phone booth

Pay phone booth repurposed as a tiny library – a “take a book, leave a book” little library. 

I LOVE THIS – a creative reuse and community win!

This micro-library sits in Houston, Texas, outside local coffee house Black Hole – with a laundromat next door – near the University of St. Thomas and Houston’s Museum District.

(photo by me, Houston-based Unconsumptioneer, mollyblock

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52Hz - by Cornelius Dämmrich

“This is the first personal project since late 2013, when I released Haze. One of its main purposes was to get more used to Octane and to discover the boundaries of my big-scene-workflow when working inside a GPU based environment. Everything was modelled in Cinema 4D, Fusion 360 and Marvelous Designer.

Cinema 4D’s ability to sort everything in both layers plus the objectmanager was, again, a big help.

The scene took around 7.5 gigabytes of vram on two GTX Titan Xs and contained about 21mil polygons. The wide shot was rendered at 8000x4800px and took over 50h to render with the Octane 3.0 Alpha for Cinema 4D.”