phone art


♡an art trade that took too long lololol
♡this was for a lovely user on instagram of their scomiche AU :^)
♡I haven’t drawn scomiche content in millenniums wow


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Oh, wow… uh, you made it to Night 3… That’s great. *Banging on door* I uh, probably won’t be around by the time you get to the end of this video… so, uh… if that’s the case… check the storage closet, will ya?

I’ve always wondered what they kept back there… Th-thanks for watching this video and- *growling* Oh no…*SCREECHING* *Dial Tone*

Done with it. Thankfully
Took me 2 days???? But I worked on it bit by bit lmao

So uhh
Did his on my phone so it’s not the best work I’ve done, but it is pretty good looking?????yoombum gots those nice eyes ;)))) 👌👌👌

Enj o y

Dan Howell X Troye aesthetic

a few weeks back i was bored during travel and stuff so i started this drawing, and ive had it, completed, in my files for a couple of weeks. im only just now deciding to upload it because its just about holiday break for me!

thank you guys for the support and thanks for understanding that i was a little bit busy! its hard to run an art blog and be a highschool student with two AP (college) classes. hope you guys like this piece because i’m actually quite proud of it.

finals week is just about over, all i have is tomorrow!!!! although tomorrow is both of my AP midterms T.T rip me.

ANYWAYS!!!!! LOOK OUT FOR SOME FESTIVE DRAWINGS COMING SOON *hopefully* ;0 and also some undertale themed d&p art

Levi set their kitchen up for a perfect background - champagne, mood lighting…all to create the best picture to use on this year’s Xmas cards.

But Erwin couldn’t stop giggling the whole time and ‘ruined’ every photo.

An anon asked if I also did sfw and requested a fluffy eruri pic - whoever you are anon, hope this is ok!