phone chargers

suho: is everyone packed for hawaii?
exo: yes~
suho: kyungsoo read off the check list
kyungsoo: swimsuits (yes~) sunglasses (yes~) underwear (yes~) socks *eyes jongin*
jongin: ok but honestly who wears socks to the beach??
rest of exo: he’s got a point
kyungsoo: right..moving on. phone chargers (woof~)…wallets (woof~)…*groans* ok who’s barking
sehun: woof *coughes* woof woof
suho: *eyes maknae suspiciously* kyungsoo confiscate his bag.
sehun: hyung please..w-wait *kyungsoo unzips bag and vivi pops out*
sehun: i can explain..
suho: you can’t bring dogs on the trip.
sehun: but my baby…
jongin: *snickers*
sehun: jongin has a baby in his backpack!
suho: wth jongin
jongin: *pouts* i just wanted rahee to have a good time…

I can hear the high pitched oscillation of my incandescent light bulb on the ceiling light. I can generally hear very high pitches. Like i can hear badly manufactured fake phone chargers, if something draws more current than it’s supposed to, my computer when it’s sleeping and the light on the side is pulsing, i can hear when i am getting a phone call from the high current draw before it vibrates and turns the screen on. 

It’s very much an inconvenience since i am very very annoyed. 



Anna Rike: “Ok call me crazy!! But i’m such a One Direction and HARRY STYLES FAN since the beginning…. There I was…. ready to go to sleep on Friday night, took off my make up and.. I was just putting my phone in the charger and then I saw it….the message I’ve been waiting for all my lifeee haha….!!! My friend send me a message, telling me to come to the city ASAP because he was sitting next to Harry Styles Harry freaking Styles, in one of my favorite bars in Zwolle!!! So naturally I jumped out of bed, put on a fancy outfit, some make up and on my way I went…………” (source)

Things I Have Experienced While Playing Pokemon GO

-A guy in a suit on the phone to his boss saying the reason why he was late to the call because “There was a Jynx and it kept escaping”

- Two old guys who had never played a Pokemon game before excitedly talking about the pokemon they caught and where some swarms and flocks are

- A little old lady down the street giving out water to passing trainers

- A huge mob screaming “CHARIZAAAAAARD” and running around the Sydney Opera House

-Hundreds of people swarmed on one hill where the Charizard was found

-Screams of Joy and Anguish coming from people who caught or lost the Charizard

-Hundreds of folks walking around with their phones attached to portable chargers

- Two young kids coming me and sharing information when they saw I had my phone out

Pokemon GO is a magical experience

hello friends!

in case you haven’t noticed, pokemon go is pretty huge in all the countries it is out in (and some of the countries its not!) so here are some little tips to help you be prepared! also theres loads bc i asked my friend @rosalie-bambi and we both got a bit carried away aha

  • bottle of water. bc dehydration is not something u want whilst out catching pokemon
  • snacks. something like trail mix or energy bars, rather than just sweets, as they will give you more energy 
  • portable phone charger. lbr, even on battery saver mode, it still drains the battery rly quickly
  • comfortable footwear. blisters are the absolute WORST, and having sore feet from lots of walking sure isnt fun either
  • umbrella / raincoat. depending on wear u live, the weather may be unpredictable (like england)
  • hat + suncream. again, the weather can be unpredictable
  • a friend!
  • plasters. in case you do get blisters or the great outdoors attacks u
  • a blanket or something to sit on if you get tired
  • emergency money just in case

feel free to add anything more u recommend / add any tips you’ve learnt from playing the game :)

- helena x

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Me: Let me just grab this Diglett right outside! Me: *wanders the town for 45 minutes, stopping at every Pokestop, getting 5 eggs, and almost getting hit by a car for a Paras*

Solar Power Bank Charger

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haikyuuforlife  asked:

For the writing prompts #9 Matsuhanaiwaoi plox~

9. “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn”



-gonna give-

“I’m getting up, I get it.”

-you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and-

“Oh my god, I don’t deserve this.”

Matsukawa scrambles out of bed, grabbing his phone from off the charger to stop that god awful ringtone. Seeing it’s a call from Hanamaki (obviously), he answers it.

“You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn.”

There’s silence on the other end.


“I got my soulmate mark right now.”

Matsukawa’s blood runs cold, air rushing out of his lungs faster than he can process. No, no, no, no. This can’t be happening. Not yet. 

“O-oh? That’s good. Um, wow congratulations! Tell me about it,” Matsukawa says, but he doesn’t mean it. He had been dreading this since he’d gotten his own mark. He isn’t ready to lose hope yet. He isn’t ready to lose Hanamaki yet. 

“Before I tell you… can you describe to me in detail what yours looks like?” 

Matsukawa does as he’s told. Mouth dry and tongue heavy, he tries his best to describe the shaded flower marking on his shoulder. It’s not very detailed, nor is it even in full bloom, but the pink shading on the unopened petals is an anomaly in itself. Markings typically don’t have colors. 

(But they can, if you’ve already met your soulmate.)

“Hey, you’ll never guess who my soulmate is,” Hanamaki says in such a happy tone that it makes Matsukawa cringe. He already knows who?


“I’ll give you one hint. He has the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen on a guy.”

Matsukawa blanches. That could only be one person.

“Are you serious?”

“I never joke about eyebrows, Takahiro.” 

“Am I really your…?” he trails off, not sure if he can say it out loud. He’d rather not jinx it.

“My husbando? My waifu? My knight in shining volleyball uniform? I’m afraid you are,” the smile in his voice is so apparent it makes Matsukawa’s heart hurt.

Soulmates. They’re soulmates. It doesn’t seem real. 

“Wait, did you just call me your waifu?”

My recurring nightmare

I stood on the ledge of the window, panting. I teetered on the edge of a glittering abyss, the city a thousand-eyed spider, watching me, waiting. The wind howled around me, whispering “jump” into my ears, buffeting and caressing me as I clung to my perch. My mouth was dry. I was frozen, transfixed by what lay before me. I had nowhere else to run.

I heard the door slam open. I whipped my head around and saw the same dark figure that had been pursuing me begin stalking slowly across the room. I looked out the window again. A jump would mean certain death, a shattered end on the pavement far below.

I looked at the figure again. He was within arms length now, face obscured by a black fedora. Its hand rose, pointing a black fun in my direction. The black barrel glinted in the fluorescent lights, promising sleek, quick destruction.

“How did you find me?”

No response.

“I was so careful!”

The outstretched arm pulled back a fraction of an inch. A pause.

“Everywhere you stayed, you left behind the charger for your cell phone.”

The figure’s other hand unbuttoned the trench coat and pulled it open to reveal phone chargers, dozens of them, hanging on the interior. I screamed.

“…and that’s why you always pack your chargers first.”

Help me get through the month

Hey there! I don’t usually post this kind of stuff and honestly I wish I didn’t have to but I’m really desperate.

I recieve £100 a month. This money isn’t just for pleasure related activities, it includes my food, any study material I need, basic necessities and anything else I want to purchase. Obviously, this money really doesn’t go far. 

I have a job but it only functions during holidays, and I recieved an email from my boss a few days ago telling me that I wasn’t needed at all this summer. My mother also promised to get me a job at the carework business she works for, but due to my ‘mental state’ has broken that promise. This means I have absolutely no income, and after having to buy some necessities including food and a new phone charger I checked my bank and found out I have £8 to get me through the rest of the month.

I’m absolutely desperate as my father refuses to give me any money due to his incentive that everything should be worked for and my mother doesn’t have the money to spare to give me anything more, so I’m reaching out to you guys. I have enough money to maybe feed me for another week or so if I’m buying the absolute minimum and don’t need to buy anything else, but I’m very scared at the moment that I won’t be able to get through this.

My paypal link is here, or if it’s easier you can send it directly to my email which is Please help me out if you can, things aren’t going well.

I have had a close friend kindly offer to draw art in exchange for helping me with donations, so if you’d like some art drawn for you then send a message to @t0nuge asking about his rates and such; he’s doing this out of the kindness of his heart, so please be nice to him! I can also offer moodboard style things and grid edits such as this or this, pretty much any kind of edit you’d like as long as I get a good enough description, if you don’t want to recieve nothing for your donation.

Thank you so much for your time, and if you can’t donate please signal boost!! I’m really in a difficult state here. The smallest amount helps, even $3 can help me get food for another day!