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So @badacts and I came up with this ridiculous spy au and idk lads here’s a preview of the fic for it I’m working on, hopefully it’ll keep you warm whilst I’m crying over finals (cw: graphic depictions of violence - stay safe kids!) 


Agent #10-03-18: Josten, Neil Abram.

Aliases: Nathaniel Abram Wesninski, Michael Hatford, Stefan Bernard, Alex Vidakovic, Chris Rey (see attached notes for further)


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  • [in which Spock goes away to complete Kohlinarr]
  • Jim: I just know he’s having a miserable time. We have telepathy. It’s like my brain is receiving phone calls from him.
  • Bones: Well you have a bad connection. Hang up.
  • Jim: No way. I can sense these things. Remember that time he broke his leg and I sensed it?
  • Bones: That’s because you fell on him and broke it.
When u gon eat dat good good, be sure to compliment the chef ;)

Bum sniff ya feet
Chrome flick the chief
Bone Apple Tea
Phone Apple Feet
Great Barrier Reef
Call me Gour on ram see
Bong Asshole sneeze
Blind Refugees
Bone App the Teeth
Lone Stab a Chief
Mom Tap the Beef 
Bone Cap the Tweet
Bob Ate the Meat
Bonjour Sewing Kit
Chef Boiled Tee
Bone Altitude
Flown Half a Beet
Boner Ankle Three
Bone Ate da Teeth
Boing Application
Kick Out the Teeth
Ron Cracked the Sleep
Blonde Amputee
Boneless Feet
Mom I have fleas
Bony African Feet
Bamboozle Chief Keef
Bone Ape Tit
Phone Apple Jeans 
Bone Appdta Teat
Both Hat and Feet 
Bomb the Japanese
Bone in my Cheek
Bench a Plate and Ski
Bangin Apple Geese
Pianos Become the Teeth
Bone Ate the Toot
Chef Boy Yard Tea
Bang a Pianos Teeth 
Boner Halloween
Bode of the Teeth
Bad Credit Score
Benjamin the tenth
Bone Appidtitty
Boner Petite
Spicy Chicken Meat
Bramley Apple Tea
Scone App the Beef
Blonde Apple Trees
Born with no Teeth
Bone Smack my Teeth

Bosnia Apathy

Bow at the tree

Now at the sea
Bone apple cheese
Bow Snapple please
Joan play the keys
Wow imma sneeze
Joe eat the leaves
So how is he

  • ESFJ: Ahh, there's this lovely girl at my school called Laura. She's just so nice... You can just feel the sheer niceness radiating from her pores.
  • INFP: Oh?
  • ESFJ: She's just... Wow. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body!
  • INFP: Phone? Oh BONE.
  • ESFJ: Haha! Anyway, she's such a kind person!
  • INFP: Imagine if you had phones instead of bones.
  • ESFJ: I should introduce her to you!
  • INFP: How would you move? Phones wouldn't make very good bones, * gasp* or would they?
  • ESFJ: That's besides the poin-
  • INFP: What if someone called them and they all started ringing at once and you just started vibrating violently like you were having some sort of seizure?!
  • ESFJ: Please
  • INFP: * gasp* And your "funny bone" was now called your "funny phone" and the ringtone was Smash Mouth and the photo library was filled with nothing but memes!

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hii! i just love all your stuff! what do you say about mcspirk soulmates!au?? in wich you can only see the color of your soulmates´ eyes til you meet em, and you can finally see the whole spectrum? idk just love this dorks bye

  • Bones doesn’t believe in soulmates. He loved his wife with all his heart, but it was never meant to be. Bones also never noticed the otherwise grey-scaled world as much. The skies were always the brightest blues, and the leaves turn a wide array of browns in fall. He sees color, two different colors, and so he doesn’t even really think twice about it.
  • Until he meets Spock. Jocelyn can’t make it to parent-teacher nigt, so Bones goes instead. Spock’s Joanna’s new teacher. Bones doesn’t realize anything’s different until he reaches out to shake Spock’s hand. When their eyes meet, it’s an instant headache for both of them. Because suddenly seeing a wider arrange of colors isn’t a pleasant process, and the migraine Bones suffers sure takes away the sheer bizarreness that this new teacher caused all of this.
  • Meeting your soulmate should be the most romantic thing in the world. That’s what they advocate, after all. But it’s far less glamorous than that. Both boys just quietly suffer a headache while Spock guides them through Joanna’s report card. It looks fine. Both are awkwardly trying to avoid the topic of how-is-this-possible? Bones sees the dark green of the chalk board behind Spock, the weathered brick walls and the brightly colored apple on Spock’s desk. Some elements are still thankfully grey, and Bones much rather focuses on the dull color of the grass outside the windows, and the green leafs on trees. “Are you okay?” Spock asks, and Leonard shrugs. “I will be.”
  • Why is it that now that his world is instantly more colorful, he runs into Spock everywhere? The park at first, where Bones tries to avoid a conversation with him because how do you even approach this subject with anyone? Spock’s perfectly handsome, but Bones’ marriage ended so messily and he just doesn’t feel ready to engage with anyone romantically. Especially not someone who literally brightened his whole world in the span of a few seconds after meeting.
  • The second time they meet is at a bar. Bones is already a little drunk. Spock isn’t, or he doesn’t seem to be, but he does seem to be in a good mood. “Mr. McCoy,” Spock says, “how’s Joanna?” “Fine,” Bones says, easing into talking to him about teacher-stuff, Joanna, Bones’ job as a doctor. “Ah, you’re a doctor,” Spock says, smiling lightly, “you should meet Jim. He’d be your favorite patient.” “Jim?” Bones asks curiously. “Yes, my partner,” Spock explains, turning around on his chair to gesture towards another guy. He’s chatting up two girls at once, cocky smile and wild gestures. “James,” Spock says, and Jim gets up immediately. “What’s up?” Jim asks, and Bones rolls his eyes, instead focusing on his drink when Jim leans in to kiss Spock quickly. Perhaps a little drunk. He was flirting with a few girls, after all. “Who are you talking to?” Jim asks curiously, and Bones turns to look at Jim, finally. That headache is back in an instant the moment Bones catches a glimpse of those wicked blue eyes. Jim grunts, too, and Spock reaches out to grab Jim’s arm. “Are you okay?” he asks, and Jim reaches out to rub his own temples. “Yeah, I’m– Jesus,” Jim says, stumbling back a little. “I can see,” Jim says, and Bones rolls his eyes. “You didn’t seem blind before,” Bones says, and Spock frowns. “Wait, are you both seeing all colors now, too?“ “Jim doesn’t respond, instead he reaches out and grabs Bones’ shoulders, pulling him in to press a kiss on his lips. Bones looks utterly shocked when he pulls away, and maybe not too appreciative. “What the hell?” “I had to try and see if I felt anything,” Jim says, but Leonard just frowns. “Try that again and you can feel my first. In your face.”
  • It’s not like he doesn’t find either Spock or Jim attractive. And certainly he feels things when he’s around them. But it’s difficult. They’re already together, though seem to openly accept people into their lives with devotion and intimacy, and that’s just something Bones hasn’t encountered before, ever. He hangs out with them a lot, though, because somehow he does feel attracted to them, both socially and physically. Joanna loves it, too, because Spock is a great teacher, Jim a strong police officer, and her father a caring doctor. Spock and Bones help her with homework, Jim assists them when they practice baseball outside in the garden. Bones goes from no soulmate to suddenly having two, and Joanna suddenly goes to having three dads and loving it.
  • It’s only after over a year of knowing them and being close to them, Bones starts opening up to the thought of a relationship. Jim never pushes for intimacy, even though Bones can tell he’s craving for it; attention and intimacy of any kind. So when Joanna’s in bed, Bones sits down between the two of them, quietly admiring the world of color around him. Even though it’s been a year since he’s been able to see everything; a sunset in its brightest colors, the bright pinks and yellows of spring, and the cozy lights of a Christmas tree in winter, it’s all still something that amazes him still to this day.
  • He leans against Spock casually, who slides an arm around his shoulder while continues to read on his tablet with his free hand. Jim’s playing a game on his phone, half watching the TV, but mostly focused on his phone. Bones reaches out, pulling Jim in closer until Jim’s resting against him, too. Jim instantly eases into that, smiling when Bones’ fingers run through Jim’s hair. “Where’s this intimacy coming from, huh?” Jim comments, and Bones shrugs. “Well, what are you gonna do about these two idiots who crawled their way into my life,” Bones sighs. “What made you change your mind?” Spock asks, and Bones smiles lightly. “You.”
Fantasy Costco Products: Round 3

Rusted Can of Cheerwine - Has seen some shit, but seems to be radiating with vital energies. Grants +5 max HP. (400 GP)

Virtuoso’s Mask - Allows you to cast Disguse Self as a Cantrip instead of a 1st Level Spell. (1100 GP)

Throwing Shield - Confers the same AC bonus as a regular shield, and can be used as a thrown weapon. Can travel IN A STRAIGHT LINE up to 30 feet, and deals 1d8 + STR/Prof. Damage. IT DOESN’T COME BACK TO YOU AFTERWARDS. AND DON’T TRY TO RICOCHET THIS SHIT. (1200 GP)

Alchemist’s Ring: 500gp

When the wearer of this ring imbibes a healing potion, they receive 1d6 additional healing.

Healing Potion - 50 GP each (3 in stock)

Heals the imbiber for 2d4+2 HP.

Haunted Doll - 100 GP
This doll is very creepy. If its owner ever fails a third death save, the doll will take the hit instead, and will die in place of its owner.

Chris Callison-Burch: SHIELD OF HEROIC MEMORIES (1200 GP)

This perfectly round silver shield initially has a mirror finish. As a hero takes it into battle it remembers the enemies encountered, gaining a +1 to AC on any subsequent battle with creatures of that type. The events of the battle are intricately engraved onto the shield’s surface (which has a seemingly endless capacity for detail).

The bearer of the shield may also attempt to recount past battles (real or imagined) to the shield. Upon a DC 10 charisma check or DC 15 bluff check, the shield confers a +1 AC against the creatures described in the tall tales.

3 failed attempts at recounting stories cause the shield to be cleared of all of its memories. The engravings disappear. It reverts to its mirror finish. All bonuses are lost.

Asher Vollmer:  The Anti Gravity Sphere (500 GP)

a small fist-sized glass ball filled with a silvery smoke. When the sphere is destroyed, it disables the effect of gravity on everything in a 30ft radius.

Drew Davenport: The Glutton’s Fork (750 GP)

Once a day this fork will allow the user to eat any non-magical item they can fit in their mouth and gain 2d6 points of health. Just tap the fork on the item and it will turn edible.

Ben C: The Champion’s Belt (800 GP)

This ornate belt is given to someone who has bested all opponents in a test of strength.  Once per day the wearer may substitute their Strength score for their Wisdom or Charisma when making a stat check.

Matthew Wallace: Phone a friend scrying bones (500 GP)

Once per day, can be used to ask a yes, no, or maybe question to the fates (DM). There are three bones carved into people with happy faces and sad faces. All happy faces means yes, all sad faces mean no, anything in between means maybe. The DM can respond or choose not to answer.

Tom H: The Nit Picker (900 GP)

Physical Description: Resembles a miniature garden gnome that carries lock picking tools in his hands. When not in use, looks like a 4" inch tall statue.

Use: Twice daily, can be placed in front of a locked object to unlock it (functions as the spell “Knock”). At this point, the statue comes to life in order to pick the lock. After the lock is picked (or if he is unable to open it), reverts back to an inanimate statue.

Side Effects: While picking the lock, the Nit Picker critiques any or all members of the party on their recent performance in the campaign. Nothing escapes the critical eye of the Nit Picker, no matter how small the perceived offense.

Samantha Poremba: Plastic Sheriff Badge (500 GP)

Adds +3 to bluff checks when impersonating a person of authority.

Colin Williams: Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword of Doom - 60,000 GP

A sword with a gigantic blade, wreathed in flames and with a crooked, oozing scorpion’s stinger affixed to its point. Deals an extra 20 melee damage.

Bianca Rodriguez - No-Sodium Salt Shaker: (400 GP)

this might look like a simple salt shaker, but the contents have been bewitched to turn a bright shade of pink if sprinkled over food or drink that contains poison!

Timothy Riina-Ferrie (and others) - The Immovable Rod (1100 GP)

Immovable Rod: This rod is a flat iron bar with a small button on one end. When the button is pushed (a move action), the rod does not move from where it is, even if staying in place defies gravity. Thus, the owner can lift or place the rod wherever he wishes, push the button, and let go. Several immovable rods can even make a ladder when used together (although only two are needed). An immovable rod can support up to 8,000 pounds before falling to the ground. If a creature pushes against an immovable rod, it must make a DC 30 Strength check to move the rod up to 10 feet in a single round.

Eric Atkinson: Diadem of Fabulous Truthiness! 900 GP - Once per long rest, you can channel your terminal fabulousity into this simple circlet and cast a free Zone of Truth, limited to a single target rather than a radius. Confound your enemies, emasculate your friends, and free up your cleric’s spell slots so he can do some actual healing. 


I made my first repeated background! At least the first one consisting of all things I drew. These are free to use, and I would appreciate credit of just a message saying “I’m taking this yo”.
There are also phone backgrounds! I made one for myself and figured I might as well make other colors too.

NCT as shit I overhear in Psych. PT. 2
  • taeyong: he sneezed on me so i punched him in the face
  • kun: sorry i'm late *lecture is almost over*
  • yuta: i should leave civilization and become a hermit
  • doyoung: what if we're not really awake and this world is just a simulation..
  • chenle: I just pretend I can't hear anything cause I secretly hate everyone
  • jisung: HELP IM LIKE FIVE WHY IS THERE A DICK IN MY TEXTBOOK *looking at anatomy*
  • renjun: sorry i can't hang out today i have to study for, spanish, chinese, french-- *add more*
  • johnny: i would say the daddy kink is disgusting but i'd be a hypocrite
  • mark: i joined 4 clubs and i regret all my life's decisons
  • winwin: i have like 3 sugar daddies
  • jeno: *obnoxious laughing every 6 seconds*
  • jaemin: *on the phone whispering* yes mom, I love you too. Yes I'm still your little baby honey bear. *off the phone* sup bitches
  • taeil: *bones cracking* SIDNEY I THINK IM DYING
  • haechan: this bitch just threatened me?? does she know who I am???

nameless crossroads demon, true form + humanoid glamour. i love this awful mouth man.

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could we have more of ur firefighter jim paramedic bones au? maybe w/ spock as a cop or something?

Part 1 | Part 2
  • Jim groans when his back hits the wall, hungry lips on his neck and teeth dragging over his skin. “Rough day in the office?” He asks breathlessly, reaching out to pull that boring blue shirt over Bones’ head, before the other finds his lips in a hard and hungry kiss that almost leaves him feeling dizzy. “Fucking cop makes my life a living hell,” Bones replies, pulling the other to their bedroom, and Jim’s happy to follow. “So you’re taking your frustrations out on me?” Jim asks, and Bones immediately freezes at that. Fuck, no. Jim, you idiot. “I’m sorry,” Bones says, but Jim quickly shakes his head. “I’m not complaining,” he replies, pushing Bones closer to bed, “let’s work out those frustrations.”
  • Jim’s pretty exhausted afterwards, face resting in Bones’ neck and he enjoys the hand gently running over his spine. There’s the Bones he knows. “You want to talk about it?” Jim asks. “About what?” “The cop,” Jim replies, and Leonard huffs. “Hell no.” “I should at least know his name,” Jim says. “Why?” “So I can thank him. Jesus, Bones, if I knew sex would be even better than usual when you’re frustrated, I’d get on your nerves, too.” “Believe me,” Bones laughs, “you do.”
  • Bones is at home, though on call, when Jim comes home. Jim doesn’t even officially live here, but that doesnt stop him from having a spare key - and more often than not Bones finds this fireman in his bed even when Bones himself isn’t even home for the night. “How was work?” Bones asks, looking up at Jim, whose face is still slightly covered in sooth here and there. “There was a fire?” He asks, and Jim nods, grabbing a beer from Bones’ fridge. “Some pyro has been setting animal shelters on fire, but as future chief I can’t start a proper investigation while the cops interfere with my work, God damn it.” He curses under his breath. Bones gets up and runs a hand through that messy blond hair, now a shade or two darker because of the ashes. “Maybe a shower will make you feel a little better, hm?” He suggests. “Think so? I was just gonna crash in bed and-” “No, you should absolutely take a shower. It’ll make you feel better,” Bones says, “and it’ll make me feel better too, because you smell awful.” Jim’s lips turn into a small smile, and he puts his bottle down. “Fine,” he says, grabbing on to Bones’ shirt, “but you’re joining me. My turn to work out some frustrations now.”
  • Jim’s planned a whole romantic evening with his doctor boyfriend, okay. Maybe not a candlelight dinner, but he got Bones’ favorites takeout, his Netflix, and a bottle of the most expensive wine he could afford (which, really, amounts to a 10 dollar wine), and though Jim doesn’t even really like wine himself, he likes the idea of drinking it in a hot tub with lots of foam and a loved one, because that always looks great in movies. They never make it to that hot and steamy bath, though. Jim has an arm around Bones’ waist, having the other pressed back against the couch, but an attempt to make out is cut short when Bones’ phone rings. “Don’t pick up,” Jim mutters against Bones’ lips, but it’s his work ring tone, and so Bones reaches out to pick up after all. Jim makes a point of kissing the other’s neck while Bones speaks quietly, voice a little rough, maybe even a bit breathless when Jim’s fingers slide under his shirt. “Okay,” Bones says, “I’ll be there soon.” It’s cue enough for Jim to stop, and when Bones hangs up, he looks clearly disappointed. “I’m sorry,” Bones says, “someone's​ been shot, I gotta go check it out.” “Let them know they ruined date night,” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “I’m sure you’ll manage, I’ll be home as soon as i can. Don’t wait up, though. Just in case.” “Okay,” Jim says, though they both know Jim will be awake until Bones comes back, anyways.
  • Jim doesn’t actually get the luxury of lounging in his boyfriend’s bed, because pretty soon after Bones has left, the fire department gets called into action, too. Same neighbourhood, and, as Jim comes to find out, same crime scene. He recognises Bones’ ambulance instantly, though he doesn’t have the time to look for him because a building is very much on fire, and Jim spends the next few hours getting it under control.
  • When the fire’s under control and mostly put out, he takes a break. He wants to make sure Bones is alright (even though he has no reason not to be, of course), and he finds him with that damned cop that irked him to no end just a few days ago. “Listen to me, you pointy-eared prick,” he hears Bones say, and oh boy, that sounds like trouble, “this is the second time you’re refusing to let me do my job. This god damn fire is not your responsibility, and neither are the victims.” “On the contrary,” Spock replies, “the safety of potential victims and catching the one responsible is my utmost priority.” “Then let me-” “-but I will not risk the safety of the only doctor currently on site until a pass has been given by the fire department,” Spock concludes, and Jim takes that as a cue to step in next to his boyfriend. Spock raises an eyebrow when he approaches, and Jim throws him a wry smile. “Sup, Legolas.” “Mr. Kirk, do I need to remind you that derogatory references towards my ears will not affect me, and will only look poorly upon your work ethics.” “What are you pestering my boyfriend for? Wasn’t it bad enough you reported me to my chief for unprofessional behavior last time? Now you gotta go against my boyfriend, too?” Jim asks, and Spock glances at the two of them. “Merely making sure your boyfriend doesn’t run into danger,” he replies, “like last time.” “Good,” Jim says, crossing his arms, “wait. What? What do you mean, like last time?”
  • Jim’s not done arguing with Bones when the two of them get home to Bones’ flat. Bones, however, has been mostly ignoring him for the last 20 minutes or so while Jim lists the things that can go wrong when Bones walks into a gang fire to save people. Because, you know, that’s why Spock’s there; to stop more people getting hurt. Just the thought that Bones could even potentially be one of those victims is enough to drive him mad, but Bones has been fairly casual about it, taking off his jacket and kicking off his shoes while Jim continues to bicker at him. “Oh my God, Jim,” Bones groans eventually, “shut up. Please. Putting myself into a dangerous situation is no different than you running into a burning building to save someone. It’s our job.” “You should’ve waited until Spock said-” “Are you teaming up with the cop, now?” Bones asks, “because a few days ago you hated him.” “When it comes to your life, yes, I agree with him,” Jim counters, following Bones to the kitchen, and snatching the other’s glass of whiskey from his hands to drink it himself instead. “You’re such a hypocrite,” Bones replies, “getting yourself in danger all the time, and then being butthurt over me. I didn’t even get hurt.” “But if you had,” Jim says, “I never would’ve forgiven myself.” Bones sighs, and Jim calms down when the other reaches out and runs his hand through Jim’s hair. “Love you, too,” he says, and Jim smiles faintly when the other leans in for a quick kiss. He doesn’t like how easy Bones can make him calm down, or at least lighten up a little bit. “You still suck,” Jim says, crossing his arms, and Bones huffs. “Not yet,” he says, and Jim wraps his arms around him, eyes falling shut when lips kiss down over his neck, “but if you stop being mad, I might be.” 
Heart and Mind Part 1

Reader X Stiles Stilinski

Warnings: a lil cursing, kinda angst

Author’s Note: There is a part 2 to this, and I hope you enjoy :)


Finally, senior year. You only have a year of high school left, you have just recently bought your own car, and you have an amazing boyfriend by your side to make everything even better. Stiles Stilinski.

The two of you have been together for four months and he has been nothing but loving towards you. Your mother doesn’t like him too much. She says that he gets into too much trouble for her liking, but you and him have been working on that. Your father though, sees how you feel about Stiles and agrees with you that he’s a great guy.

You’re sitting at your usual lunch table when your phone goes off. Every bone in your body lightens with the hope that Stiles is the messenger. Though all of the butterflies in your stomach die when you read the message.

I think that maybe we should break up… I don’t feel right doing this if your mom doesn’t really like you with me. It feels wrong… Just know I really did like you. Sorry.

The world is spinning and you don’t know exactly when it started, but you know that the tears forming in your eyes aren’t making it any better. Your heart is hurting, your mouth is full of cotton, and your throat is clogged with sand. He… He dumped you… Through text. Lydia sits down across from you and starts talking immediately about her most recent rendezvous with Parrish, but you’re in so much pain, you can’t even pretend to be a good friend at the moment.

Jumping up, you run to your sanctuary. The library. It’s usually pretty empty and Stiles told you this morning that he would be missing lunch to do some lacrosse stuff with Scott and Liam, which explains why you’re so surprised when you see Stiles and Malia sucking face in a corner. It’s hard to tell which came first, the tears, or your legs giving out at the sight, but both get the couple’s attention.

Stiles looks irritated until he sees what the noise is. He runs his sleeve across his mouth as if that makes the kissing any less real and he shoves his hands in his pockets. His hair is messy. Not Stiles messy, but make out messy. You pause for a moment, remembering how he wore the same look, just yesterday, and you were the cause.

In this moment, your mind wants to be angry, but your heart wants to be sad, and the battle has you breaking down. Stiles calls out to you gently and begins to approach you slowly, almost cautiously. Malia says something, but your mind doesn’t comprehend the words in it’s rage. You rub at your tears violently and pick yourself up off of the ground. You don’t need him. Not now, not ever. When Stiles reaches out to touch you, you slide backwards and walk out of the library and to your next class without a glance back. It would do nothing but hurt you.

“Y/N! Are you serious? I thought I was supposed to update you on everything Jordan and Lydia. Why did you rush off back there?” Lydia says as she catches up to you at the end of the day. You really aren’t in the mood to pretend to feel good, so you just shake your head, “Lydia, my day has been pretty terrible, so can you please just back off? I love you, but I can’t do this right now.”

Lydia stops in her tracks, speechless as you exit the school doors. Your body begins it’s feud again when you see Stiles standing beside your car. You’re determined to not cry in front of him again, so you clench your jaw and keep on walking, as if he isn’t there at all. “Excuse me Stilinski, I have to get in my car.” You say indifferently. Stiles winces at the use of his last name. You always choose to use a last name when someone is nothing but anyone to you, and he had never thought the method would be used against him.

He scratches the back of his head and licks his lips. You want to kiss those lips so badly, but then you remember, they spend their time kissing Malia now. Not you. “Listen Y/N, I really did - I really do like you, but I feel guilty, like I’m driving a wedge between you and your mom, you know? I’d never want to do that, not with your mom. But I still want to be friends.”

You try to keep everything balanced, but for a moment, for the smallest of moments, your brain wins. “Friends? Friends?!  No Stilinski, we aren’t going to friends. And not just because of the terrible reason and way you chose to break up with me. Not just because you decided I wasn’t good enough, but Malia was. No, we won’t be friends, Stilinski, because I don’t like douche bags like you. I’m not friends with douche bags like you. Lydia was onto something avoiding you all those years. You’re nothing but a heartless jerk. Now get the hell away from my car!”

Stiles’s eyes get wide as he stumbles away from your car. It’s harsh, but your mind feels satisfied. ‘He deserves it.’ The little voice in the back of your mind sneers. You get into your car and slam the door behind you. As you speed down the street in your car, tears flow down your face, your heart taking it’s turn to be in control.

You trudge into your house, wiping your tears so your mom can’t get the satisfaction of rubbing her prediction in your face. As the door closes though, your mom pops her head out of the kitchen and notices your body language, “What’s wrong honey?” She asks. You sigh, knowing you ought to just tell her. “Stiles and I broke up. He dumped me actually. For another girl. So yeah, nothing too big is wrong I guess.”

The situation isn’t made any better when she huffs and makes her way back to the kitchen, “I told you that boy was trouble.” She says. You nod and drag yourself upstairs. Two minutes. Just two more minutes, and you’ve won. Your mind tells your heart as you close your room door behind you, clicking the lock.

For the next two minutes, you strip down to your underclothes and collapse onto your bed before burrowing beneath the comforter. Now. Your brain says, and immediately, your mouth wails and your eyes leak. You had been so prepared to love Stiles, maybe you already did. Either way, your cries stay buried beneath your bedding and into your pillow, where they’ll reside every afternoon until your heart and mind agree to let you be normal again. Until your heart and mind have forgotten the touch, taste, and smell of Stiles Stilinski.


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