phone cases

snapdragon-princess-deactivated  asked:

for the yoi love-children au, what are the kids' phone covers like???

this was a very interesting ask!! so i decided to sketch some. I didn’t do all of them for now, but just a small part

mamoru loves donuts, we all know. on the cover he has two purikura he did with milo last time they went to japan. the donald strap was a present by milo from disneyland 

milo’s cover is with madonna’s rebel heart tour logo. the goofy charm is in pair with mamoru’s, he bought it when his family went to disneyland for lilia’s birthday

jr’s phone case was a present from his siblings so he treasures it a lot. he think it has a cool design. his previous cover was with red hot chili pepper’s logo

noah loves cats very much (in fact his instagram id is noah_meow)

joshua is a fervent exo-l so his phone is all exo-themed

jasmine thinks mike wazowski is very cute and has a lot of stuff mike-themed

this just summarize alex’s character perfectly. you’ll know more about him soon

I’ll draw the others’ as soon as a good idea comes for them! 

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