phone charm


Listen up, shells!

Today is the start of International Turtle and Tortoise Week!  Aka time for us to get out there and show everyone how awesome we are!

This year’s theme is ways people can help save turtles and tortoises.  Let’s get this shell-ebration going!

Guess what came in the mail!! I finally assembled and packaged them all (that took a million years and many tears and cussing lol) but they’re all done!!
I’ve only got a very small quantity of these! They will premiere in my shop July 3rd!! (If I don’t sell out at my convention…)
So if you want some, keep an eye out for a post on July 3rd!

Charm idea of my favorite character in Little Witch Academia!!

Please tell me if you would be interested in buying this as a 2 inch double-sided charm!!! I will make them if enough people show interest!!!

—-Click on photo tumblr totally ruins the quality–

EDIT:: I made a poll to see how many people would “actually” buy it :3

Charming You Co Charms & Accessories ♥︎

These adorable little dust plugs/phone charms will be listed tomorrow in my Etsy shop! Go favorite my shop so you don’t miss out! :)