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Dear Will,
A brief note of congratulations for the job you did on Mr. Lounds. I admired it enormously. What a cunning boy you are!

—Red Dragon, Thomas Harris

Manhunter vs The Wrath of the Lamb (S3E13)

When did you start shipping Sherlolly?

Very curious to hear when people climbed aboard the ship! :)

For me, it was during The Great Game, when Jim from IT showed up. Sherlock pays much more attention to Molly’s reaction to Jim than to Jim himself, and I thought maybe… just maybe… I detected some jealousy there. But even though I shipped Sherlolly from then on, I have to admit I didn’t really believe it would ever happen. The Final Problem caught me off guard and I LOVED the Phone Call scene so much. I’ve rewatched the series since with my Sherlolly goggles firmly in place, and the gradual build-up to the ILY scene seems so obvious now!

From “Scary Movie” to Scream”

While the Wes Craven film Scream (1996) was being developed it had the working title of Scary Movie. This explains why the fax above describing the difficulties and importance of making the mask and costume for Ghostface are regarding “Scary Movies”.

As for the mask, this is a rendering of an idea of what the mask originally was to look like.

Storyboards from the scene where Tatum, played by Rose McGowan faces off with Ghostface and ultimately gets trapped and killed in the garage door.

And finally, here are the annotated plans to Casey’s (Drew Barrymore) house, where the famous first scene phone calls and murder happen.

All Scream materials above are from the Lucille OuYang production notebooks held in the Margaret Herrick Library

Did you notice Peggy’s small smirk when Daniel says “Jeez, mother…” and then even after the call you can still see her hiding a small smile (probably thinking about how good that lie was and how she can help him)

She also calls him “Daniel” in front of Jarvis (Has she done that before? Anyway that gave me a sting)

Just re-watched 3x01 and I just don’t understand. We have the scene where Damon screams at Elena, telling her to stop looking for Stefan, stop hoping he’ll come back, etc etc, and we see her tear up and touch the necklace. Then later on, there’s that beautiful phone call scene between Stefan and Elena.

What I don’t understand is how we are meant to believe that this is the same night where Elena fell in love with Damon. There is absolutely nothing to suggest it. Nothing at all. She was furious with him in that episode when she found out that he had been tracking Stefan without her. #plotholes

Go ahead and continue to re-write Stelena, Julie. Make them out to be platonic, destroy their epic love, pretend it never existed. Your earlier seasons and earlier writing will always suggest otherwise. You will never be able to re-write their love story, not in my eyes, and hopefully not in any true fan of the show’s eyes either.

Emily Gilmore about the Revival

Okay not all of it, it had it’s moments of greatness with the Emily and Lorelai phone call scene about the pretzel story, and Luke telling Lorelai that he will never leave and Paris’ bathroom meltdown and Emily’s journey of self-discovery, but what they did with 

  • Rory and Logan and the cheating 
  • The way they treated Jess  
  • How little Lane and Zach we got and how they don’t really do anything in the revival
  •  Paris and Doyle getting a divorce 
  • Luke and Lorelai being together for so long but they still can’t talk to each other and they’re still not married (I’m sure that was primarily to show us their wedding but from a story POV it doesn’t make sense that they weren’t married) 
  • Rory’s storyline in general
  • The overly long musical that had little impact on the overall storyline (the most important song was the last one to get Lorelai to do Wild, the rest of it wasn’t necessary…they could have at least trimmed it down)
  • Those last four words, that was all

cornerbackcastiel  asked:

It's late, so I feel like I'm imagining things. Did you have some posts on Cas/Crowley parallels? I was watching Rock Never Dies and during the phone call scene it was like I was hit over the head with an anvil: Cas' "Hello Dean" vs Crowley's "Hello boys". Then my brain just scream incoherently lol :)


My main tag for Crowley / Cas parallels is #the love chevron .

In there there’s my own meta on them as parallels in their own right but also as the metaphors to the 2 sides of Dean, but also a few of the deleted scenes which are 2000% deleted because they were too blatantly bi!Dean/Destiel/Drowley. This is on a different tag though and I don’t know how to change it now, grr so here.

There are a ton of meta’s on them as parallels and I’m sure others have delved deeper than me but yeah the plural/singular thing is quite funny here… This whole scene was hilarious in how Dean is trying to put across but miserably so because he won’t just say it, that he is upset that Cas left, and not only left but buddied up with his ex, Crowley, who could be saying all kinds of Chuck knows what about him, meanwhile Cas is frustrated as hell that he cannot have stayed as that is what he of course wanted to do but had to put the “mission” first and Crowley just absolutely revelling in it all because he can see right through the both of them (I mean, he calls Dean Cas’ boyfriend and Cas his love slave) and he is still a little bitter about how things worked out between him and Dean and how Dean chose Cas, it is what caused his turnaround after 10x14 after all… 

So yeah, great scene :D

Anyone else interested to see how the next “Hello Dean” plays out? I’m actually kinda thinking its gonna be a massive angst fest of either AU Cas saying it or a not-really-Cas saying it…to see Dean’s reaction.

For extra coals to the fire, you know, cos it’s not bad enough already ;)

That farewell scene...

Okay so I know I have like no hope or optimism regarding Nicky and Lorna’s friendship, but I just want to clarify why because people keep asking me. Obviously I have no idea what’s going to take place during these last 2 seasons, so please bear with, these are just my opinions, thoughts and I guess theories.

First of all, I knew, well, for this season in particular, that they wouldn’t become endgame. I mean, it was based in 3 days and there was way too many factors revolving it. It also didn’t surprise me Lorna was actually pregnant, I mean seriously, I saw that coming… On the other hand, after watching the leaks, I believed maybe it was possible for season 6 or 7. Now I think there’s no chance. Allow me to elaborate. 

The short, bittersweet phone-call, scenes in medical and the farewell sequence seemed pretty conclusive. It did feel a little forced in because of the timing but based on how Nicky looked back in slow motion and Lorna looking for her on the bus, puts emphasis on the writers leading me to thinking they’re never going to see each other again. Why? Well, think about it this way. I will consider the fact that there are not many female prisons, but I’m pretty certain they’re all being separated and transferred - even if they’re all being transferred to the same prison. Where’s Nicky? The bunker. And guess what? Death for any of these ten characters is still on the table. If you’d noticed, more than likely just to fuck with us, they seem to have somewhat loose ends for the plot lines of some of these characters. No, I’m not implying that they’re all going to die. That would be silly, and not necessarily by the sweep, but it does seem plausible that at least one of them might…

Going back to Lorna, as much as unbelievably unrealistic her and Vinnie’s relationship seems, they’re certainly implying that it’s for good. That phone call between him and Nicky just seemed really relevant and summarized the way Nicky speaks. What’s worse is that now Lorna is completely alone. Sure she has Vinnie promising to wait and never leave her but the realization hits her on the bus when she looks around and can’t find Nicky. Secretly in love with her or not, Nicky was the only person who knew her inside and out, took care of her, reassured her she is worthy of love and convinced Vinnie to go back for her. Because she’s her best friend and because she loves her. Now she’s not there to do those things. Lorna will have to fend for herself and that’s what worries me because we are fully aware of how bad her delusions can get, especially when she’s on her own. Both their fates are unknown and no, maybe they’ll never be together romantically but now they can’t even see each other faces and won’t be able to for a long time, if not ever? I maybe reaching but I don’t think anyone can convince me otherwise because everything just seems so tragically conclusive for them. I’m open to hearing thoughts and answering questions but I just wanted to address mine as to why I’m being all negative Nancy. What’s your opinions?