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Emily Gilmore about the Revival

Okay not all of it, it had it’s moments of greatness with the Emily and Lorelai phone call scene about the pretzel story, and Luke telling Lorelai that he will never leave and Paris’ bathroom meltdown and Emily’s journey of self-discovery, but what they did with 

  • Rory and Logan and the cheating 
  • The way they treated Jess  
  • How little Lane and Zach we got and how they don’t really do anything in the revival
  •  Paris and Doyle getting a divorce 
  • Luke and Lorelai being together for so long but they still can’t talk to each other and they’re still not married (I’m sure that was primarily to show us their wedding but from a story POV it doesn’t make sense that they weren’t married) 
  • Rory’s storyline in general
  • The overly long musical that had little impact on the overall storyline (the most important song was the last one to get Lorelai to do Wild, the rest of it wasn’t necessary…they could have at least trimmed it down)
  • Those last four words, that was all

“Sorry I didn’t call til now babe. I was sleeping off a hangover. Don’t worry! I didn’t do anything too dumb. I don’t really need Nursey Patrol when I’m drinking…..But I’m glad you look out for me Will. It means a lot. Uh…I have to go. My moms taking me to dinner. Talk later babe. Love you”


“Hey Derek. Sorry I missed your call, my cousins were over, and I couldn’t answer. Sorry. I guess you’re still at dinner, or your asleep again. I - [muffled movement]. Sorry I had to go outside, my brother came into the kitchen. I know you need Nursey Patrol, and I’m glad you trust me to do it. I better go back inside. Love you”.


Marks and Rec: Misc #155

(Dialogue from Hamilton; “Your Obedient Servant” requested by @aislinnsiofra.) (I know his last name has a C, yes.)

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seeing that robert sean leonard comparison made me wonder since he is such a wonderful actor: what do you think are the most well acted moments of skam? (personally my favorite is the phone call scene in 3x09. that was extraordinary, so natural, i really felt like i was the one calling and the nerves would destroy me.)

Hey, sorry, I was thinking about this question for a while! It’s so hard to choose because the bar is so high. Also, I’m just watching this as a layman without any technical knowledge so separating what I love because of the production choices vs what really features the acting can be tricky. I’m probably biased towards the moments that really feel like a punch to the gut too? My simple answer: “anytime Tarjei’s face (or even the back of his head, really) appears onscreen and also Henrik really getting to dig in during episodes 8-10 and also all eye contact they have together because that can tell their whole love story”. But I tried to do a top five, since you asked!

Honorable mentions: Tarjei in 6.10 part 3 - Kan du varme et til meg også, Henrik in 8.10 part 1 - Tenke det du føler, both in 5.10 part 1 - Hjernen er alene, both in 9.10 part 4 - O Helga Natt.

5) Henrik in 5.10 part 4 - Pause. I love love love that such a quiet scene is so pivotal and that it really only gets its significance from what they aren’t saying. They’re both good here but I single out Henrik because he goes through a complete emotional rollarcoaster in four and a half minutes. He’s nervous, then maybe the most simply happy we’ve seen him on “I’m not sad!”, then alarmed… resigned… saying goodbye. The first time around though… I didn’t see it all. This was second clip that aired after I started watching the show in real time and at that point, I still hadn’t figured out what was going on with Even. So, my first watch through, I was taken in by the way Even forces himself to remain casual and thought it was empathy for Isak rather than a personal reveal. Henrik in this scene is so good because there was just enough there, it was only when I watched it a second time that the alarm in his initial reaction and the moment he looks down clued me in that something was wrong here for him. When I watch it now though, I can almost see the thoughts flitting across his face the whole time as if he’s actually speaking them. It’s a love being built up and then suddenly slipping away right there in that locker room.

Standout detail: When he averts his eyes and takes a second to process:

4) Tarjei in 9.10 part 3 - Sees fredag. Already mentioned in the ask but this scene is done entirely through watching Tarjei go through different emotions in a room by himself. You don’t need to do anything but watch him to get how nervous he was: how he holds the phone to his heart, how he was steeling himself and running through his opening words in his head, how he closed his eyes and chanted silently “pick up, pick up” no matter how anxious about this conversation he might be. And then on the phone with his dad, how he sounds so defeated but he doesn’t break until he has to deny he’s upset… and then all the emotion just comes flowing out. I don’t think anyone could watch this scene without relating deeply?? I think everyone has had phone calls where you’re heart is beating out your chest like this, everyone has burst in tears just like that before. He nailed it.

Standout detail: When he just cracks as he denies he’s upset:

3) Tarjei in 6.10 part 5 - Vært litt spess i det siste. I’m just retreading what’s already been said here but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more true-to-life coming out done? I’m getting a little teary just thinking about Isak on that bench, steeling himself to make that leap. It’s the sheer reality of this moment that has this so high on the list. Really, kudos to Julie and to Tarjei for getting it so right and putting this on screen. It’s such a universal experience for people who’ve lived this but I’ve never seen it done quite this well. All the little moments of waiting, the tension he’s holding as they go get food first, how nervous he is the whole time as they circle closer and closer to it, the overwhelming RELIEF after they’ve started to laugh about it. It’s just… pitch perfect.

Standout detail: When we cut back to his face as he’s waiting anxiously for Jonas’s reaction after he said “It’s not a girl”:

2) Both of them in 10.10 part 1 - Minutt for minutt. I cryyyyyyyyyyy. First of all, I’m in awe of how Henrik’s face looks completely different in this scene?? He’s getting help from makeup and lighting and camera angles but it’s amazing how different he looks having turned off that light in his eyes. He’s fallen open in a way that we’ve never seen. We’ve caught him turned inwardly, seeming to struggle or be wiped out by something, for brief snatches of time before but now, he doesn’t have the energy or motivation to keep any sort of guard up and you can see it all. He portrays the weight of depression so well too, the physical exhaustion he can barely speak through. How he believes what he’s saying but he doesn’t want to… I’m just really impressed by how well he plays it. And Tarjei, he’s always great, but I especially love the self-consciousness in what he’s doing in this scene. Like how when he reaches out to hold Even and stroke his face, it doesn’t come to him easily, he’s a little stiff at it. The shaky resolve of his voice. And his determination, the fire in his eyes in contrast to the blankness of Even’s.

Standout detail: Henrik’s face when Isak first denies the ‘truth’ he’s telling him and Tarjei’s slight clumsiness as he reaches out and holds Even’s face:

1) Both of them in 8.10 part 4 - 15:15-01:01, from 5:28 to 8:58. I still haven’t rewatched this clip in full, it was almost too effective, but this part is the very heart of it for me. Tarjei’s face as he’s starting to put together that something isn’t right here… my heart is in my throat. And I just never can say enough about how well Henrik played this. I think it would be easy for what happened to be something shocking, something off-putting that puts distance between the audience and characters, even increases the stigma about someone going through a manic episode. But I never felt like that, I felt like the audience was Isak here… it slowly dawned on us. The emotional impact of this scene hinges on both seeing Tarjei slowly putting it together but also Henrik walking that fine line where you can almost think nothing’s wrong at first, but you’re talking yourself into it… it’s just a little too much… and then it gets to the point you can’t ignore. We’re alarmed because we know Even and we know something is off. The way they intercut this with their conversation on the bed, which is another great performance, that’s about things they’re not saying creeping closer but in a much quieter and more intimate way, Even realizing he needs to backtrack and adding “I’m just kidding” and how much both of their eyes are saying there…

I can’t really put it into words. I think the editing and sound help create a lot of the fear you feel with this scene but the empathy, what keeps you with Even and with Isak’s worry for him, what keeps this from ever seeming like a spectacle but instead deeply personal, comes from the performances the two of them gave here.

Standout detail: When Even starts talking about the wedding and it’s just not… hitting… right and the complex mix of emotions in Tarjei’s eyes here, the fear and concern and knowing:

From “Scary Movie” to Scream”

While the Wes Craven film Scream (1996) was being developed it had the working title of Scary Movie. This explains why the fax above describing the difficulties and importance of making the mask and costume for Ghostface are regarding “Scary Movies”.

As for the mask, this is a rendering of an idea of what the mask originally was to look like.

Storyboards from the scene where Tatum, played by Rose McGowan faces off with Ghostface and ultimately gets trapped and killed in the garage door.

And finally, here are the annotated plans to Casey’s (Drew Barrymore) house, where the famous first scene phone calls and murder happen.

All Scream materials above are from the Lucille OuYang production notebooks held in the Margaret Herrick Library


also one of my fave things about this phone call scene is how at first vilde looks annoyed and all serious but at the end she’s laughing so hard. and it’s so great to see her like that because?? she always takes everything so seriously and it’s so rare to see her just enjoy the moment and not overthink everything and letting loose but that’s what she’s doing here? just laughing because her friend is so hilarious and that’s all she’s thinking of at that moment

Just re-watched 3x01 and I just don’t understand. We have the scene where Damon screams at Elena, telling her to stop looking for Stefan, stop hoping he’ll come back, etc etc, and we see her tear up and touch the necklace. Then later on, there’s that beautiful phone call scene between Stefan and Elena.

What I don’t understand is how we are meant to believe that this is the same night where Elena fell in love with Damon. There is absolutely nothing to suggest it. Nothing at all. She was furious with him in that episode when she found out that he had been tracking Stefan without her. #plotholes

Go ahead and continue to re-write Stelena, Julie. Make them out to be platonic, destroy their epic love, pretend it never existed. Your earlier seasons and earlier writing will always suggest otherwise. You will never be able to re-write their love story, not in my eyes, and hopefully not in any true fan of the show’s eyes either.

I now classify Stelena as a “tragic couple”.

Stefan came back to Mystic Falls for her. He helped her heal the wound that her parent’s death caused her, teaching her to love and value life. She taught him that humanity is something to embrace, that there is love and light and warmth even while being a vampire. They went through so much in Season 3, from being separated for a summer as ripper Stefan took over and Elena did everything she could to bring him back (the birthday phone call, anybody? the closet scene, anybody?) and after all that, in 4x01 Elena tells Stefan that he’s the best choice she’s ever made. And after he gives her the ring while watching a beautiful sunrise, it seems as if Stefan and Elena could FINALLY be happy together….

Until after everything from season 4 and onward happens and TVD goes to shit. A couple so epic and so truthful and so amazingly beautiful…gone due to fanservice and horny teenage girls who only want to suck Ian Somerhalder’s dick. After everything Stefan and Elena went through, after every perfectly crafted line they’ve said to each other, at the end of the day sex and toxic angst seems to win.

Now that’s tragic.

Ok So with the sanvers engagement rumor imagine a engagement where one of them is in danger and hey get a final phone call scene and they start confessing things and Alex gets super emotional like ‘Maggie…. I wanted to marry you. I was gonna marry you Maggie. I went ring shopping. Kara helped me pick it out. She has it now but I want you to have it. Ask her…“ and Maggie’s interrupts saying "how about a fall wedding. It would be beautiful and I know you love the leaves. And I vote we hyphenate ‘Danvers-Sawyer’”. And Alex is choking up and has tears falling but says “Kara actual suggested the last name 'Sanvers’. A little different but I kinda like it” and they keep talking until they until the call ends due to an explosion/disaster whatever.

And later. After everyone is safe and they reunite neither knows if that engagement actual counts. Like they both want to get married but does an engagement during a time of panic count? Was it just fear talking? What if Maggie only agreed because she thought Alex was dying? And they dance round the issue until Kara throws them an engagement party.


The phone call (I love you) scene music! Thank you for the upload! :)


Dear Will,
A brief note of congratulations for the job you did on Mr. Lounds. I admired it enormously. What a cunning boy you are!

—Red Dragon, Thomas Harris

Manhunter vs The Wrath of the Lamb (S3E13)

シコレボ!~キミにふれたくテ~ (Shikorebo! 〜Kimi ni furetakute〜)

Bullet, a while back, announced a new series in the works! It is also worth noting that the artist for this series is ななどね粥さん, the artist who illustrated the ナミダメ series. ( ^ - ^ )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

After dating for half a year, you and your boyfriend have grown to be considerably close. However, due to a staff reassignment at work, one of you is to relocate to a different location.

“I love her, I really love her, and I want to touch her more… but even though I want to, she’s not here…?”

At the height of your happiness with your beloved, you and your boyfriend are suddenly forced to become a long-distance couple—with only phone calls to link you two together.

And so, your lonely boyfriend takes various actions as he thinks of you…

CV: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)

Release Date: July 29th, 2016.

*The second volume for this series has been announced, but I will create a more detailed post on it when there’s actually an illustration up for it. ( • v • )