phone booths are magical

Walking on air pt. 1

AN: Newt Scamander has always had a crush on the reader, but they lost touch after he was expelled from Hogwarts. Will fate intervene and bring them back together?
Characters: Albus Dumbledor, Newt Scamander
Pairings: Newt X reader
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Prompt: “newt comes home and visits the ministry, where he bumps into his old crush and they hit it off again?”


Newt was numb as he walked through the corridors of Hogwarts, unable to process what had just happened. He was expelled, he’d really been expelled.

Newt’s lip began to tremble as he made his way outside, wondering to himself how long it would take for the news to spread. The voice in his head whispered that he was a failure, that he was a screw up, and taunted him for being unable to make even this one good thing last. Newt collapsed onto the grass, away from prying eyes, and finally let his tears flow, shock and frustration boiling inside him.

He heard footsteps and looked up, afraid that it might be some of the boys who were known to harass him, and relaxed when he saw you.

“Newt, is it true?” You asked, your voice shaky.

Newt felt his heart drop at the tone in your voice. He’d adored you from afar for years, and it was only recently that you’d become friends. It was like a hammer to his chest, the sudden realization that he’d have to leave you now and that your blossoming friendship would probably be destroyed.
He forced himself to look you in the eye, trying to memorize the details of your face for later, when he wouldn’t be able to be near you anymore.

You watched Newt, your gaze following the lines of tears down his cheeks and feeling your hope vanish as he met your eye. Newt was not usually comfortable with direct eye contact, a trait that not everyone understood, but you found exceedingly endearing, and the fact that he was making such an effort now, seemed to confirm your worst fears. You sunk down next to Newt, feeling oddly hollow and rested your head on his shoulder.

“What’re you gonna do?” You asked, “Where will you go?”

You felt Newt shrug, “I don’t know Y/N. I really don’t know.”

You swallowed hard and turned to look at Newt, gripping his hand tightly with yours. Newt recoiled, shocked by the intensity in your eyes but completely unable to look away.

“You’ve got to make something amazing out of your life Newton Scamander, you’ve just got to. Write that book you’re always talking about. Promise me Newt, promise me you’ll write it.”

Newt nodded, swallowing, “I promise.”

“Good.” You replied, “And write to me, tell me about the world.”

“I-I will.”

You looked momentarily conflicted, as though you wanted to say more but couldn’t quite figure out how to, but then gave Newt a terse nod and stood, brushing grass from your robes and heading back up to the castle. Newt watched you go with untold confessions on his lips and his heart breaking with every step you took, but you never looked back. You never let yourself take a final look at the odd boy. You didn’t think you could bear it.


Newt Scamander breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped into the red phone booth that would carry him down to the ministry of magic. His book was nearly complete. All he needed now was a permit to study a rare breed of dragon he’d heard tales of in Northern Wales and he’d be done. Newt smiled as he remembered the promise he’d made to you all those years ago, and he traced the lines of his future dedication in his mind.

Right there, on the front page, in dark ink it would declare:

For Y/N Y/L/N who believed in a friendless boy, and whose promise I have now kept.
Sometimes Newt wondered if you even remembered that promise, the push you’d given him to follow his passion and make something out of his life, and he couldn’t help but hope that you did. His memories of you were some of the best he had, and he’d revisited each one so often that he’d begun to worry that they were fading. He could no longer quite remember the shade of your hair in the sunlight, or which of your hands you most liked to tap on your desk when you got bored but he remembered how important you’d made him feel and he remembered how much he’d adored you.
He’d never managed to write you those letters. For years he’d tried to, but at first he’d been too nervous and then too much time had passed and it just felt forced.

The doors opened and Newt found himself standing inside the ministry of magic, a buzzing hub of witches and wizards dressed for work and, in his rather flamboyant coat and scarf, he felt ever so slightly out of place.

“Um-excuse me,” Newt stuttered at the wizard manning the information kiosk, “do you know where I can find mister Understar I’m here to discuss with him-“

“Fifth floor.” The wizard interrupted, his eyes glued to a newspaper.

Newt froze, his words petering off into silence, “Oh, uh, thank-yes, thank you.”

He tried to look confident as he made his way to the golden elevators and began practicing his speech. He ran through the words he was planning to say to mister Understar in his head, muttering them under his breath as he squeezed the handle of his beloved suitcase. If everything went according to plan today, his dreams would come true and the world would finally understand the beauty and majesty of magical creatures. If not…..well, it’s not like he hadn’t done illegal work before, he was just hoping to avoid it this time.
His mind was buzzing with activity as the elevator doors opened and he strode out into the hall, his eyes searching for a specific office. Suddenly he stopped, causing a middle aged witch to walk directly into him and stumble off in another direction, mumbling irritably under her breath. Newt started to apologize, but his eyes remained fixed on the person that had so distracted him in the first place.
It was you. You were here and you looked…beautiful, older and slightly more tired than he remembered, but beautiful all the same.

Before he even properly knew what he was doing, Newt found himself walking towards you, his heart pounding in his chest like he was fifteen again. Your head was bowed as you scribbled something onto a piece of parchment and Newt felt a breathy laugh slip from his throat as you cursed under your breath.

Tentatively Newt reached out and touched your shoulder, all thoughts of mister Understar and even Northern Welsh dragons slipping from his mind.


You cursed, crossing out another word in your already sloppy letter. You were writing to your old teacher, Albus Dumbledor, a man who had helped shape you, and who you tried to keep in touch with on a regular basis. Your job kept you busy, but today was a quiet day, and you were planning on going home early, your mind already halfway back to your apartment. You felt a gentle pressure on your shoulder and instantly looked up, expecting to see one of your colleagues, here to try and convince you to help them with a job. Instead your eyes were met with the sight of a familiar nervous half smile, and a pair of green orbs that couldn’t quite meet yours and instantly your irritation morphed into pure joy.

“H-hi Y/N, I’m not sure if you remember me but I-“ the man started, his nervous stutter bringing back years of memories.

You let your quill and parchment clatter to the floor and pulled him into a bone crushing hug, laughing as your eyes filled with tears of happiness.

“Newt!” You exclaimed, “I can’t believe it, you’re really here.”

Newt felt himself blush as you hugged him, your voice just as warm and comforting as he remembered and he tried not to be awkward as he hugged you back.

“Yeah, I uh, I have a meeting with mister Understar, what’re you doing here?” He asked, pulling away.

As Newt stepped back you had to bite back a slight feeling of disappointment, but let him, reminding yourself that he wasn’t always comfortable with extensive physical contact.

“I’m an auror now.” You told Newt, trying to subtlety rearrange your robes and fix your hair.

Newt’s eyebrows shot up, “An auror, wow I thought-you always said you wanted to be an explorer.”

“Well I did. But my folks wanted me to get a more stable, secure job where I could actually make money.”

Newt laughed, not unkindly, “Your parents wanted you to do something stable so you became an auror?”

“It’s more stable than being a professional nomad.” You pointed out.

“Fair enough,” Newt countered, “are you-does it make you happy?”

You shrugged, “I suppose. What about you Mr. World Traveller? How’s that amazing life you were working for? You know I never did get that letter.”

Newt blushed and looked down swallowing hard, “Yeah I-uh,”

“Newt Scamander,” a bored looking secretary called, “mister Understar will see you now.”

Newt felt his heart drop. What had at first sounded like an exciting meeting was now a completely unwelcome distraction from a much more pleasant conversation. He looked between you and the office, weighing up the options in his mind.

“You’d better go,” you suggested, “I hear he doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

Newt nodded and walked away with a half hearted wave. In his mind he cursed his own awkwardness and hoped that that wasn’t the last time he’d see you. The last few years had been exceptionally solitary for him, but he’d never been lonely. He’d had his creatures, his book and his memories, but now, with you standing a few meters away, he wondered if that was enough. Was there a chance that Newt was missing out? Could there be a life for him outside of his creatures?

You, on the other hand, were wrestling with conflicting emotions. Seeing Newt again had reminded you of all the dreams you’d pushed aside, as well as bringing back all the affection and care that you’d felt for the boy. After all these years, he looked just as good, and just as kind as you remembered and it was difficult watching him walk away. He was moving forward, towards another exciting adventure while you stayed here. Stuck.
It was just like old times.

You sighed, running your hands through your hair and turned to leave, pausing as you heard footsteps echoing on the marble floors.

“Y/N!” Newt called, reaching out to stop the elevator from closing.

“Yeah?” You asked, trying not to let your gaze linger on his smooth lips.

“Do you-can I take you out tonight?” Newt asked, staring at the ground, his eyes only flickering to yours to gauge your reaction.

You blushed, “Um, sure. I’ll uh-where?”

“The Three Broomsticks at eight?” Newt suggested, “I’ve got some things to show you.”

“Okay,” you replied, smiling radiantly at the boy, “bye Newt.”

“Until tonight.” He countered.

You nodded, “Oh and Newt?”


“You look good.” You told him with an exaggerated wink.

Newt blushed deep red and your answering laugh followed him into his meeting with mister Understar. As he sat down and began to plead his case, Newt found that he wasn’t in the least bit nervous. He didn’t care what happened anymore, because he, Newton Scamander, had a date with Y/N Y/L/N, and he was walking on air.