?”

“Of course I remember. You were the only person there who was less interested in your party than I was.” He chuckled at the memory.

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Lance is Not a Scientist

My recipient for the Voltron Positivity Exchange (started by @stargazershiro) is @lemonlegs4, who requested Hance. I’ve never written Hance before and oops I think I’m obsessed now. Oh well!

  The moment Lance stepped off the bus, he knew he’d made a mistake.

  Honestly, he still kind of thought he was a little old for this sort of thing. The last science camp he’d been to was in, what, 2nd grade? Even back then, they weren’t really his thing. Yet somehow, in the summer of his senior year, he’d been dragged along to a weeklong summer camp smackdab in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t like he had other plans anyways, right? And besides, Pidge would be there with him.

  He thought back to their exchange over the phone the previous night, when his doubts had first made themselves known.

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My North Star

Oliver and Felicity have been best friends since 1st grade. So when Felicity is struggling to get over the death of her boyfriend, there’s only one person that can help make things okay again. 

This is part two of a three part mini-verse. Part One “My Compass” can be found here. Shout out to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline for the quick beta! Enjoy! 

Boston 2007

Felicity stares at her reflection in the mirror trying to figure out who this girl is staring back at her. She used to think she knew. She’d been so confident about who she was and where she was going in life. Now she looks at the girl in the mirror and barely recognizes her.

How crazy that two whole months can change everything.

She leans in closer and inspects the dark circles under her eyes that appear permanently set in. It’s been two months since Cooper’s arrest. She hasn’t be able to sleep without waking up from nightmares since the day she watched the feds carry him away. She’s barely left her dorm room and even then, she’d only done so to visit Cooper in prison. Then he died.

Two months since Cooper convinced her to try her algorithm out on the Department of Education and every since then her life has been a downward spiral.

She’s not sure who she is anymore, but she’s positive that she doesn’t want to be this girl in the mirror anymore.

She closes her eyes against a fresh wave of emotion and takes a steadying breath. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. If she tells herself that she’s not going to cry today — that she’s not going to have a panic attack — she won’t.

While her world ended two weeks ago when Cooper took his own life, time wasn’t kind enough to stop. The world kept on spinning. Things kept moving without her.

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Don’t Mimic Me | Prologue

Avengers x Villain!Reader

part one

Summary: After what appeared to be a failed experiment, you stay low and compliant. You’ve always done what you were told; it’s what kept you alive all these years. That is, until you get caught and your secret is revealed.

WC: 1,186

Warnings: Light mention of physical and maybe verbal abuse?

Notes: For the birthday girl, AJ (@mattymattymerduck). I know you enjoy villain!reader, so here this is :D I’ve had this idea for a while, but wasn’t sure how to go about with it. Until now. Enjoy ~

Useless. Absolutely, unforgivingly useless. That’s all you are, and ever will be. You were born a mistake; proof being that your own mother traded you in for cash, once she deemed you were old enough. Could you really blame her though? Your father fell off the face of the planet one day, and was never heard from again. But he was seen again, on the news actually. Living the life as a politician now, somewhere in New York. Watching him appear on the television, making speeches about equality and creating a better world… You were his only child, and all she ever saw in you was the reminder of the man who walked out on her. A splitting image of him.
She just never realized that she wasn’t the only one he abandoned.

You always did your best to do things right. God knew that you’ve made your fair share of mistakes over the years, but never on purpose. The good grades, finished chores, and obedient nod were never enough. There was always a grade not high enough, a chore done too slow and a right response given at the wrong time.

On the weekend of your birthday, a man showed up at your door. According to your mother, he was a distant relative. When you spotted the duffel bag on the table, you knew it wasn’t packed with your things. For the past month, you heard the phone calls in the late night. Something something, useless… Mumble mumble, exchange.. Whisper whisper…. Deal. What confirmed your suspicions was when your mother suddenly showed an interest in your well being. She began checking your body for any disfigurations, or markings. She would ask how you were feeling, touching your forehead to check for a fever, looking for any kind of change in you. It was a cruel joke to you, making you believe that she might actually be turning a new leaf.

She grabbed the duffel bag, unzipped it and nodded with contentment at the sight of bundled cash. You turned towards the so-called relative, and he held out his hand. You glanced back to your mother, but she was already turning away with the duffel bag in hand. It stung watching her walk away, not even hesitantly turning around for one more look. After years of getting that cold shoulder from her, you’d think that you would’ve been used to it.

The man took your hand and led you outside, where you were greeted by a small black, two seater car with windows deeply tinted. Huh. Usually there’s a fine for people who get window tints too dark. He opened the door for you, and without hesitation you got in. You watched as he strolled around the front of the car and into the driver’s seat. He started the car, and took off. The sight of what used to be home shrunk in the wing mirror until it was out of view.

You leaned your head against the chilled window. “What about my things” you spoke out, watching the fog from your breath slowly disappear from the glass. The tone in your voice wasn’t demanding or curious. It was more of an attempt to rid the silence.
“You won’t need them.” He kept his left hand steady on the wheel, as his right traveled slowly towards you. Before he could make another move, you quickly grabbed ahold of his last three fingers, fiercely pulling them backwards. Within a split second, you flew forward and hit the dashboard hard, releasing the grip you held on his digits. You let out a pained groan as you pushed yourself back into the seat.

“I wasn’t going to touch you” he spoke nonchalantly, “I was going to close your air vents.” The car started forward again, the momentum pushing you into your seat as you put your seatbelt on this time. You shifted your position as the car filled with silence once again.

“It would be wise to ask all the questions you have now” he announces, “when we get to our destination, you won’t be able to talk. Not much, at least.”

You sighed, “alrighty then, I guess we can start with the basics.” He raised his index finger, “No personal questions.”

“Just the basics remember? Like…. are you really family? What’s with the slight accent? And what’s your name? Or can I call you mysterious Uncle baldy?” you smirked, appreciating your little joke. He made a sharp right turn making you hit your head on the window. Karma is always close behind. “First off,” he began, “I am not bald. I keep it short, less hassle. My name is not important right now, but Baron will do.” You rubbed the side of your head, already feeling a small bump forming. “And family wise?” you looked towards him. He glanced at you, raising an eyebrow. “Your father, you remember him, yes?” he noticed your jaw clenched and smirked.
“Well, he is my brother, actually.”

Flashbacks of your father’s face appearing on the television filled your mind. He didn’t change much, from what you remember him as a child. He looked exactly the same, but aged. His hair dawning strands of grey and white hairs, wrinkles becoming deeper. Even his voice sounded the same.

“He never said he had any siblings. Not to mention, any kind of accent” you scoffed, crossing your arms.

“We are half brothers. He grew up in the states, while I, Germany.” His tone faltered. You guessed it wasn’t a happy relationship between then, if there was any. “Why did you grow up in Ger-” he raised his hand up, stopping you from finishing your sentence. “I said, no personal questions.” Without thinking, you gently swatted his hand out of your way not even thinking of the possible consequences. Rather than giving you a slap to the face, he chuckled and shook his head. “You remind me of myself. Always acting without thinking” he stated, “it’ll get you in trouble one day.”

You huffed in your seat, rolling your eyes. There was nothing you wanted to say to that, especially since you know it was true. Of course you were a very obedient child, always doing what you were told but that was to avoid a beating. The lashings were a hell of a way to discipline you. But the moment you left that house, you left the memories behind as well. Even if you weren’t free person, you were at least free to be yourself. And who you really were, has yet to be revealed. Years of bottling incompatible emotions don’t always pour out smoothly.

“Can I at least know where we’re going? You’ve been driving for like two hours now” you exaggerated. He let out a slightly annoyed sigh before answering, “It’s only been one hour, and we are going to Sokovia.” You shot him a questioning glance, only to be met with his hand raised again. “No more questions. Take a nap or stare out the window, do something quiet until we reach the airport. We have a long way to go.”


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tear down the walls babe, let me in | Sungjin [Oneshot]

 it’s three in the morning and i’m trying to change your mind

flangst | ~5.9k words | slightly mature content ahead | I Wait 

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Here’s a sample of a story I plan to write after my current Hannigram fanfic...

“Will you always love me?” by Lady_Slice


Will and Hannibal have known each other since their late teens. Will’s family had moved to Lithuania for a few years during his father’s tenure in the army. The Grahams became friends with the Lecters and a instant bond was formed between their two sons. 

Over the years, Will and Hannibal had become extremely close, almost like brothers, until Will visited Hannibal in New York for a few weeks while the latter was attending medical school. From there, their relationship got…well let’s just say, a little complicated. 

Hannibal AU, mostly taking place a year ago. Will, who now is 32, is working at John Hopkins, teaching classes in the psychology department. Hannibal, now 37, visits him while attending a medical conference in Baltimore. From there, we learn about their complicated history.

The story is divided up into five chapters, exploring specific moments from Will and Hannibal’s relationship. These stories are tied together with the weekend from a year ago and as well as present narrative.

About a year ago…

[Will picks up Hannibal at the airport]

Once Will walked into baggage claim, his breath hitched. Hannibal was stooping over a bag, checking the tag to ensure it was his. 

…I forgot how attractive he was…Will thought to himself. His body froze; he couldn’t move his legs. The only part of his body that seemed to function properly were his eyes; they slowly followed Hannibal’s movements as the older man helped an elderly woman retrieve her bag from the carousel. He smiled at her as she thanked him. Will almost stopped functioning all together when he watched Hannibal smile.

…and his smile…

Hannibal grabbed the bag he was standing over, slung it over his shoulders before turning around. He noticed Will almost immediately.

“Will!” Hannibal cheerily shouted with a small wave.

Will forced his legs to walk toward Hannibal. He tried to smile back causally, but he was sure he looked nervous. Hannibal didn’t seem to notice, however. He put his bag down once Will finally reached him and gave him a hug. Will wrapped his arms around Hannibal in response, trying to snap back to reality.

“Hannibal, it’s so great to see you.” Will managed. He fought the urge to bury his face in the crook of Hannibal’s neck. Hannibal squeezed him back tightly; Will felt a rush of euphoria as he forced his hands not to wander all over Hannibal’s backside.  

Hannibal let him go, but kept his hands on Will’s arms as if he were trying to get a better look at him. Will averted his eyes a little; he felt his cheeks blush faintly.

“You as well.” Hannibal greeted back, slightly grinning. Will looked up at him, then cast his eyes slowly downward to look at the rest of Hannibal. 

…fuck…Will thought. He gulped a little thinking about the last time he was intimate with Hannibal… 

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You Meet Him/Her


     2-D could probably be found while he was clothes shopping or running an errand for a fellow band member. When you come up to him and ask him if he is 2-D from Gorillaz, he thinks that your run in may not end up pleasant since he has had the worst experiences with fans out of the whole band. This means that he is very surprised when you end up being a delightful person to talk to. The two of you chat away while shopping and 2-D is admittedly upset when the two of you are finished and it’s time for you to leave. “Say, [Y/N], could I get your phone number?” He innocently asks as he looks at you with his black eyes, pulling out his phone and handing it to you so that you could enter your information. “Sure!” You smile at him brightly, which makes the blue-haired man blush a bit. You take the phone from his hands, enter all of your information, and then hand it back to him. He quietly thanks you and watches as you walk away towards wherever you needed to be. He was certainly going to call you later.


     You would most-likely bump into Murdoc at a bar or at a concert at which an older band was playing, or maybe even his own. When you made eye contact, Murdoc was instantly all over you. He thought that you looked very enticing. More so than the other potential one-night stands that he had met prior to you. “So, bird, do you want to get outta’ here? Maybe spend the night with me?” He would ask with a Cheshire cat smile. You roll your eyes at him and hand him your cell phone number. “Maybe for a date once you stop acting like a hormonal teenager.” You reply to him with an innocent smile and a shrug before going off and doing your own thing, leaving the old man standing there. He was definitely interested.


     Russel would be found in a music store or perhaps hanging out with Noodle away from 2-D and Murdoc. He was looking through some records when he saw you out of the corner of his eye, doing the same thing that he was. You seems to have a good taste in music as he watched you pick up certain ones and leave others in the box. Suddenly, you glanced up ay him before gleaming. “Is that the Wu-Tang Clan you have there?” You asked cutely. Russel looked down at the record he had in his hands. He hadn’t even noticed what he had been holding. “Yeah, here.” He handed the record to you and you smiled. “Thanks! I was beginning to think that I’d never find it!” He nods to you, “No problem. You’ve got good tastes.” He replies and you laugh, “Thanks!” You talk to him for a bit longer until you realized that you needed to be home ten minutes ago! You write down your phone number and quickly hand it to him before rushing out the doors, the record that Russel had handed you in your arms.


     Noodle could most-likely be found when she has a night out away from her fellow band members. She does love them, but they are a pain in her ass most of the time. She likes to hang out with people that she’s met as she grew up and become close friends with, but she’s always willing to make new friends. When she’s with her friends and she sees you without anyone nearby, she skips on over to you and holds up her hand in a gesture of greeting. “こんにちは!” She says and you assume that that means hello. “Hi.” You plainly reply, and she waggles her fingers, “Come and hang out with us!” Her enthusiasm makes you smile and you nod at her. The two of you have quite the fun night, exchanging phone numbers at the end of your little adventure.

Presque Vu    Chapter 10

TW:  Smut.  Spanking.

  Raina stared at the phone, the text message waiting there making her head spin.

  Green. Yellow. Red. Tell me what those colors mean Raina

 She had dropped Shannon back off the bar to get his truck before heading into work.  They had lingered there in the parking lot for several minutes before he left her, exchanging slow, wet kisses and promises to get together again soon.  He hadn’t mentioned anything about her revelation that she was seeing someone else since she had told him in the bar and she was grateful that he seemed to be willing to let it go. It probably meant he was seeing other people too, and she was fine with that. And since she didn’t have to worry about Shannon it left her the whole drive into work to think about what she was going to do about Jared. She had thought about texting him back that morning,  but wasn’t sure what to say after their exchange last night and tossed her phone into the bottom of her purse to be dealt with later.  She didn’t know what she even wanted from him.  Now as she sat down for lunch, she wondered what exactly she had gotten herself into. Cautiously, she typed her reply.

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OH. MY. GAD. Our first request! An anon requested a Hyuk arranged marriage smut, so I thought it was perfect timing to help Admin R in her quest to write for all the members we don’t give enough love to. I didn’t know it would get this out of hand. ELEVEN pages single spaced. Anon, I hope this is satisfactory. Because I am tattered by these Hyuk feels.


Your eyes were glued to your twiddling thumbs in your lap. You didn’t dare look up at the man staring at you. You could feel his nervousness in the way his hand trembled slightly when he gripped the stem of his wine glass. He took too large swallows of the muscato. Sure, you had dated a bit before the marriage, but you were both new to this and inexperienced. 

Your parents had first approached you with the idea of an arranged marriage a little less than a year ago. You had just returned from class and had gone into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Your parents sat at the kitchen table deep in discussion. You jokingly asked who had died and your father cut to the chase. He wanted you to get married. Soon. You almost spat out your water at that. Your father was quite ill and wanted to see his grandchildren before he passed. You understood where he as coming from though you thought the idea silly. They had to be joking. No one in this era had arranged marriages anymore. You had dated a total of two guys in your life. Neither relationship had lasted more than four months. Your virginity was still very much intact and based on your awkwardness around men, it would remain that way for a long time.

Your mother noticed your hesitancy and ushered you to take a seat. She explained that you would be able to meet all of the prospective grooms beforehand and even date them a bit before making a decision. “But you have to decide within a year.” Your father added, setting a clear deadline. You still thought the whole thing was ridiculous. You laughed it off, thinking that your father was just being dramatic. You realized the gravity of the situation a few days later when you came home to find a spread of photos covering your coffee table. Your mother sat on the couch in front of them, her chin resting on the side of her fist as she thought things through.

Your heart nearly jumped out of your chest as she took notice of you and called you over to join her. You blankly made your way over and sunk into the seat besides her. You quickly scanned the faces looking up at you from the table and turned to your mother. “These are the sons of some friends of mine.” She informed you. You were sure that the horror you felt was mirrored on your face. “You were serious?” You asked her in disbelief. “Very.” She curtly replied. She gathered the pictures and handed them to you. As you flipped through the photos, you barely registered anything. Your mind was racing as life seemed to sucker punch you. This was really happening. You heard your father violently cough from the other room and were snapped back to reality. Immediately, a sense of guilt washed over you as your mother raced to your father. You turned your attention back to the pictures.

It was very real. You were going to have an arranged marriage. You thumbed through the photos again, paying close attention to each man’s face this time. One particularly caught your attention.

It was the same man that was now watching you like a hawk as he drank his wine. You had just gotten married. It was a small ceremony with only family and close friends. One of his band members had officiated the wedding and another sang a congratulatory song. The whole thing was quiet, personal, and quick. Much like the rest of your relationship. And here you were, sitting in a five star hotel’s restaurant, having dinner. The two of you hadn’t had time to eat at the wedding, being too busy handling things and being stopped to take pictures with the guests. As soon as it had ended, you had clamored into the limo and were directly off to the hotel. Tired and hungry, you and your new husband checked in and went to your room to change. You changed out of your wedding dress in the bedroom of your honeymoon suite while he changed in the bathroom. Both of you weren’t quite ready to bare everything to each other quite yet.

You slipped into a fitted cocktail dress that highlighted your curves in just the right places. It was attention grabbing with its fire engine red color and sweetheart neckline. However, it’s floor grazing length kept things modest and classy. Your husband stepped out of the bathroom after exchanging his tux for a simple suit and tie. He smiled and complimented you as he offered you his hand. You grabbed your clutch off the dresser and took his hand with what you hoped would become practiced ease.

His name was Hyuk. You stole a glance at him from across the table. His hair was styled up off of his forehead just like in the picture that had caught your eye. The hairstyle brought attention to his chiseled cheekbones and sharp jaw line. You concentrated on his long fingers and the way they held his knife as he cut through his steak. He took a bite and followed it with a sip of wine. Your eyes fell to his strawberry lips as he licked away a drop that had gotten left behind. Hyuk leaned forward, noticing that you weren’t staring into your lap anymore. You couldn’t help but appreciate the way the movement highlighted the breadth of his shoulders. You wondered how it would feel to hold onto those shoulders as you lay beneath him writhing in pleasure. You could practically feel the heat of his bare skin against your fingertips.

He spoke and you shook the impure thoughts from your head. You gave him your full attention as he talked about all the things he would like to do when the two of you left for your Tokyo honeymoon the next day. He had heard about a huge store that sold Naruto and One Piece merchandise and he just had to check it out. You gave him a tight smile, relieved that he hadn’t noticed your strange behavior. But then again, you hadn’t known each other long enough for him to know what was strange behavior from you.

Your mother had called Hyuk’s mother the very next day after you picked his picture from the batch. Your mother had given your picture to his mother when she got his photo from her. They chatted for a bit before your mother asked if he had seen your picture yet and whether or not he had an interest in you or not. He did and a formal meeting between the two families was set up to be held within a week’s time. You were highly embarrassed by the whole situation as you walked into the traditional restaurant tailing behind your parents. The mortification seemed to vanish when you first laid eyes on Hyuk. He was even more handsome in person. Your heart pounded against your ribs so hard that it bordered on painful. You could tell he was just as affected from the way he forgot to stand up and greet your family even though his parent had already rose from their seats. His eyes followed you as you took your seat directly across from him. The rest of the evening went well and at the end of the night a date was planned for just the two of you to meet. You both agreed to it, Hyuk a little more eagerly than you.

Maybe sneakers weren’t cute enough for a first date, you thought to yourself as you waited in front of the carousel. You studied your sneakers, regretting your choice. You had dressed a little too practically for your amusement park date. You wore a white button up that tucked into your jean shorts. The first few buttons were left undone to reveal the top of your plain blue undershirt. Your hair was loose and you had added a bit of wave to it with your curling iron. You wore a watch and thin chain, but no other jewelry. Your black and white converses seemed to dress down the whole look. You weren’t nearly as pretty as the girls in cute skirts or dresses, but you knew that wearing a skirt would limit the rides you could go on.

Hyuk came running up to you, out of breath and apologizing for being late. He happened to be wearing a blue button up the same shade as your undershirt tucked into jean shorts and white sneakers. “Oh! Couple look!” He had exclaimed when he caught his breath and finally took the time to give you a good once over. All your doubts disappeared without a trace and you were suddenly glad that you had thought to wear sneakers. You smiled and teased him for stealing your fashion. He pouted and insisted that it was you who had copied him.

You smiled and pulled out your map of the park. He got closer so he could look as well. You got a whiff of his cologne and my goodness did he smell nice. He smelled like a mix of wet earth and sea salt that was refreshing and comforting. It was a scent that you could get very used to. You mentally scolded yourself as you accidentally made eye contact with him. Quickly covering up your ineptness, you said that you two should try walking the park from one end to the other, riding the rides that you wanted on the way. He hummed in agreement and you set off. The date went well. You had started with a rollercoaster and got your blood pumping. You had stopped by the arcade as you past it, battling each other at whack-a-mole and skeeball. He had won you a huge teddy bear with knocking over milk bottles but you had refused, exchanging the large bear for two smaller matching ones. One for each of you. Hyuk surprised by your thoughtfulness and smiled warmly as you both decided on names for your bears. You shared churros and instantly regretted it after riding the gyro drop. You rubbed Hyuk’s back as he sat on a bench with his head between his knees, waiting for the nausea to pass. The sun was setting by the time you made it back to the carousel. You ended the night by exchanging phone numbers and went your separate ways, each of you hugging your bear to your chest.

It was hard to make time for dates between his busy idol life and your classes. You settled on late night phone calls and texting. Once in a while you would go on dates and slowly you found yourself liking Hyuk more and more. On your second date to the movies you had held hands. Three months later you had your first kiss with Hyuk. Your relationship went on like that for six months before the idea of marriage was pressed again. While you had no qualms, you weren’t sure about Hyuk. You had only gone on a handful of dates, not really spending much physical time together though you spoke on the phone frequently. He said he was fine with it if you were and so six and a half months after meeting Hyuk, you were married to him.

You shifted in your chair, you underwear bunching uncomfortably. You mentally cursed your best friend for the bridal lingerie she had gotten you. You weren’t even sure if it was going to happen tonight. Sure, you were ready but that didn’t mean Hyuk was. Neither of you had much dating experience, let alone sexual experience. It didn’t help that the relationship had been quite rushed. If he wanted to slowly ease into things, then you wouldn’t push it. But if the way his eyes watched how your lips wrapped around the chocolate-covered strawberries you were having for dessert was any indication, you wouldn’t have to wait very long for Hyuk to be ready.

Hyuk polished off the last of his wine and paid for the bill. You thanked him and took the hand that he offered to you. You walked hand in hand as you made your way back up to your room. Once in the elevator, Hyuk give your hand a little squeeze and muttered a tentative “Mrs. Han” as you both faced forward. You immediately snapped your attention to him. He was blushing quite hard. Holding back a smile, you asked, “What was that?” He covered his face with his free hand when you leaned in closer to him. He sighed and tried again. “Mrs. Han.” He said clearly this time. You giggled at his cuteness, letting any apprehension you had slip away. Hyuk took advantage of your face tilted upwards to look at him and stole a quick kiss from you as you laughed.

You paused for a moment before laughing even harder once you recovered from the shock. He had to pull away because he was thrown into a giggle fit of his own. The nerves from earlier in the day had set both of you on edge, making you guys forget to enjoy the moment. Today was your wedding day, Hyuk was your husband, and you were happy. You smiled and kissed him on the cheek. A smile bloomed across his face in reaction before he tangled his fingers with yours, holding on to you tighter. Warmth spread across your chest at the affectionate gesture.

The elevator door opened with a “ding!” and Hyuk led you out, still holding firmly onto your hand. You swiftly made it down the hallway to your room. You carefully sidestepped the luggage leaning against the dresser and Hyuk pulled you into the room behind him. The door automatically swung closed, locking with an audible click. He made his way to the bed with you still in tow. He found purchase on the edge of the bed, his weight making the mattress dip and messing up the neat heart made of burgundy rose petals that decorated the sheets. He tugged you close, spreading his legs so you could stand snugly between them. He rested his head on your stomach and you smiled tenderly. You were glad that he seemed as content with the whole weird arrangement as you were. You ran your fingers gently through the hair on the back of his head as he turned his head and softly kissed you through the fabric of your dress.

Hyuk leaned his cheek on your abdomen and glanced up at you. The affection in his face had been replaced by something much darker. The lightheartedness of his expression had changed to an animalistic hunger. It stole the breath from your lungs. The way his hand had come to grip your hip didn’t help your breathing much either. “My wife.” Hyuk stated, a smirk playing at his lips. You didn’t know how to react. His other hand had wandered around you to rest on the small of your back. He applied the tiniest hint of pressure, making sure that you were held in place close to him. The way his lithe fingers tapped a slow rhythm against your back had you too distracted to even begin to formulate a response. He huskily chuckled at the way you were so affected by his touch. The sound had you stiffening. You could take a good guess as to where this was going. 

“Tonight is our wedding night, Mrs. Han.” Hyuk informed you as he moved the hand from your hip to meet his other hand behind you. He interlocked his fingers, making sure you couldn’t escape. You unintentionally shivered at the way his voice had gotten slightly deeper, his tone laced with a hint of lust. You bit your lip, hesitant about what he was suggesting. Were you ready? Was he ready?

Hyuk clamped his legs together with you still between them as he leaned back just far enough to loosen his tie. Your jaw dropped at the sight. He looked damn good in a suit, but you had to admit that he looked even better taking it off. He began to remove his cufflinks and you couldn’t help the tightness in your chest. He had never been so forward with you. Not that you minded. This sudden easy confidence of his was sexy. Though, you couldn’t help but think it was at least partly induced by the flutes of champagne at the wedding ceremony and the wine from dinner. 

You got even closer to him, the tops of your thighs pressed tightly against the side of the bed. You slipped your hands under the lapels of his blazer and pushed it off of his shoulders. He helped you along by shrugging it off entirely. He slipped the cufflinks into the breast pocket of the blazer before letting it slip haphazardly to the floor. Hyuk stood up without warning and you took a step backwards at the suddenness of the movement. He used the momentum of your action to spin you around by the shoulder so that he could press himself against your back. His hand immediately began exploring the curves of your body, from the indent of your waist, over your hip, and down the side of your thigh. You leaned your head back on his shoulder, an act only allowed by the added height your heels gave you. He brushed your hair to the side, placing a light kiss to your neck. You sharply inhaled and shuddered at the sensation.

His palm pressed into your lower belly as the tip of nose traced your jugular. Your skin was quickly heating up. You held onto his forearm, needing something real to grasp to let you know that you weren’t dreaming. Warm puffs of Hyuk’s breath fanned out across your collarbone and you could feel goose bumps rise on your skin. While you appreciated that he was taking it slow, giving you time to revel in the intimacy of the moment, you needed more.

You turned in his arms, rising to the tips of your toes to plant your lips firmly against his. Hyuk’s hand instantly found the middle of your back as he held you tightly. You tilted your head, gripping the collar of his white button down tightly. Trying to tone down your urgency, Hyuk sucked delicately on your bottom lip. Without missing a beat, you parted your lips, running the tip of your tongue along his top lip. His resulting groan was quiet but it was music to your ears. Before he could try to explore your mouth, you placed the flat of your hand against his shoulder, releasing his collar, and pushed firmly. He stumbled backwards, the back of his legs hitting the edge of the bed. Loosing balance, he fell on the bed, rose petals thrown in the air with his flop. Without a word, you were over him, your knee pressing into the mattress near his hip. Your lips were back on his as a hand worked on the buttons of his shirt.
Hyuk smirked into the kiss, loving how desperate you were for him. You wanted nothing more to wipe that smugness from his face. So you sunk your tongue into the seam of his lips. He sighed with surprise, allowing you entrance into his mouth. Your nails raked down the exposed skin of his chest as your tongue met with his. Hyuk’s hand smoothly cupped your cheek as your tongues swirled together, remnants of wine and strawberries flavoring the kiss. You could definitely get used to the taste of Hyuk.

His fingertips seared your skin as they ran down your bare arm. The coolness of his wedding band gave a stark contrast to the heat of his skin on yours. You arched your back so your chest was pressed tightly against his. Hyuk squirmed at the feeling of your plush breasts against him. He needed a moment to stop his head from spinning with raw desire so that he could savor you. He turned his head, breaking the kiss. His breathing was harsh as he left wet kisses down your throat. You opened your eyes when he bit down on the junction between your neck and shoulder. Your head was clouded over with a fog of Hyuk and all you could focus on was the way his skin was a milky contrast to the dark rose petals on the bed. 

A large hand came to clutch your ass firmly and all you could do was gasp at the way it had your core tingling. You pulled up higher on his body but your dress was stuck under your knees. The top of your dress slipped down a bit as a result and the line of lace on your white bustier flashed into Hyuk’s vision. A mix of embarrassment and shock washed over you before Hyuk’s mouth was nestled in your cleavage, sucking a bruise into the side of your breast. Lust consumed you and any shyness you had briefly experienced was completely wiped from your mind. 

Your hands reached down, untucking his shirt from his pants as he worked at your chest. You swallowed shakily as his hand squeezed your butt harder. You pulled back to finish unbuttoning his shirt, grateful that he wasn’t wearing an undershirt. You scoffed, not believing your eyes. The boy had abs. Cut abs so well defined that you could trace each square with your tongue. If that didn’t make you self-conscious you didn’t know what would. “Like what you see, Mrs. Han?” The little sass questioned as he sat up leaning on his elbows. You rolled your eyes as the way his muscles only became more defined with the change in position. He chuckled and pulled you down by the back of your neck. Your lips were smashed against his as he swiped his tongue across your lips.

Hyuk’s fingers searched for your dress zipper as he kept your mouth preoccupied with his. You rested a hand on the bed besides his shoulder as you led his hand to your side with the other. He tugged the zipper down as fast as he could once he found it. He freed your neck so he could gaze up at you. Your dress fell around your hips, revealing the entirety of your lacey bustier. It was Hyuk’s turn to marvel. The boning of the bustier cinched in your waist and pushed your breasts up so they looked perkier. The lace allowed small glimpses of your skin. The way the hickey he had worried into your skin was darkening set him over the edge. He spread a hand over your stomach and pushed you back. Confused, you kneeled over him. He sat up and pushed you further so you got off of the bed and stood between his legs once again. Your dress fell clean off and pooled into a puddle on the floor. Ah, so that was his aim.

You grinned at the way his jaw went slack at the sight of your see through lace panties. The captivated expression that took over his face had your confidence recharged. You stepped out of your dress and turned around so your back faced Hyuk. You swept your hair over your shoulder so he could get a full view of your backside, the bottom of your butt cheeks peeking out from the cheeky cut of your underwear. You unclasped your necklace and made a little show of swinging your hips as you walked over to the dresser to set the necklace down. You knew your stiletto heels added to the effect.

You glanced at the reflection of Hyuk in the mirror that hung over the dresser. He seemed to be mesmerized by your figure. A packet of matches sat next to the spread of candles on top of the dresser. You bent over a little and struck a match, lighting a few candles before blowing the match out. As much courage as his enchantment was giving you, you still crossed the room and flicked off the lights. The candlelight cast seductive shadows over your body as you made your way back over to Hyuk.

You stepped assuredly back between his legs, immediately reaching down to unbuckle his belt. His hands smoothed over the skin of the back of your thighs. He looked up at you with reverence as you unbuttoned and unzipped his pants as much as you could while he sat. You held his gaze evenly. You grazed over his hardening erection and his eyebrows knitted together. You gripped the waistband of his pants and pulled him up by it. Once he stood, you bent your knees to pull down his boxer-briefs along with his dress pants.
“What the fuck?!” You exclaimed at the sight of his defined v muscle. God was playing some kind of cruel joke on you. You had apparently married Adonis without knowing it. You were severely regretting that extra roll you had at dinner now. He smirked smugly and untangled his pants from his shoes. You huffed in disbelief as he sat back down and untied his black dress shoes, removing them and his socks. Once he was done, Hyuk sat back up and beckoned you with his finger. You scowled but obliged. 

He reached behind you, pinching the clasps of your bustier together in an attempt to get it off. You laughed as he struggled for a long moment. You slipped your pointer under his chin and tilted his head up to look at you. “Say please.” You ordered, your turn to be cocky. He was fully hard, his dick stretched up towards his navel and beginning to weep. His lip curled back as he glowered. You tutted and let him continue his fruitless efforts. You brushed your lips against his temple when he sighed in defeat. “Please.” He mumbled with his gaze lowered. You patted his cheek and twisted your arm behind you. You expertly squeezed the hooks and eyes until they came undone. You tightly clamped your arms to your sides to prevent the bustier from falling to the floor as your dress had done, shyness suddenly taking a hold of you again. But Hyuk was having none of that.

He slid his fingers between your breasts underneath the top of the bustier and ripped it from you. He tossed it carelessly off to the side. Your eyes were wide with stun as he drank in your bare chest. You could feel the heat filling your cheeks and hoped that the room was dark enough to hide your blush. His fingers wrapped around your biceps and forcefully pulled you to him. He leaned back on the bed, his arms around you securely, and you fell with him. Without missing a beat, he rolled you over so you rested in the cloud of rose petals as he hovered over you. 

Hyuk’s knees caged your hips and he tucked his hands under your arms to pull you up higher on the bed. Once your head rested on the pillows, he shifted so he kneeled between your thighs and used his knees to spread your legs. Satisfactorily giving him enough room to work with, Hyuk rested his pelvis on top of yours. His cock was hot and thick against you. You couldn’t help but whimper. The heel of his palm dug into your ribcage as he left a burning trail of openmouthed kisses down the side of your neck. By the time he made it to your chest, he was taking bites of your skin with his lips.

You held on to his bare shoulders as you writhed with the nerves under your skin becoming hypersensitive to his touch. His broad shoulders felt as strong as you imagined them to be. You sunk your nails into them as he ran the tip of his tongue across a breast, higher than where you really needed his mouth to be. You arched your back and breathed his name in a ragged whisper, asking him to continue. He played the piano on the side of the breast that he wasn’t teasing with his tongue. You felt like you were on fire. Hyuk’s caresses were searing.

You tentatively rolled your hips against him, feeling your wetness making the seat of your panties stick to you. He groaned low in his throat, putting more pressure on your ribs. He rewarded you by gently taking a nipple between his teeth and tugging until you moaned. You grabbed a handful of his hair in a desperate attempt to keep him at your chest. Hyuk got the message loud and clear. His free hand made its way up your middle to fondle your other breast.

Your core was aching. You thought you were losing your mind the way lust was licking at your veins. You weren’t even in the right mind to be embarrassed at the way your hips bucked against Hyuk’s erection in pitiful tries to build enough friction to give you some sort of relief. Hyuk switched his mouth over to your other breast, his tongue curling around the neglected bud. Your toes curled when he dragged his fingertips ever so slowly down your abdomen to trace shapes over the lace of the side of your underwear. You couldn’t take the light touches anymore. You needed more.

You pressed down hard on the small of Hyuk’s back as you gave a sharp thrust upwards against his dick. The moan that he choked out in response was so melodious that it had your vagina shivering. You wrapped your legs behind his thighs and pulled, driving him deeper into your damp center. Hyuk actually growled at that. He shoved your legs off of him and raised himself off of you. Scared that you had done something wrong, you hurriedly sat up on your elbows. But Hyuk had other plans. He slid his hand between your butt and the sheets to tilt your hips upwards. With his other hand, he pulled your panties off in one clean swoop. 

He let go of you and you fell ungracefully back onto the bed. Hyuk didn’t hesitate to slam his hips against yours, your wetness making it easy for him to slide his throbbing cock between your folds. Your head fell back as you enjoyed the feeling. “More.” You heard yourself beg. Hyuk couldn’t even form a conceited reply for that. He was just as frantic as you for fulfillment at this point. 

You reached down between your legs and stroked Hyuk’s length. It was his turn to throw his head back in pleasure. Your small fingers were such a stark contrast to his long ones. He didn’t realize it would feel so different, so good, to have a woman pump him. Your fingers gripped him more fully, tightening around his dick as you ran from head to base in long movements. You watched in fascination as Hyuk closed his eyes, his face wracked with satisfaction. You quickened your pace and he panted. His abs began to tense and you released him completely, realizing that he was close. It took his a moment to catch his breath and calm down enough to open his eyes and glare at you. You feigned innocence and searched for his hand. You tried to placate him by pressing a tender kiss to his knuckles when you found his it. But for Hyuk, this called for revenge.

A finger ran through through your slickness, ending on a rough rub to your clit. You jolted at the sensation. “You’re so wet.” Hyuk said as he found your entrance. You pursed your lips, slightly ashamed. He smiled at your shyness and kissed you on the mouth, reassuring you that it was okay. He kept kissing you as he dragged some of your moisture to your clit and rubbed circles into the nub. You moaned and thrashed, your hand winding into your own hair. Hyuk dipped his tongue into your mouth at the same time he pushed a finger into your dripping core. You keened, the feeling foreign and tinged with pain. Hyuk caught your tongue between his teeth and tickled the tip with his own. You appreciated him trying to distract you from the discomfort. You gasped, stealing the air from his lungs, as he dragged his finger out and pressed it back into you. He sucked his stolen breath back from you as he continued to finger you. Soon the sting subsided and was replaced by a slow building pleasure.

It still wasn’t enough though. Feeling your walls straining less against him, Hyuk added another digit. Your back bowed off of the bed at tears pricked at the corners of your eyes. He hushed your whimper by scraping his taste buds against yours. You could hear the squish of his fingers entering you, your wetness letting him slide easily in and out. You sighed, releasing some tension as the stretch had your toes pointing. It wasn’t long before you were grinding back against Hyuk’s hand. Feeling you were amply prepped, he withdrew his fingers. He pulled away from your lips, giving you a sweet peck on the cheek.

Your thighs trembled in anticipation as he took his length in his hand and lined himself up with your opening. He tenderly stroked your face with his unsoiled hand, and you nuzzled into the touch, your eyes fluttering closed. “I’ll make it quick.” He promised. You nodded, not opening your eyes. You screamed as he plunged into you, sheathing himself fully inside of you in one thrust. The tears flowed freely down the sides of your face now. He held his hips very still, afraid of hurting you more. His thumbs swiped your tears away. You gasped, trying to will yourself to calm down. He affectionately placed a kiss to your forehead and you opened your eyes.

His pupils were blown wide beneath his half-lidded stare. His dark eyes bore into your own. The pain faded away as you could feel the way his dick stretched you to the max. Your hands slid down his sides, pausing to appreciate the ridge of his v muscle, before holding determinedly onto his hips. You gave a small buck of your pelvis in a silent green light. He smiled a little in relief. You leaned up and brushed your lips against his jawline. He drew his hips back a teeny bit before sliding back home. You groaned, amazed at how good Hyuk felt. 

He hooked his chin over your shoulder, his face buried in your hair. You sang his praises and he went even deeper, causing your abdomen to buckle. You wrapped your legs around him, locking your ankles behind his back. The change in angle had him driving his length hilt deep into you. You met hit thrust for thrust, adding a little twist to your rocking so that his balls met with your skin. Your ribbed walls were so tight against his dick that he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Hyuk increased his pace, his fingers finding your clit once more. You bit down on your lip as he rubbed furiously into the nub. He added more pressure and moved in time with his thrusts. It wasn’t even a minute before you were curling in on yourself, struggling to breathe and your muscles all seemed to tense all at once. You could feel your lower belly rapidly clenching and unclenching. You were overwhelmed, terrified that it was too much. You panted, unable to take in more than short half breaths in your constricted lungs. You yelled Hyuk’s name in a pitch so high you were sure it wasn’t your voice. Then you snapped. Your muscles released all at once and your inner walls pulsed, clamping down on Hyuk’s cock.

He grunted at the added squeeze and stimulation of your orgasm. You soaked his length with your cum and he gave one last hard stroke, making sure he was fully seated in you, before reaching his own end. Warmth flooded your canal as Hyuk’s cum coated your insides. It took you both a long while to come down from your highs, struggling to catch your breath and slow your pounding hearts. Hyuk relaxed into your body, settling his entire weight on top of you, before he drew his hips back to dislodge himself from you. You were still tight around him and begged him to ease out slowly, your nails cutting crescents into his forearms. He complied, sitting back on his haunches, his cock dragging slowly from your core. You sighed once you were empty, the feeling strange after being so full. Hyuk slumped back over you and exhaustion hit you.

You were tired mentally from the long day and now tired physically from the earth shattering orgasm Hyuk had launched you head first into. You mindlessly patted Hyuk’s head as your eyes fluttered shut. “My husband.” You whispered drowsily. “My wife.” He replied affectionately.

Long Distance

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You x Namjoon

Synopsis: You had been in a relationship with Namjoon for a long time. You loved him. But you had never met, until this day. Your whole life with him had been leading up to this moment. And you were terrified.

Word Count:1052

You had found his videos online just over a year ago now. You had commented on one of his videos saying how talented he was not actually expecting him to reply and when he did you felt completely star struck. It was a pretty generic reply to a pretty generic comment, but even so, you couldn’t help but reply back. Something was drawing you towards this talented rapper.

Y/N: Just stumbled upon this video! You’re amazing!

RM: Ah, thank you!

Y/N: Seriously, do you breathe?

RM: Funny you should say that, no I don’t :P.

And with that a beautiful friendship blossomed. Hours of talking despite the time gap. Luckily, you had learnt Korean as a child and he knew English and spoke fluently. This often lead to bilingual conversations that suddenly flipped from English to Korean and then back.

After two months of long phone calls, late night texts being exchanged and skype calls he finally sent a letter to your house. Of course, you weren’t expecting anything big. Just a small letter or a card. Instead there was a package containing a three-page letter full of memories and all of the things he had loved about being your friend. There was also a small box inside the package. Opening it, you were confronted with a small note that read,

“So, will you be my girlfriend?”

And a very expensive looking necklace.

“Of course.” You whispered into the mic on your laptop to your now boyfriend that you were on skype to.

The only downfall of all of this was that you had never met him in person. But that wasn’t going to be true for long as you were now in the car on the way to pick him up when he arrived at the airport. You had had it planned for a while. On his next week off he was going to come down to meet you and spend the whole week with you.

RM: On my way babe. I’ll see you in a few hours.

The text had made your heart flutter with joy. You were going to be in his arms in a matter of hours. Now, it was a matter of minutes.

Pulling into the car park you pulled out your phone and checked the time. He’ll be landing in about 15 minutes if there were no delays.

15 minutes.

The doors to the airport opened as you approached them making you feel like royalty. When in reality they were programmed to open as anyone approached them. Spotting a coffee shop just across from you, you decided to quickly grab a coffee to drink as you waited.

10 minutes.

You took your caramel macchiato to where you were meant to be meeting your boyfriend and stood drinking it for what felt like hours. Checking your phone every minute. No matter how much the drink burned your throat, it calmed your nerves slightly and it was distracting you from the crazy thoughts going through your mind.

5 minutes.

You had finished your drink as if it was water and now had nothing to distract you apart from your empty cup. Without realising, you started chewing that; of course gaining many strange stares from the people around you. A girl chewing a cup, staring blankly at the escalators, standing still in the middle of a busy airport was bound to catch someone’s attention.

2 minutes.

Your phone felt hot in your pocket, and your heart felt far too big for your chest. Thoughts were wild.

What if he doesn’t come?

What if his plane crashes?

What if he isn’t him?

What if?

What if?

What if?

Your thoughts were silenced by a buzz in your pocket

“Buzz!” You shouted accidentally and instantly blushed. Your nerves were so high you couldn’t feel your fingers as you pulled your phone out of your pocket.

RM: Plane just landed. I’ll be with you soon baby.

Your hands trembled as you typed your reply.

You: I’m waiting.

Running to the bin as fast as you could to throw away your chewed up cup you shook even more. He’s going to be with you so soon. It felt like your whole life had lead up to this moment. Over a year of it had. The sun shone behind you, the people pushed past each other and somehow avoided you, the floor reflected the light and the sounds seemed to stop.

People started to herd down the escalators in front of you showing you that a plane had landed. You could tell by their faces that they were Korean. This hit you when you spotted him coming down the escalator.

Kim Namjoon. In the flesh. Suitcase in hand and bag over shoulder.

He spotted you just moments after you spotted him and a gigantic smile erupted on his face. Your hands flew to your mouth in shock as you tried to focus on keeping yourself upright.

As soon as he reached the bottom of the escalator, he sprinted towards you and eventually abandoned his suitcase due to it slowing him down. You ran too and when you collided it felt as if you were whole.

His strong arms wrapped around your waist and hoisted you up. Your arms slung around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist. His face got lost in your hair and neck and yours nuzzled into the crook of his neck. He spun you both around many times before pulling away slightly to look at your face. You looked at his too and noticed the tears running down his cheeks. Then did you notice your own and you both buried yourselves in the others neck once again.

Awe’s could be heard all around you from passers-by and some even stopped for a moment to watch the beautiful encounter.

After about two minutes of hugging he set you down on the ground and cupped your face in his hands with yours around them. The pads of his thumbs wiped the tears from your cheeks and he bent down to level his face with yours.

“Happy anniversary Y/N.” He grinned before wrapping his lips around your own causing you to melt into his arms at the impact and sweetness of your first hug, first words, first kiss, and first anniversary. Together.

Colorless Heart|Chap. 05

// Colors only mock him everywhere he goes, and, at this point, Yoon Jeonghan is ready to give up painting for good. Because he can’t take the screeching colors in his ears, and he can’t continue to taste bitter metal in his mouth any longer while he paints. He can’t stand to smell corpses when he paints blue, and he just can’t see or feel the heavy feeling of yellow on his arms anymore. But then he meets Y/N. And suddenly, the storm begins to calm.

// Prologue | Chap.01 | Chap.02 | Chap.03 | Chap.04 | Chap.05 |

// jeonghan x reader

// word count: 1931

  It’d been four days since the night Yoon Jeonghan had taken Y/N out to that quaint froyo shop down the street. Four days exactly - Y/N had been keeping track. Because she’d glanced at the clock in her hotel room and seen it’d only barely stricken 9:25 PM - the exact moment when Jeonghan had grabbed her hand, and said she felt magenta. An unusual comment, but one Y/N was happy to take nevertheless.

  And ever since that late night of picking at each other’s froyo and talking about anything and everything in the universe, they hadn’t talked again. Yoon Jeonghan didn’t invite her over to model for another piece, and Y/N had never bothered to show up. They hadn’t even exchanged phone numbers. Since that cool, spring night, Yoon Jeonghan and Y/N had never spoken again, and though she wasn’t sure if he was thinking about her, she’d be guilty of dishonesty if Y/N said she wasn’t thinking about him.

  It seemed like with every second the clock ticked, a different image of Yoon Jeonghan flashed before her eyes - sometimes smiling, sometimes laughing, sometimes doing nothing at all. And with every second this happened, she also felt a pang in her heart with the familiar words she’d heard that night - “You’re so… you just… you feel magenta.”

  So, when she’d received a phone call from Jisoo only a few minutes earlier, Y/N had been hesitant, to say the least. Because Jisoo was asking her to visit Jeonghan.

  “Just go check on him. He hasn’t come out of his house in, like, four days, and he hasn’t talked to anyone either. I’m worried about him. Just go check on him - there should be a spare key in a plant on his porch. It’s fine.” Jisoo had sighed at the time. “At least do it for me, yeah? It’s weird… Jeonghan won’t even let anyone into his house.”

  “So, what makes you think he’ll let me in?” The question had been an attempt at getting out of having to visit Yoon Jeonghan, and Jisoo had quietly laughed over the phone with an almost silent hum.

  “Well… you’re different. Jeonghan sees something different in you, and… and I think he might just let you in.”

  And that’s how she’d ended up outside a house belonging to a man she barely knew at 9:32 PM. Y/N sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. She always had been warned to watch out for the sweet ones. Jisoo was filled with venom when it came to getting what he wanted.

  But as he’d said, there was the key buried in the soil of a plant on Yoon Jeonghan’s front porch. It stuck out rather obviously, it’s polished silver reflecting with the light of the bright moon, and Y/N was almost surprised nobody had taken the key and robbed Jeonghan’s house. But then again, the only things she’d seen most of in the clean apartment were paintings - and who knew if those canvases were worth any actual money.

  With trembling fingers and a lump in her throat, Y/N found she was actually nervous as she unlocked the door to Jeonghan’s house. Her fingers shook with every possibility that he might throw her out and even before she didn’t have to worry about this for the fact that they didn’t even talk anymore. But then here she was, opening his front door and carefully removing her shoes as she walked in.

  It was quiet - awfully quiet. With every light off in the house save for a single lamp in the kitchen, it almost felt like Y/N had walked into a horror movie. The TV was off, no longer playing the news, and the sound of music coming from the radio was utterly silent - gone. Swallowing, Y/N closed the door behind her as she took a deep breath.

  “Jeonghan?” She called out, and it seemed her voice had shattered the eery silence. “Yoon Jeonghan? It’s me! Y/N!” There was no response, and she heard her tone echo off the walls. “Are you… are you home?” But of course that was an irrelevant question - Jisoo had specifically said Jeonghan hadn’t left his house. Not in four days. Not since their date that night.

  She spotted footprints on the floor - the ones she’d painted white with her every step the first time they’d met, and Y/N smiled at the memory. It felt like so long ago. Breathing out a laugh, she decided to follow the footprints all the way to the place where they would inevitably end - the art room.

  Before Y/N knew it, she was climbing the stairs with this small smile on her face. She was following every painted mark on the hardwood floor until they disappeared behind a door, and Y/N found herself grinning in excitement, the nerves still there in her fingertips but somehow becoming a pleasant background noise.

  The doorknob was cool under her touch, and Y/N twisted it without hesitation before pushing the wood door open. A single light bulb illuminated the small room, shining dull as it hung from the ceiling. And in the darkness of it all, Y/N could make out a figure sitting against the wall in the corner of the room, hunched. It seemed even quieter in the art room - she was sure she could hear her own blood pumping - and the sound of quiet sobbing seemed to accompany the figure against the wall.

  “Jeonghan?” Nothing replied, and, hesitantly, Y/N reached over to a lamp nearby, and flicked the switch on. A bright light poured over the rest of the room, and there he was. Yoon Jeonghan. He sat against the wall, hunched over and in himself. His knees bent with his forehead resting on his arms on top of his legs, Y/N found the quiet sobbing she’d heard actually was coming from him. Immediately, she rushed over to him, falling down to her knees to be at his height.

  “Jeonghan?” Y/N repeated. “Jeonghan, are you okay?” Slowly, he raised his head, and his gaze met hers. Jeonghan’s eyes were puffy and red, swollen from crying for so long. Y/N knew that look anywhere. His once fair skin was now covered in paint. Different colors and hues covered every inch of his body, leaving behind almost no blank space. And his hair. When it had once been long and red only a few days ago - it was now cut short and dyed the color black. Y/N ran her fingers through it almost against her own will, brushing away stray hairs from his face.

  “You… you cut your hair. You dyed your hair.” Jeonghan bit his bottom lip - to stop it from trembling, it seemed - and he swallowed before speaking.

  “Do you like it?” His voice was hoarse, cracked. He’d been crying for quite some time now. There was no question about that.

  “Yes.” Y/N responded almost immediately. “Yes, I love it.” He tried to smile - tried to laugh that beautiful laugh she’d blindly fallen in love with - but a sob came out instead. And he closed his eyes to avoid looking into hers as more tears streamed down his face. The colors on his cheeks were mixing with the wetness of them, and even with all this sobbing, Jeonghan was still utterly covered in paint from head to toe. Y/N even found some splatters of paint in his hair, too. “Tell me… tell me what’s wrong.”

  There was silence for a while, the only sound being that of Jeonghan shakily breathing to try and compose himself. He hiccupped, and Y/N gently ran her fingers through his hair again. His eyes fluttered closed before opening again, and his eyelashes - so utterly black and beautiful with stained tears that Y/N was tempted touch them with her fingertips.

  “I’m…” Jeonghan began unsteadily. He sighed. “I’m synesthetic. Colors are different to me from what they are to you. I… I taste colors. I smell colors, and feel colors, and hear colors. Which is the main reason I paint - to try and get rid of the burden of feeling all this. But I just… I just can’t.” His voice cracked with a choked sob. “No matter how much I paint, the heavy feeling of colors on my skin just won’t go away. The smell of cobwebs and the taste of blood just won’t disappear. The only time I felt actually free was when… was when I was painting you.” He paused. “I’m drowning in colors, and I just… I just can’t take it anymore.”

  Y/N bit her bottom lip, pausing for a second before she moved to stand straight. Jeonghan only looked up at her from where he still sat on the floor and she softly smiled in return. Holding out her hand, Jeonghan glanced at her face with a curious look before slowly accepting it. And, almost as if it were magic, his hand seemed to be built to perfectly fit hers.

  “Let me help you.” Y/N murmured as she helped Jeonghan to his feet. And even though his skin was cold and covered in paint, she wouldn’t have wanted any other hand holding hers for so long. But then Yoon Jeonghan was standing right in front of her, back straight and eyes utterly sad and lost. Y/N almost felt like crying herself.

  Instead, she reached forward and brushed his hair away from his face. She ran her thumb over his cheek - felt the paint, love and pain all there on his skin - and smiled. Jeonghan felt his own heart beating fast in his chest; he could only faintly remember taking her hand away from his face and pressing his lips to her knuckles instead in a soft kiss. The rest had been a blur of emotions and colors.

  That night, Y/N had ushered him into his own bathroom and ordered him to sit on the toilet lid while she’d gently dabbed at the paint on his face. She was delicate with rubbing the colors off Jeonghan’s skin, and he couldn’t stop staring at her lips the entire time.

  Afterwards, she’d helped him out of his paint stained clothes - something that was rather intimate. And though nothing had really happened between the split instance when Y/N had helped Jeonghan out of his t-shirt, and she’d caught the sight of his his firm back and toned torso, the entire experience was religious in a way.

  When Jeonghan had dressed himself into pajamas for the night - a loose shirt with even looser basketball shorts - he’d begged Y/N to put him to bed and she was giggling the entire time as she made sure he every single one of his blankets and pillows were set straight.

  She made him tea.When she went back to his room after half an hour to deliver it, Jeonghan was already half asleep with messy dark hair all askew. But he saw her - recognized her. And he begged her to stay with him for the night. He begged her to sleep with him. But Y/N refused - she’d regret that to this very day - and had set the cup of tea on a nearby table before retiring to the living room.

  And before she knew it, Y/N had fallen asleep on the couch to the sound of the washing machine turning in a room nearby and the comfort of knowing that Yoon Jeonghan was better because of her.

how i spent time with my sign crushes

aries: went out to eat and watched a lot of movies, always had heated but friendly debates

taurus: cracked a lot of jokes and would always rap songs together

gemini: talked for hours straight and forgot we werent the only two people at the party

cancer: baked cookies almost every time we hung out

leo: flirted through email an excessive amount and shared at least 20 songs a day with each other

virgo: explored his basement and talked a lot about what kind of weird statuses you could post when you hack someone’s facebook

libra: made out against random buildings on our walk home from the bars

scorpio: made me jealous all the time & really easily

sagittarius: talked on the phone every night and became best friends

capricorn: mostly exchanged shy smiles and glances, not much ever came of it

aquarius: both laughed at everything we said to each other. Always giving each other a mental workout

pisces: an endless supply of late night conversations and observing each others every move trying to get inside the others head

Cute JiKook College Student!AU prompts
  1. Jimin is a law major and spends a lot of time in the town’s library when someone is always a bit too loud and distracts him from getting any real work done.
  2. Jungkook is a library aide and studies nothing in particular, he needs a bit more help discovering his dreams.
  3. Actually Jungkook’s dreams are just making as much noise in the library as he can without getting caught. 
  4. One day Jimin musters up the courage to just tell him to shut up. 
  5. Jungkook is flustered by seeing such a beautiful man with a…not so beautiful vocabulary. He stops fooling around, but never stops asking questions about the books this man is reading. 
  6. Everyday Jungkook now waits for Jimin to come by the library.
  7. Everyday Jimin now comes with a set of ear plugs.
  8. But Jungkook is persistent and even buys Jimin food.
  9. “I don’t like green onions.”
  10. “But I bought this for you.” 
  11. Just a lot of whining really. 
  12. Jimin taking it just to make him shut up. 
  13. Jungkook grinning and continuing to bring him food.
  14. Eventually exchanging phone numbers.
  15. Jungkook texts Jimin every night before bed even if he doesn’t reply back. 
  16. Jimin reads those stupid little texts but ignores them every time before going back to studying. 
  17. Little coffee dates when Jungkook decides he can’t sleep. 
  18. Jimin inspiring Jungkook to find his dream. 
  19. Jungkook wants to become a cop, and now studies in the library every day himself.
  20. But he still goes on late night coffee dates with Jimin and is the first one to ask for a real date.
  21. I’m not crying you’re crying.

Ashton Imagine: He Cheats On You

Author: Rhine


You were a secret.

You were a secret to the world because the news of the famous Ashton Irwin having a girlfriend would’ve been shitstorm, to put it lightly.

He was young and he was talented and he was beautiful and he was perfect and he was a god and he was sunshine with that smile. He was a million girls’ dreams and he was their hope and he was their love and he was their life.

And you? You were.. well, you. 

You didn’t find yourself particularly special; definitely not next to Ashton. 

You were sub-par and maybe you laughed a little too loudly at jokes that weren’t that funny or talked a little too much when you were excited. Sure, you had your good moments every now and then and you suppose you had a trait or two that aren’t too shabby - but you aren’t perfect by a long shot and you definitely didn’t think you deserved Ashton.

Not when he deserved the whole universe and you were just a wistful shooting star who happened to fall a little too close to the sun.

You were surprised, to say the least, when he asked you to be his. When he admitted that he loved you - you, a girl who got lost in a crowd while he was the star that they gathered for.

You thought it was a dream or a joke; there was no way the Ashton Irwin could possibly love you. You had your doubts of anyone loving you, let alone this perfect boy with the most beautiful smile.

It was too good to be true.

He asked you out shyly and one date turned into two which turned into an exchange of numbers and late night phone calls and showing up at your house at two in the morning for a movie, curled up on the couch.

And that turned into a tentative kiss that fell into a hungry lust of needing one another and that became the first mark that made you Ashton Irwin’s girl. 

You’d opt for late night dates in the unholy hours of the night because you didn’t want to be caught during the day, but you didn’t mind because you loved curling up in Ashton’s arms and waking up with him tangled around you like he never wanted to let you go.

He’d tell you, with a whisper that sent shivers down your spine, that he wanted you all for himself. That he didn’t want to share you, that he wanted to be your one and only and how he wanted to be the same for you.

Oh, the irony. 

Ashton would play with you hair and tap rhythms of unwritten songs on your spine; a melody that you thought he made just for the two of you. 

He’d tell you that he wanted your relationship to be something just between the two of you - what a relationship should be. He tells you that if they found out, they’d only try to break what the two of you had and the last thing he wanted was for you to be hurt from loving him.

If only you knew. 

And you agreed because his words were always so sweet and you felt, for the first time in your life, like you were wanted. Ashton wanted you; he wanted you all to himself, and you liked feeling as if you were the one thing he kept close to his heart. 

And while you were afraid when he went away - you were always so afraid because there were thousands of girls who were better than you that loved him as well - he’d always find a way to reassure you into feeling better. He’d Skype you and send you pictures and videos and texts that you read in his voice; words of love and happiness and words that told you how much he loved you and how much he missed you.

He’d tell you, with sleepy eyes through a static-filled screen, how he was tired and wished he was in your arms because he hasn’t had any sweet dreams since he left you.

You’d smile softly to yourself and he’d whisper how much he wanted to see that smile in person so he could kiss those lips that he loved so much. 

Ashton would remind you that even though he saw hundreds of girls every day, you’d be the only one on his mind. That you’d be the only girl he’d want to see at the end of every day and at the start of every morning. 

And you believed him.

While his interviews didn’t mention you at all - funny how all those sweet words didn’t seem to exist anymore - you didn’t mind because at the end of the day, you wanted to be the only one to hear those words. You didn’t care that Ashton didn’t proclaim your love to the world, that he didn’t share how much he missed you while he was on tour. 

All you needed were the words that he told you only; the words meant for you and not for the world to hear. 

You were his secret.

But you see, you weren’t his only one.


It was a rainy day.

You remember it was raining because you were drenched when you reached the hotel, dripping rainwater all over the fancy floors.

You were visiting some family friends on vacation, and you managed to bump times with the tour being in a nearby city at the same time. 

You had told him about the possibility of being able to see him while he was on tour when you went on vacation, but that was when your trip was just a suggestion and you didn’t bring it up after that. 

But you have to remember, you were a secret - there was no backstage passes or airport pickups. You went as a fan, who happened to love Ashton a little more than the rest of the others.

It didn’t matter that he wouldn’t be able to pick out your face from a crowd of thousands, or that he’d be just meters away from you and you wouldn’t be able to press your lips against his or melt in his arms.

You just wanted to see him again.

Just not in the way that you did.


You remember seeing his body on top of hers and you remember seeing his lips on someone else’s and you remember standing there, hoping that this was all just a dream. A nightmare. A hallucination.

Anything but the crushing weight of reality that was slowly beginning to fall on you. 

But you knew, you knew his voice and you knew his messy mop of curls and you knew the arch of his back and the lines of his body and you knew that was him on top of a girl that wasn’t you.

You remember freezing up and you remember not being able to look away even though you could feel your heart breaking with every prolonged second of watching Ashton with another girl.

You felt like an intruder, like you were invading something intimate, something you weren’t supposed to see.

The strange feeling of needing to laugh starts bubbling in your stomach because of course you weren’t supposed to see this. 

And the twisted need to laugh only intensifies, your mind processing only one thing from the scene before you.

Of course. 

Of course this would’ve happened. Of course Ashton would be here, fucking some other girl that wasn’t you. Of course you’d find out that he’d be with other girls while he was away.

You were you. 

Forgettable. Plain. Mundane. Simple little you; a foolish girl who believed a god like him could love a human as dull as you. 

And he was Ashton Irwin, the famous celebrity whose smile could charm anyone and everyone, who had a whole lineup of beautiful girls who were more than willing to do anything for him.

You should’ve seen it coming. You should’ve known. You should’ve known.

You want to laugh at your stupidity for believing that Ashton could love someone like you; that he would settle for you when he could have so much more. When he deserved so much more.

A humorless laugh escapes your lips and that’s when Ashton looks up, hazel eyes wide in shock.

He’s almost as flustered as when he first asked you out, and you aren’t sure if that thought makes you want to laugh or cry.

You can feel the numbness settle into your system and you’re not sure if it’s from the cold rain or from Ashton shattering your heart to bits and pieces but you’re just glad that there’s rainwater on your cheeks to hide the trickling tears that start to escape your eyes.

He’s tripping over his own two feet as he tries to pull on clothes and walk towards you, his words doing the same.

I’m sorry, this isn’t what it looks like, I can explain - 

And it’s so cliched and stupid and you're so stupid for believing all the cliched words he told you about loving you and missing you and how you were his one and only, but this time, this time you know better and this time you’re not listening to his words that you once loved to hear, believing they were only for you.

Don’t be sorry, Ashton. 

This time, it’s his turn to be frozen in his spot. His hazel eyes widen in confusion, his jeans still half-buttoned and haphazardly pulled over his legs as he stops and tries to make sense of what you just said.

I'm sorry, Ashton. I’m sorry for wasting your time. My time. 

You aren’t sure where your words are coming from, but they’re leaving your mouth in your voice and they’re as cold as the rainwater that drenched you to the bones.

But most of all, I’m sorry for loving you. And for believing that you could ever do the same for me.

You turn away then, finally breaking away from Ashton and the hazel eyes that you loved so much.

Your walk turns into a run as you feel the tears starting to spike the back of your eyes, threatening to spill without your consent. 

You can hear Ashton call out for you somewhere in the background, but you bolt as far as you can, not caring where you went so long as you were far away from him; far away from the mouth that fooled you with such pretty, pretty words.

You wouldn’t let it happen again.

The tears were flowing freely from your eyes now, and you’re grateful for the rain when you manage to find your way outside, thankful for how the raindrops cover up your tears and soothes your collapsing heart.

You tell yourself not to cry, but it’s as pointless as telling your heart not to break.

It’s already in pieces and the tears are already streaming down your face.

I should’ve known I should’ve known I should’ve known -

You choke the words out over and over again, as if you said it enough times then maybe it’ll sink into your skin and you’d learn your lesson.

But it was a little too late and the words provide no comfort, just echoing the shattered pieces of your heart.

You tell yourself that it shouldn’t come as a surprise - you should’ve known from the moment Ashton said he wanted you to be his girl - you even told yourself time and time again that he was too perfect, that he was too good for you and that it was just a matter of time before he saw you the way you saw yourself.

But that didn’t stop you from hoping. 

From hoping that maybe, maybe you had a chance with him, flaws and imperfections and all.

It didn’t stop you from believing.

From believing that he loved you as much as you loved him.

And god, did you love him.

You were so stupid. 

You were so stupid for falling in love with his dimpled smile when he laughed at your silly jokes and his strong arms that held you in the middle of the night and his messy curls that you’d absentmindedly run your hands through. You were so stupid for melting with every feather-light kiss he planted on your forehead, for giving in to his touch and for believing those lips were yours and yours alone.

You hated yourself for believing every single I love you and for dreaming that maybe what you had was special to him like it was for you. You hated yourself for thinking his words were meant for you and you only when it clearly charmed other girls as much as it charmed you.

You hated yourself for letting him make you feel like you were special when you clearly weren’t.

He had you wrapped around his finger, and he played you and he deceived you with pretty words and a sweet smile that you foolishly thought were true. 

But here’s the thing: you didn’t hate Ashton.

You don’t think you ever could. You don’t think you could ever hate him, not when he had the sun in his smile and heaven in his touch; not when his happiness meant more to you than your own.

You hated yourself because you fell for it all.

You almost think you deserve this heartbreak because you set yourself up for it the moment you believed he could love you.

And how could he? How could he possibly love someone like you?

He was just too easy to love and you were just too easy to fool.

The hurt and the anger start to bleed into your system along with the heartbreak as the cold rain starts to wash the numbness away.

You hate how it leaves you nothing but a broken heart and tearstains on your cheeks. 


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Hi Jay, I met a guy on an application and exchanged phone Numbers. We talked the same night for almost 7 hours. He said I love you. I'm really confused because we Just met. Is this possible? Or is he fooling me?

P y s c h o

Live With That

I want to read more stuff like this. Not this, but stuff like this.

Ya feel me?





Was it dumb to fall in love in less than a year?

Yes. Yes, it was.

Sasuke used to believe falling in love would take a considerable amount of time and he would not be aware that it was happening. He used to believe it would eventually happen with someone who was already in his life and it would be a warm, comfortable memory that he would never experience again.

But that had not been the case for him.

He had been fully aware when he fell in love with a stranger.

He met her by chance in an antique shop, and she had spoken to him first. Pleasant conversation was followed by exchanging phone numbers, which led to a series of dates, late nights, bed sheets, and intense emotion that had rapidly led to his heart being fully and utterly won over by a dark haired young woman with pale eyes.

And then she was gone.

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Accidents Happen

Written for the prompt: “Accidentally fell in your lap while standing on this crowded bus” au

Who would have guessed that the cute boy Cas had been ogling on the bus would be the one to lose his balance and fall into Cas’ lap by accident? In any case, he wasn’t about to turn down the inadvertent opportunity to meet the guy. (750)


There was nothing Cas loved more than taking the public bus back to his apartment in the late afternoon when it was most crowded. Actually, that was a lie. There were a million things he enjoyed more, like having a cavity filled, stepping in a giant puddle and having to live with wet socks for the rest of the day, or spilling coffee on himself on the way to class. And because of his class schedule he always got on the bus right when it was filled with tired college students and weary business people alike, all trying to get home as soon as possible.

Cas sighed as he waited for the bus to load. At least he’d gotten a seat today; it was never fun to be forced to stand. Speaking of, the aisle was now so crowded that the line of standing passengers had reached his seat close to the front. He glanced back toward the front of the bus, pausing when he noticed the next guy coming on. His breath hitched as the guy walked down the aisle. Damn, he was gorgeous. Cas’ eyes flitted over him, taking in the grass green eyes, light dusting of freckles over his face, and sandy brown hair. The guy’s eyes met his for a second and Cas blushed. Nothing like getting caught checking out a random guy on the bus. The guy smiled, though, and looked like he was about to say something, but before he had the chance, someone jostled him from behind, grumbling petulantly, “Get a move on.”

The guy turned, and stood in his place, only slightly in front of Cas’ seat. Cas watched him as they waited for the final passengers to load, and if it just so happened that this gave him the perfect opportunity to check out the guy’s ass (which, Cas noted, was just as attractive as the rest of him), well, it’s not like anyone would know.

Suddenly, the bus drove off with a lurch and everyone on it was thrown backward. Cas could hear grumbling behind him, and he sighed, already able to tell that it would be a long ride. He put in his headphones, knowing from experience that music was the best way to pass the time until his stop, which was one of the last ones on the route.

Cas had been listening to his music for at least ten minutes when all of a sudden the bus took an abrupt and unexpected turn to the right. He gasped when suddenly he wasn’t alone in his seat. The green-eyed guy he’d been not-so-subtly checking out was now plopped in his lap. He pulled out his headphones and stared at the guy, who stared back with an equally surprised expression.

The green-eyed boy recovered first and broke the silence. “I think I fell for you,” he said, then immediately winced. “Shit, I’m sorry, that’s a terrible line.”

Cas laughed. “Well, I guess I can forgive you since you’re so cute,” he replied casually.

“Really?” the other guy said, grinning cheekily. “I might just stay here then.”

Cas shrugged, his expression clearly saying ‘I don’t mind.’

“I’m Dean, by the way,” his new seatmate said, offering his hand at a weird angle because of his position.

“Castiel,” Cas replied, grabbing Dean’s hand. “You can call me Cas, though.”

“Cas it is,” Dean said. “So I’m gonna guess you’re a student too.”

“Yep,” Cas said. “Junior.”

“Same,” Dean said. “Mechanical engineering major. You?”

“Education,” Cas replied.

Dean shifted, making himself more comfortable on Cas’ lap, then replied, “What do you wanna teach?”

“I think I want to go into elementary education,” Cas answered. “That way I get to teach a lot of different subjects.”

“That’s really cool,” Dean said. “I’ve always loved cars, so it made sense to go into mechanical engineering.”

Dean and Cas spent the remainder of the bus ride talking easily. Dean finally climbed off Cas’ lap as the bus gradually emptied, and as Cas stood up for his stop, he reached out a hand to Dean.

Dean looked at him curiously, and Cas blushed. “Wanna get coffee or something? I can take you home later.”

Dean smiled and grabbed his hand. “Sure.”

Their fingers remained intertwined as they stepped off the bus and walked to the small coffee shop by Cas’ apartment. And when the night ended with an exchange of phone numbers and a kiss, Cas decided he might enjoy the long bus rides home a lot more from now on.

Job Opportunity

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1744

Summary: Jensen gets a callback for the movie, and makes a proposition to the director.

Part 34 in The Future Series.  Read Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here, Part 16 here, Part 17 here, Part 18 here, Part 19 here,Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here,Part 23 here,Part 24 here, Part 25 here, Part 26 here,Part 27 here, Part 28 here, Part 29 here, Part 30 here, Part 31 here, Part 32 here, Part 33 here, and Part 34 here.

Really excited to write Ten Inch Hero into this series. It’s one of my favorite movies, and Jensen is just fantastic in it. Anyways, enjoy!

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