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Sanvers Minifics, ft. nb!Alex, extreme Sanvers fluff, and Maggie/James BroTP

Nonbinary!Alex crushes hard on Maggie, and Maggie crushes hard back –

Alex’s number is saved as “Home” in Maggie’s phone –

The evolution of Kara’s contact name in Maggie’s phone –

Maggie and James go on a gym date; Alex, Winn, Susan, and Pam from HR are amused –

Ace!Alex helps Maggie while she gets herself off –

Alex and Maggie meet Adrian’s first girlfriend –


Not a minific, but I posted the next chapter of Way Down (We Go) –

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Hey lovely! I love reading fics were there is lots of texting! You got any? ❤


He Needs a New Phone btw by AlzeahXei (1/1 | 2,373 | PG13)

Derek and his phone has mutual hatred for each other. The others just find them funny.

happy accident by haleofStilesheart (1/1 | 4,118 | NC17)

He was about to send another message when he realized that autocorrect had royally fucked him over by changing your pick to your dick.

Or in which Stiles’ typo about dinner turns into an unexpected blow job.

Message Received by Cobrilee (1/1 | 2,113 | PG13)

Four years past an alternate ending of season two, Derek and Stiles are still… Well, Derek and Stiles. Only now they flirt. Okay, Stiles flirts. And Derek is completely okay with that.

Complicated by Dylansoperfect (1/1 | 3,734 | NR)

When Stiles text a random number the last thing he expects is it to be Derek Hale, the famous basketball player.


Derek is basically a college version of Steph Curry and end up falling for a boy who got his number out of a textbook.

one where stiles get’s the wrong number by becaanne, superpotterwolf (6/? | 1,630 | NR)

Monday 21st may
Dude how do you get a strawberry stain out of a t-shirt
Who are you?

The One Where It’s Totally Scott’s Fault by cloudyskiesandcurlyfries (1/1 | 1,707 | G)

Scott switches his and Derek’s phone numbers in Stiles’ phone and miscommunications ensue

Evolution by ImpassionedWriter (1/1 | 2,623 | G)

Derek and Stiles’ relationship slowly develops into something neither expected.

Angry Eyebrows: You left this morning without saying goodbye. Or ‘thanks’ for that matter
Hot Bod: sorry about that Scott called me.
Angry Eyebrows: I see you also changed the names in my phone
Hot Bod: it was just laying there tempting me.
Angry Eyebrows: Speaking of which, if I had known you were going to sleep in your boxers I would have given you a bigger blanket

World Building: Evolution of Technology Post-Collapse

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So I’m writing a book series that happens after a new dark ages and a second Pangea. In this world (which is practically the same as our earth but in an AU where mythical creatures live here too) how can I believably write that we forgot how to use technology and are just starting to use guns and such but not things like Internet and cell phones?

The first thing to keep in mind is that we tend to take human infrastructure for granted. Most of us don’t think about things like water, power, gasoline, goods and food and how they actually get to us. Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina illustrate how quickly infrastructure can collapse. Even something like a catastrophic virus could lead to loss of power and interruption of utilities if there weren’t people available to keep running those systems. And, the ability to get those systems back online again would decrease over time. The knowledge needed to run those systems (much less get them functional again in the first place) would disappear in a generation. It’s also not like you can simply read a manual and kick start your local water treatment plant. There’s a lot of knowledge, manpower, and supporting infrastructure that has to be in place. The same goes for things like internet and cellphones.

In a true dark ages scenario, where all of that knowledge would be lost, and all of that infrastructure would crumble and disappear over time, we would essentially be starting from scratch and have to evolve through all those technological eras all over again. The only difference is that some measure of residual knowledge would probably make it a bit easier the second time around. Just knowing that telephones and cell phones are possible would save time, because you don’t have to wait for someone to think them up first.

What you do have to wait for, however, is the need. You’ve probably heard the term “necessity is the mother of invention,” and that’s especially true of technology. If you have a very small population distributed between villages, for example, you don’t really need cell phones–or telephones for that matter. They’re convenient, sure, but that kind of technology requires a lot of work and a lot of infrastructure. Couriers on horseback work just as well. Until they don’t, and that’s not an issue until the population increases and gets spread out over very large distances. So, it’s pretty believable that internet and cell phones will be relatively low on the priority list as we emerge from yet another dark age.

Guns, on the other hand, are something that will more than likely survive into and through the a second dark age. They don’t really require anything but gunpowder and metal, and lots of people know how to make that. Guns would also hold a pretty high value through a dark age scenario, and even if–for some reason–all of the world’s guns vanished during that time, they would be one of the first things to be reinvented. Waaay before things like telephones, cell phones, and internet.

Use the evolution of technology in our timeline as a guideline, just compressed a little bit. Whereas it took us roughly 130 years to get from telegraph to cellphone, it could conceivably take half the time on a second go ‘round. Or, maybe, for some reason, things go a bit differently and it takes the same amount of time or longer. We don’t really know for sure what would happen, so really anything you come up with is fine as long as you can explain it. :)

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