phone call at 2 am

Oc Writing Challenge

Okay guys, so there are 15 prompts so that should make this challenge 15 day long. It’s actually my first attempt on creating a challenge so be soft with me.

Rules: 1) write no more than 500 - 800 words. 2) please tag me in your stuff, if you decide to do this

1) Your oc is severely injured during a battle/ car crush.

2) Your OC’s s/o falls asleep on their lap/hands or vice versa.

3) Use the prompt: “I really don’t think I need new underwear”

4)“What are you doing in my apartment in [… am]? And why am I sleeping nude?”AU

5) Your OC’s first visit at a museum/aquarium

6) Your OC receives a ‘very important’ phone call at 2 am

7)“yes I know friends should act like that but really, it’s just platonic!” AU

8) Your OC gets a puppy on their birthday by s/o or dear friend.

9)“I’m totally not calling you to tell you I slipped in the bathroom and that I think I broke my leg I’m dying. And totally because I don’t need any help..But come quickly because I love you” AU

10) Your OC and their friends are watching a scary movie. They all are scared to death, except for this one obnoxious friend who says they’re not scared at all. A very short while after your OC sneezes so loud, making the obnoxious friend lose their shit.

11) Your OC finally has a haircut

12) “of course I don’t suck at dancing terribly” 80’s AU

13) (Your choice of prompt)

14) Your OC’s first kiss

15) A story based on your OC’s theme song.

We are 50 Blessings. 
Together, we M͏͟A҉́͏R͡͏̨Ç̡H̶̶̛̕͝ 
Into the future. 
You have reached a Wrong Number. 

Try to remember who you were before the midnight kisses and 2 am phone calls. Try to remember how happy you were before the good morning texts and the goodnight cuddles. Try to remember how you slept before you felt his body beside yours and felt his breath on your neck. Try to remember that you lived and loved before he came along. He can’t take away what was already there.
—  h
SMH as members of my college debate team

Chowder: got incredibly sick after team dinner because he was too polite to point out his meat was under cooked

Nursey: broke his foot during orientation camp

Dex: got a phone call at 2 am to come fix the a/c before someone died of heat exhaust, ended up crawling around in the attic for an hour

Bitty: invited everyone in the room to go dancing… except the one person who he was mad at

Holster: threatened someone in the bathroom after a game because they were playing dirty

Ransom: got propositioned by members of no less than 4 opposing teams because he is just that darn pretty (and maybe there was a threesome that happened one night. Ask holster.)

Lardo: won the beer olympics

Shitty: kept an ongoing list of Eskimo-siblings on the team

Jack: made sure to schedule practice around everyone’s schedule because nobody gets an excuse… even if that meant practicing until the janitors were staring pointedly at the clocks

Whiskey: showed up all year, no clue who this person actually is

Tango: asked someone to explain “why the chicken crossed the road”

2 hours in a phone call later & I am both much more informed and somewhat stressed out about applying to college

instead of Media Arts & Animation, I’ll probably go into Game Art & Design because it fit my wants and goals much better!

Finances? Iffy. Very iffy.

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rules: once you have been tagged, you’re supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. at the end, choose 25 people to tag!


[1] drink: orange juice was the last proper drink but i am always drinking water 

[2] phone call: my mum probably i dont really call people i prefer texting

[3] text message: my best friend

[4] song you listened to: “liability” by lorde

[5] time you cried: within the last week (cant remember the exact day) because i let myself get feelings


[6] dated someone twice: need to date someone once for that to happen 

[7] been cheated on: no

[8] kissed someone and regretted it: no

[9] lost someone special: (i’m assuming in a romantic context??) yeah well they were special at the time

[10] been depressed: yes

[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: no 


[12] turquoise 

[13] magenta

[14] lime green


[15] made new friends: yes

[16] fallen out of love: no

[17] laughed until you cried: yes, i did this on thursday actually 

[18] found out someone was talking about you: yes

[19] met someone who changed you: yes

[20] found out who your true friends are: honestly i feel like you can never truly find this out unless you go through something big so no 

[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: no


[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: most of them, i think there’s only like 5 that i havent met irl yet

[23] do you have any pets: yeah a leonberger puppy called ziggy. I need to upload pics of him on here 

[24] do you want to change your name: sometimes maybe to my pen name 

[25] what did you do for your last birthday: it was just before exam season so i didnt do anything special

[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping, i was ill so i had an early night

[28] name something you cannot wait for: summer i have so many plans 

[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: an hour ago

[30] what is one thing you wish you could change your self: anxiety but im working on that 

[31] what are you listening to right now: nothing but im watching deidra and laney rob a train on netflix

[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: yeah

[33] something that is getting on your nerves: a certain kind of arrogance 

[34] most visited website: tumblr

[35] junior school / elementary: i miss back when everything was stress free

[36] senior school / high school: i guess it could be worse 

[37] university / college: i know where i think i want to go but im scared of how much work im going to have to do or if its going to be whats right for me

[38] hair color: dark brown but i want to dye it 

[39] long or short hair: shortish but i want to grow it out

[40] do you have a crush on someone: not anymore

[41] what do you like about yourself: my writing and 

[42] piercings: none yet

[43] blood type: idk

[44] nicknames: loads once in spanish our table made a mind map that was filled with nicknames for me

[45] relationship status: single

[46] zodiac sign: capricorn

[47] pronouns: he/him or they/them

[48] fav tv show: ive not really watched tv recently but i love black mirror and the oa

[49] tattoos: none so far but ive got a design planned

[50] right- or left-handed: right


[51] surgery: when i was really young i dont remember it and i cant see the scar even

[52] piercing: don’t have any

[53] best friend: im not sure who my first one was but it was prob at my old school but i dont talk to anyone there anymore

[54] sport: rugby back when it was compulsory

[55] vacation: france when i was eight i think 

[56] pair of trainers: who can remember this 


[57] eating: nothing

[58] drinking: nothing 

[59] i’m about to take: idk what this means 

[60] listening to: it already asks this earlier

[61] waiting for: this movie to finish so i can go and pick up my books from school 

[62] want: to not be ill

[63] get married: no

[64] career: im wanting to go into forensic academia with consultancy work and move to canada 


[65] hugs or kisses: kisses

[66] lips or eyes: eyes

[67] shorter or taller: tall but im not picky 

[68] older or younger: same age

[69] romantic or spontaneous: why not both

[70] nice arms or nice stomach: arms but personality is more important 

[71] sensitive or loud: sensitive

[72] hook-up or relationship: relationship

[73] troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker to balance out hesitant me so we actually do stuff


[74] kissed a stranger? no

[75] drank hard liquor? no

[76] lost glasses/contact lenses? dont wear glasses 

[77] turned someone down? kinda

[78] sex on first date? not sure if it was a date tbh 

[79] broken someone’s heart? no

[80] had your own heart broken? who hasnt

[81] been arrested? no

[82] cried when someone died? yes 

[83] fallen for a friend: no


[84] yourself? sometimes

[85] miracles? honestly no

[86] love at first sight? no you can like at first sight but not love

[87] santa claus? this really asks this 

[88] kiss on the first date? yeah

[89] angels? no 


[90] current best friend’s name: alex

[91] eye color: dark brown

[92] favorite movie: girl, interrupted or anything with ellen page

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By signing this document you have agreed to becoming my best friend, and in said agreement I hereby promise to:

-Snapchat you videos of my dog when you’re sad.
-Flirt with you when you’re feeling insecure.
-Answer your 2 am call
-Stay on the phone as long as you need me to.
-Be your designated wing woman.
-Be your designated driver.
-Visit you whenever I can.
-Mention you in my award acceptance speeches. All of them.
-Suggest new songs/shows to you. because that’s a most basic friendly duty.
-Keep your secrets.
-Give you space.
-Be your +1 to any and every event
-Invite you to concerts.
-Give you advice even if I know you won’t listen.
-Eat all your food when I come over.
-Buy you food to make up for eating the other food.
-Make you laugh.
-Do my best to support you and be positive.

-I am always down for a movie night
-I will always be down for some cuddling on your lonelier days/nights

I will love you as you are, while still giving you room to make the changes you need to be happy.

Should I not fulfill these requirements, this contract shall become null and void. You have the right to terminate said contract as in reference to the last clause regarding changes for happiness.

Please sign here:

—  my dotted line, (3/20/15)

I learned more about love from my best friends than any boy.

1. When you like someone, tell them. Don’t play games, be nice to them, get to know them. Cut the crap.

2. Five am phone calls are okay, and if someone loves you they’ll pick up if they can. But if you love them you also will let them rest unless it’s really important.

3. You can never show enough love. Bringing their favorite food, writing them notes, giving honest compliments are all ways to show it, and nothing gets worn out when it’s sincere.

4. It’s okay to need space from someone, and it’s okay for someone to need space from you. We’re all people just trying to figure ourselves out and sometimes we need to be alone.

5. If someone asks for space, and you give it to them, when they come back don’t act hurt. They needed that and now they don’t. They still love you, they never stopped. And if you love them you will welcome them back open arms.

6. Just because someone loves you doesn’t mean they owe you. They don’t have to compliment, agree with or talk to you all the time. Sometimes people get busy. This doesn’t mean they love you any less, or you’re not important enough. It means they trust you to understand they have things they need to do. And you, as someone who loves them, should be understanding.

7. Truly loving someone means being happy for them, rather than jealous. They got a promotion before you? They’re dating the cute guy from the restaurant? They got their college paid for when you didn’t? I’m so happy for you! That’s amazing! Sometimes it’s hard, but everythings not about you. You need to celebrate them.

8. Sometimes it takes a while. Sure you might click with someone right away, but it takes history and memories and knowledge about each other to make love so strong, even if its platonic or romantic.

9. And most importantly, if someone loves you, they should want the best for you. They should want you to be healthy and happy. They should want you to change and grow and become a better you. Love is a growing, changing thing, and if it’s strong it will grow and change with you.

I don’t know what love is but I think I found something similar to it, in you. Love is getting butterflies, all the damn time. Whether it be when I see you, when someone says your name, or just at the thought of you. Love is making you laugh and knowing that’s the only laugh I want to hear for the rest of my life. Love is seeing you happy and being happy because of it. Love is that phone call at 2 am because you’re drunk and you want to hear my voice. Love is the restless nights because all my mind can think about is you, you, you. Love is the way you can touch me without using your hands. Love is the forehead kisses before class, the cheek kisses because you know they’re my favorite, the neck kisses that you know drive me insane, and the other kisses because why the hell not? Love is driving around in your truck, windows down, screaming country music at the top of ours lungs. Love is hating country music but when you sing it, it sounds better than any other rap, pop, rock song out there. But love is also the fights. Love is not talking for days but then caving in because we both miss each other too much. Love is forgiving each other even if we don’t deserve it. Love is the harsh words that we said. Love is the feeling of regret. Love is being in so much pain when you’re gone. Love is letting you go. Love is making sure you’re happy before me because I value your happiness above mine. I’m still not sure what love is, but love has got to be me and you.
—  i love you (7:06)

92 truths

rules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. at the end, choose however many people you want to tag!

i was tagged by @beyondthebridge, thank you, love!


[1] drink: coffee!
[2] phone call: Oh, I am not sure, either my mum or my friend Julia
[3] text message: my mum
[4] song you listened to: Take it away - Paul Mccartney
[5] time you cried: … i was choked up reading the last fanfiction by @escapingreality51, but really cried like actual tears was the torture scene with Aaron in Gordon’s cell.


[6] dated someone twice: no
[7] been cheated on: yes
[8] kissed someone and regretted it: yes
[9] lost someone special: yes
[10] been depressed: yes
[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: yes

[12] green
[13] red
[14] blue

[15] made new friends: yes thanks to this wonderful fandom
[16] fallen out of love: no
[17] laughed until you cried: yes
[18] found out someone was talking about you: yes
[19] met someone who changed you: well, i’d say this fandom has made my life different in many ways
[20] found out who your true friends are: always
[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: no

[22] how many of your tumblr friends do you know in real life: I meet Nuria, who is not active on tumblr anymore, and then there were friends of mine who were on tumblr
[23] do you have any pets: no
[24] do you want to change your name: no
[25] what did you do for your last birthday: I turned 30, so I had a big party and a lot of fun with my friends and my brothers
[26] what time did you wake up: 6 am, I had to go to work
[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: trying to fall asleep and failing
[28] name something you cannot wait for: Aaron to get out of prison and robron reunion and hopefully some day happily moving into the mill, real life stuff: my trip to Berlin in a few weeks
[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: oh, oh, wait, Christmas? No, that can’t be right, I might have driven home in january, too
[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: my anxiety
[31] what are you listening to right now: tv
[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: yes 

[33] something that is getting on your nerves: everyone vilifying Robert Sugden over a certain spoiler (I second that, @beyondthebridge)

[35] elementary: loved it
[36] high school: hated it
[37] college: never finished
[38] hair colour: brown
[39] long or short hair: long
[40] do you have a crush on someone: no, except unhealthy ones on celebs
[41] what do you like about yourself?: my loyalty
[42] piercings: no
[44] nickname: Ginny, because I met a lot of my friends at a Harry Potter roleplay online game where I was playing Ginny Weasley
[45] relationship status: single
[46] zodiac sign: taurus
[47] pronouns: she/her
[48] fav tv show: Emmerdale
[49] tattoos: none!
[50] right or left handed: both!

[51] surgery: something at my ear drums when i was 7
[52] piercing: none
[53] best friend: Berit, from kindergarden
[54] sport: i did athletics in elementary school
[55] vacation: Don’t remember, probably sweden, knowing my family
[56] pair of trainers: don’t remember

[57] eating: nothing
[58] drinking: water
[59] i’m about to: write the next prompt that is sitting in my ask or just wait for the time to pass since emmerdale
[60] listening to: the tv pretty sure this question was above

[61] waiting for: it to be thursday so I can watch Robert having a breakdown (again I am just gonna let @beyondthebridge answers stand)

[62] want: to go on holiday
[63] get married: no
[64] career: if i knew i would feel better, but i am working and supporting myself so that is a start

[65] hugs or kisses: …. hugs
[66] lips or eyes: eyes
[67] shorter or taller: taller
[68] older or younger: older
[69] romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
[70] nice arms or nice stomach: arms
[71] sensitive or loud: sensitive
[72] hook up or relationship: relationships
[73] troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant

[74] kissed a stranger? yes
[75] drank hard liquor? yes
[76] lost glasses/contact lenses? yes
[77] turned someone down:
[78] sex on first date? no
[79] broken someone’s heart? I am not sure, maybe
[80] had your own heart broken? yes
[81] been arrested? no
[82] cried when someone died? yes
[83] fallen for a friend: yes

[84] yourself? occasionally
[85] miracles? yes
[86] love at first sight? yes
[87] santa claus? always
[88] kiss on the first date? sure
[89] angels? no

[90] current best friend’s name: Julia and Daniela
[91] eye colour: green
[92] favourite movie: don’t know, probably still “Shelter”

I tag everybody! Do it, it’s fun

you’re falling, falling so hard for a love you know won’t last. you’re loving, loving too hard for something you know will just break your heart. and you know you shouldn’t be losing hours of sleep over hushed 2 am phone calls. and you know you shouldn’t feel so happy when they bring you to the movies to see a film you’ve already watched twice but were too shy to say anything. and you know you shouldn’t be smiling so hard when you find a heart shaped lollipop in your locker. and you know you shouldn’t be spending lunch hours making playlists of songs that remind you of them. and you know you shouldn’t be so glad it’s dark because they kissed your cheek and you swear you’ve never blushed harder. but you don’t care because this so called “puppy love” is making you so incredibly happy. you don’t care because you’re young and you are allowed to love. you don’t care because this is your first love and you know it isn’t your last.

It’s ok. (short)

I woke up sweating, feeling really bad because of the nightmare. I started to have an asthma attack. I stand up to search for my inhaler. Then I remembered that it was on my boyfriend’s house. I grabbed my phone and called him.

“Y/N? You’re ok? It’s 2:00 am.” I heard him.

“S-Stiles, I need you to bring my i-inhaler.”


“I need it now!” I tried to say.

“Ok. Wait, I’m coming.” He said quickly and hangs up.

I sit down on my bed trying to breathe. I need to stay calm. It’s ok. Stiles is coming.

Some minutes after, I heard the sound of his jeep and then he unlocked the door. He ran to me and gave me the inhaler.

When I was feeling better, he smiled at me.

“Are you ok?” He asked.

I nodded.

“Thank you.”

“No problem, babe. You scared me.”

“I’m sorry.”

I felt his lips on mine and kissed him.

“You don’t have to be sorry, babe. It’s ok.”

“Can you stay with me?” I asked.

“You don’t need to ask.” He smiled.

I lay down on my bed and he did the same after take his shoes off.



“I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”


~ Ashton ~

I awoke to the annoying fucking sound of my phone at 2 am

Who would call me at this hour?
especially when I’m hungover.

I squinted my eyes and saw her name flash across the screen.

I sobered up slightly thinking about her and all of the possibilities behind the purpose of her call.

She’s in Australia it’s probably 9 am there.

Internally I fought myself;
debating whether or not to pick up her call.

I mean I did hear it, I was aware,
but I’ve ignored all her other calls so why answer this one?

Instead I watched until it stopped ringing.

Spelling out her name in my head as it flashed on the screen.

God I missed saying that name aloud.

The little green voicemail icon appeared at the corner of the screen; I clicked it and waited for it to play.

Her voice was shaky and it sounded like she’d been crying.

“Uh Ashton. something’s happened.”


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(Btw this imagine is really long.
Like 3 parts.
And it’s very…emotional? Lol
It made julli cry so I’ll admit I did make it very sad, sorry 😭)

the thing about being the oldest child of an addict

is that you have been conditioned from the start to be the savior. the protector. you fix everything or you sweep the problems under the rug. you learn to live with being lied to and stolen from and loved so hard through tears and hugs and 2 am phone calls that leave your heart racing for hours. you learn that it’s your job to get out and make something of yourself so you can keep protecting and saving and healing others. you try so goddamn hard to shield your siblings from that burden. which is not to stay that they don’t feel it, too–but it’s different. 

and even when you’re an adult and you’re a thousand miles away you are still conditioned. you get a text or a phone call or a frantic Facebook message and it’s like that time when you were 15 and your mom came to you begging you to stop her husband from leaving her. as if you had that power. but somehow it works, somehow you always do what it takes. 

and then you say enough, and the people who love you the most say enough, and when another crisis comes (because it always does) and you can’t do anything to fix it, you feel like a failure. there is so much pain and guilt and hurt that it suffocates you. you feel everything so much. and somehow you’re sure it’s your fault. 

the thing about being the adult child of a mentally ill, accidentally emotionally abusive addict who loves you very very much and raised you to love yourself and believe in yourself and be proud of yourself… how does it not fuck you up when you can’t do any more saving?