You're Just Dumb. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

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Sebastian smythe imagine where he pretends to like y/n but he uses the reader to get close to Santana (or any girl) and she finds out and is hurt?

I smiled at the notification on my phone. It was a family-friendly text message from Sebastian, and we were playfully arguing over whether or not the correct spelling was with a J or a G. It was either Jeez or Geez. It was an ongoing thing we’ve been having ever since we met.

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Klaine Valentines Challenge Drabble - “Outside In” (Rated G)

There’s a man that Kurt’s been trying to work up the courage to meet, but what Kurt doesn’t know is that there’s a possibility that the feeling’s mutual. (1508 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge 2017 prompt “Your Song”.

Read on AO3.

Oof! Oh my God! I’m so sorry!”

“No, I’m sorry. I should look where I’m going.”

“Well, so should I, so I guess we’re both at fault.” Kurt kneels down to pick up his dropped books, a few of them being handed to him while he shuffles through a mess of papers that are part his sheet music and part someone else’s Music Theory notes. He passes the notes along to their owner, peeking up and smiling at a set of hazel eyes he’s seen more than once, a pair of rosy lips he’s envied time and again, and a face he’s wanted to find the nerve to talk to, but hadn’t yet.

This isn’t the way that Kurt wanted to meet this man, colliding with him on his way out of the NYADA campus coffee shop, but he’s not exactly complaining.

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Author Spotlight: Black John Lennon day 2

Day 2: Recs!

Please recommend 3 - 5 of your own fic.

Born to Be Mild

A lot of my fic is inspired by things going on in fandom. Sometimes it’s wank, sometimes it’s meta, sometimes it’s fanon that I disagree with. Sometimes it’s anger and I write what  my fandom friends call “spite fic”. This definitely isn’t a “spite fic”. This was inspired by a lot of talk during season 5  and the hiatus (though I can’t remember which one, there were so many) about Blaine needing to experience New York separately from Kurt and how Kurt had so many experiences when he was there, and for Blaine to move in straight away, he wouldn’t get to experience New York. And so I thought, not what if Kurt felt that way, but what if Blaine thought he did.

I had a lot of fun writing this. At the time I had a little “Committee” of fandom friends that I’d bounce ideas off of. I’d be in our Kik convos asking “what kind of tattoo would Blaine get”? and stuff like that.

What i love about this fic is that Kurt really could not care less that Blaine is this huge nerd. He doesn’t want a “bad boy” and I loved playing with their relationship, what they think about each other, and what their friends may think. I love writing Blam’s friendship, and I had fun bringing back stripper!Sam. Sam is a character that despite his relationship with Blaine and the fact that he once lived with Kurt, really doesn’t get used very much in fic.  

My favorite part is actually a Hummelberry scene. I laughed out loud writing it because this is the Hummelberry that I miss. Rachel who’s going a mile a minute and Kurt who is just as bad. When they play off each other’s ridiculousness is when that friendship shines.

So he talks to Rachel about it.

“I don’t think Blaine’s been acting that weird, he’s probably just getting more used to being in New York. This city changes you Kurt, you know that. I was waiting to see what kind of effect it would have on Blaine. It was just a bit delayed,” Rachel says, sipping her tea.

“Rachel, weren’t you worried when he took two hours to go down to Duane Reade?”

“No. Sam texted me to tell me he was there,” Rachel says quickly, not looking at Kurt. Kurt raises an eyebrow at her.

“Excuse me? And you didn’t tell me?”

“I forgot! We were drinking and then when I remembered to tell you they got here, so I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

Kurt rolls his eyes, “Yes, but Rachel, when they got here they just sat at the table drinking and drawing and Blaine got way drunker than normal. And he took his shirt off.”

“Why are you acting like you’ve never gotten drunk and taken your shirt off? And he gave you a lap dance, why are you complaining?”

“Because, I know Blaine and he’s being weird. He’s been working out like crazy with Sam. And he’s been using baby oil in the shower, it’s slippery. And I don’t know, I know my fiance and something is up with him.”

“Well, Kurt, you could just ask him,” Rachel says simply.

“It’s not that simple, Rachel. What if it’s me? What if I’m the one who’s boring? Santana’s right, look at all the stuff we did before he got here. It’s his first year after high school and he’s shacked up and engaged. What if he’s going through a weird phase and he wants to open our relationship or something? I got to date Adam, he never got to date anyone else. What if he’s preparing himself to start going out to clubs and meet someone else? I can’t -”

“Kurt, you need to calm down. Blaine is not trying to be with someone else. Trust me. He’s just getting used to the city. He’s probably helping Sam prepare for this thing he’s doing.”

“What thing, Rachel Berry what do you know?”

Rachel leans into Kurt, “Okay, you can’t tell anyone, because it’s a secret, but Sam’s competing in a dance competition to win some extra cash to take… someone he met out to dinner and a show. It’s actually really sweet, that he’s going to perform competitively to win this girl’s heart, I think it means that she’s important to him and -”

Kurt cuts Rachel off, “So Sam’s entering a strip contest so he can take you on a date?”

Rachel stops, shocked.

“Whatever. You don’t think Blaine would- nah. Blaine? Strip? Blaine would never,” Kurt shakes his head and takes a sip of his tea, but chokes at the same time Rachel catches his eye.

“Blaine entered the stripping contest, didn’t he?”

Rachel nods.

Take It Home

One of my favorite tropes is Klaine through other characters eyes. Another favorite trope of mine is various characters walking in on Klaine hooking up. I don’t know why, but it makes me laugh. As most people know, I really, really loved the season 4 newbies and their friendship with Blaine and I always felt that Kurt would get to know them because they’re Blaine’s friends. What better way to introduce those guys into the fold than to have them being the ones to find Klaine in various states of undress while the older kids are rolling their eyes.

At the time, I was writing a lot of the New New Directions and very little Klaine. I was just so happy to see Blaine with a group of friends that I was obsessed with writing about that group, they made me so happy, which I know is an unpopular opinion. What surprised me though, was how much fun I had mixing the old group with the new in this fic. And how i liked kind of imagining the original group threw these younger, newer characters’ eyes.

My favorite part:

“Didn’t need to. They’re here. They’re just busy humping like bunnies in the back of Blaine’s car,” Unique rolls her eyes in amusement before opening the bag and pulling out her wig.

“Are you friggin serious?” Tina asks rolling her eyes, “I know they’re engaged and have spent like a bunch of months apart, but this is just ridiculous.”

Marley frowns, “Did you see anything?”

“Child no. Once I saw the Prius was a’rockin and the windows were fogged up, I had the good sense to back away and come inside. Let them get that out of their systems now before they get in here. I’m not trying to see it, or hear it.”

“I know this is supposedly “normal” behavior for them as far as you two are concerned,” Kitty says gesturing to Tina and Mercedes, “But excuse us if we’re a little confused, because the Blaine we’ve gone to school with this whole year was an uptight little dictator with a stick up his butt most of the time. So sorry if we’re finding his exhibistinist kink a litlte surprising.”

“Gentlemen in the streets, freak in the sheets, lord bless him,” Unique says.

“Oh please, he probably lit candles in the car and put on the smooth jazz station. And I bet he has a timer set to make sure the sex lasts exactly sixteen minutes and forty-seven seconds so that they can get in their approximately three minutes and thirteen seconds in the afterglow. Then he can brush his teeth, with exactly two hundred strokes, rinse his mouth out for thirty seconds and then reapply an entire jar of hair gel so no one knows he’s been humping his fiance in his douchey hybrid.”

“Okay, you’ve put way too much thought into that,” Mercedes says.

“You know what? No. They promised us cheesecake and gourmet sandwiches and I’m not gonna sit up here waiting and starving to death because they can’t keep it in their pants. I’m not afraid to just open the door and pull them out!” Tina starts to storm out of the room and bumps into Kurt and Blaine.

“Relax Tina, we’re here. We just had a last minute stop to make,” Kurt says as he and Blaine come into the room with their bags.

“Mmm hmmm,” Unique says as she watches them get comfortable in her room, “sure you did.”

Inhale, Exhale With My Flow

The inspiration behind this is that I really like smoking weed. I don’t do it often, but I do enjoy it. And I don’t think it’s taboo and I don’t think it’s bad. And the thought of these three characters high made me laugh, so I wrote this. I loved the Blamtina relationship at the end of season 5. The way they play off each other, the way they give each other a safe space to be as weird as they each are. And when you add weed to that, of course the results would be hilarious.

Kurt’s only in this briefly, but his part was fun to write because I don’t think Kurt is exasperated by Blaine’s weirdness or his friendship with Sam and Tina, I think he’s affectionately amused by it, and probably gets a lot of phone calls while Blaine is with them that make him smile. I feel sometimes, fandoms goes more for Kurt being too cool for the room and making him eye rolly at Blaine’s odder traits, but I never saw Kurt that way. Kurt’s an odd duck himself, so I don’t think he’d be annoyed at finding out that this seemingly put together fiance is just as odd albeit in completely different ways.

My favorite part:

“Blaine, your pants are making music.” Sam says.

“Yeah they are,” Tina says and immediately starts laughing. Blaine reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone.

“Aw, Kurt’s calling me. I was thinking of him and then he called me.” Blaine smiles at them, puts the phone down and smiles.

“You should probably answer it.”

“Maybe he shouldn’t. Guys, I’m so high right now,” Tina says, “and you’re also so high right now. If Kurt finds out we’re so high, he’s definitely gonna get all Kurt like and he’s gonna be all “Blah blah about it.”

Blaine’s phone starts ringing again.

“He has to answer it or else Kurt is gonna get like extra Kurt and be all mad and his eyebrow are gonna do that thing. Then Blaine’s gonna be all freaked out and sad and I can’t deal with sad Blaine, Tina, I’m too high.”

“Fine, Blaine, answer your phone, but try to not sound like you just smoked a lot of weed.”

Blaine’s eyes widen in panic, “But how?”

“I don’t know!”

Sam grabs Blaine’s phone and answers it.

“Um… hi Kurt. Blaine’s right here. Hold on…” Sam says really slowly. He then puts the phone on speaker.

“You put the phone on speaker, right Sam?” Kurt asks.

“Hi Kurt!” Blaine says brightly.

“What’s going on over there? First you sent me that text that was pretty much indecipherable, and then you don’t answer your phone. I was starting to get worried.”

“There’s nothing to worry about Kurt, Blaine totally didn’t find Brett’s weed stash and bring it to Tina’s house and we definitely did not smoke it,” Sam explains nervously. Tina attempts to glare at him.

“I’m sorry, what?” Kurt then starts laughing, “Oh my God, where did you find Brett’s weed?”

“The craft room. You’re not mad? But I think I forgot my words,” Blaine tells him.

“Aw, sweetie, you’ll get them back, I promise. And be careful what you eat when you give into the munchies, the resulting stomach ache is as bad as any hangover. Trust me. I think I ate everything at Taco Bell.”

“Wait, you’ve totally done this before!” Sam says, pointing at the phone.

“Once. With the band. And I hated it. I had thoughts, but I couldn’t communicate them well and my throat burned and even though Elliot made us a filter with dryer sheets, the apartment needed some serious Fabreezing the next day. Not for me. But sweetie, seriously, I thought you’d butt texted me while being ax murdered, so if this does become a habit, turn your phone off. I can’t handle that kind of stress right now.”

“I’m sorry, did I use any actual words in that text?’

“No honey, not really. I’m gonna let you guys get back to that. And remember our agreement. Call me in the morning.” Kurt hangs up and Blaine smiles at the ceiling.

“What’s your agreement, Blaine?” Tina asks.

“What agreement?”

“You guys have a sex agreement, don’t you. Did Kurt give you permission to have sex with Sam?”

Slow to Warm

I am obsessed with Kurt and Blaine as Dads. It’s always been a trope that I’ve enjoyed, but now that they’re canon Dads of a little girl, I can’t stop writing about it. One of my favorite ideas to think about is what their kid’s temperament will be. If Rachel is the Bio Mom, will the baby be anything like her? Nature vs Nurture, meaning, regardless of who the bio Dad is, the kid is going to pick up traits from both of them. I’m a huge fan of writing them with babies and toddlers because that time can be both difficult and memorable, and well babies are cute.

And babies are picky. And they don’t like everyone. The idea of one of their friends not bonding with the baby right away was interesting to me. And the idea of that friend being Tina who would take it the most personally is also interesting. And well Kurt and Blaine are the first friends to have kids, so of course everyone is going to be passing the baby around and wanting to be the on that the baby likes.

My favorite part, of course inolves the big group together, probably making too much noise at a diner.

When they arrive at the restaurant, heading towards their usual huge table, Tracey lights up as soon as she sees Sam and Mercedes.

“Sam! Sam! Sam!” Tracey calls excitedly from her stroller, she waves her arms at him as he approaches.

“There’s my favorite God Daughter!” Sam says as he pulls her from her stroller. He blows a raspberry onto her cheek and she laughs and claps.

“Donald Duck, Unca Sam, Donald Duck!”

“You want me to talk like Donald Duck?” He asks in a perfect impression. Tracey throws her head back and laughs as her Dads fold the stroller and take their places at the table. When Sam sits down, Mercedes reaches over and takes Tracey from Sam.

“How’s my baby! Did you have a fun birthday?”

Tracey nods, “I got toys.”

“Yes you did, probably too many if I let your Daddys tell it.”

Artie and Tina walk in, Artie rolling straight over to where Mercedes is holding Tracey, holding a glass of orange juice to Tracey’s mouth.

“There’s my favorite baby girl!” Artie says, he puts his hand up and Tracey gives him a “high five”.

Tina follows Artie to their seats, she smiles at Tracey who looks at her with a confused frown on her face.

“Hi Tracey!” Tina says. Tracey stares at Tina, same confused, look on her face. Blaine goes over and grabs Tracey from Mercedes, sitting down with her next to Tina and turning towards her.

“Say hi to Auntie Tay Tay!” Blaine says, kissing Tracey on the cheek. Tracey just shakes her head and turns back to Mercedes.

“Cedes!” Tracey whines, reaching out for Mercedes. Blaine looks at Kurt panicked as he can see both Tina and Tracey getting upset.

“What’s going on?” Sam asks looking between his upset goddaughter and Tina.

“She hates me!” Tina says, bursting into tears.

“No, Tina, no. NO CRYING!” Sam says. Tracey looks at Tina and starts whining.

“Give me my God Baby back, I have no idea what’s going on, but my baby is getting upset. Come here sweetie.” Mercedes says, taking Tracey from a clearly panicked Blaine.

“I told you she hates me! I told you! Why would she hate me?”

“Because she’s half Rachel,” Santana says as she and Brittany approach the table, “I don’t know what I just missed, but apparently baby Klainchel here is already making weaker beings cry. She’s a baby after my own heart.”

“Santana, stop,’ Kurt hisses at her. He turns to Tina, “She doesn’t hate you, she just doesn’t know you. You and Artie have been making your movie, and then you guys went on vacation, then you had your press junket and awards season, she’s seen you twice since she was born.”

“Kurt’s right! She’s just not sure who you are,” Blaine says, rubbing Tina’s back.

“And she knows Sam and Mercedes? They don’t live in New York, how often does she see them?”

“We skype with them once a week and she talks to Sam on the phone all the time, he reads her stories and does impressions of her favorite Disney characters,” Mercedes says.

“And Artie? She doesn’t hate Artie.”

“It’s because he looks like he’s in a stroller too,” Brittany says.

“Brittany’s right, I’m closer to her eye level, so I’m not as imposing and threatening.”

“Seriously, Tina you need to calm down. She’s a toddler, who cares what she likes, she probably eats off the floor, she has no taste. Now lets order, because I needs to get my waffle on.”

“I resent the implication that my child has no taste,” Kurt mumbles taking his seat.

5. Everlasting Words

So writing Blaine has always been easier for me because I find it easy to get into his head. I haven’t really found Kurt that easy. But one thing Kurt and I have in common is loving Blaine. And sometimes, I think Kurt is written as so cold towards Blaine and it really hurts my heart. Kurt loves Blaine so much, and I wanted to put a spotlight on all the ways and reasons that Kurt loves Blaine even if he doesn’t always openly express it, so this fic was born.

I wanted to make sure that I was writing about why Kurt  loves Blaine, not why I love Blaine. And I really enjoyed exploring that, it was a challenge, but I think I was successful.

My favorite part, I used to work at Build a Bear Workshop, so writing about Klaine in there was fun.

Sometimes Blaine is just the cutest human being to walk the earth, and in those moments Kurt doesn’t even know what to do with himself, so in awe of how any person could be that joyful over something so simple.

Like the time they were in the mall and happened past a Build a Bear Workshop.

"Kurt, oh my God Kurt! It’s a Chewbacca. I can build a wookie!! Omg they have his voice and bowcaster too! We have to go in. Ooh, maybe I can make Sam and Han Solo bear for when he can’t sleep.” Kurt watched as Blaine made his way through every station in the store, making sure Han and Chewie were fully equipped, even recording a message for Sam doing his best Han Solo impression. But the thing that stopped Kurt short was Blaine and the kids in the store. He kneels down next to a little girl struggling to get a shoe on her Princess Bear.

“Are you a princess too?” Blaine asks while he puts the shoe on the bear. He spends five minutes letting the little girl explain the made up story of her bear’s kingdom.

When they leave, one Chewbacca, one Han Solo and a very well dressed bear Kurt made himself, the employees pretty much force a job application into Blaine’s hand as he puts his Chewbacca into a backpack to carry with them the rest of the trip.

“You are such a cutie, you know that?” Kurt tells Blaine, taking his hand and kissing his cheek on the way out.

Fic: All That Bird Talk: Five Times Blaine Anderson Talks About Sex

Words: 5800

Rating: R-ish

Summary: Blaine growing up in five conversations about sex.  Canon compliant from early!klaine right through to our American Boys hanging out in their loft.

All That Bird Talk


Blaine is pretty sure he knows how to talk about sex. He just hasn’t really had the opportunity yet.

Despite wishing the world could just get the whole gay thing, and despite having a moment of drunken confusion, Blaine has always been proud. He likes boys and if his friends and his school and his health class weren’t going to talk to him about it, then he was going to educate himself. Yes, there were those websites. But there were also some websites that were factual, informative and all around great resources - Planned Parenthood had a teen sex info website, the lgbt youth line website had a myths and reality page all about sex. And Blaine had read them all. Twenty-three times.

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Klaine one-shot - “Caught in the Act” (Rated PG13)

There’s an amazing man in one of Kurt’s classes, and Kurt just has to find out more about him. He tries to consult the man’s student profile in an attempt to find some clues, but he can’t remember the man’s last name. Luckily, a serendipitous stranger wanders by to lend a helping hand. (1226 words)

Different first meeting, NYADA, inspired by this video.

Read on AO3.

“Jesus, Rachel! Could you take any longer calling me back?” Kurt grumbles, juggling his phone and his books as he fights his way through the crowd for a seat at an empty table with an available computer. The campus coffee shop is always busy during the school day. Students pop in to log onto the café laptops between classes and check their email more than they do to buy coffee, so Kurt usually makes it a point to never go there. The coffee tastes burnt anyway, and he prefers to use his laptop at home. But this is an emergency. He needs information, and he needs it now.

“According to my phone, I called you back literally a minute later,” Rachel says in her defense. “I just got out of class a second ago, too, you know. Cassie’s glaring at me as it is. I think she’s about to grand jete over and fan kick me in the face!”

“Bob and weave, Berry, bob and weave. This is important.”

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Fic: Finally Found The Boy

Based off my tags on this post#okay but combine all four: person a works at a coffeeshop #person b works at a flowershop #they start fake dating to cover for person a who’s lied to their parents about meeting their soulmate #but then they do whatever thing reveals soulmates while fake dating and start REAL DATING #THE END

Title from “I Can Hear The Bells.” PG, ~1700 words, mostly fluff. Thanks to skivvy for the soulmate identifying idea!

Kurt brightened when he saw Blaine approaching from across the street, clearly coming over for their mutual fifteen-minute breaks - Kurt’s from the flower shop, and Blaine’s from Starbucks. Blaine always brought over a couple of drinks for them to share, claiming his employee discount was too good not to use, even if he didn’t always have a reason to take advantage of Kurt’s discount in return.

When Blaine entered with his phone pressed against his ear and a frustrated look on his face, however, Kurt became concerned.

“Yeah, Mom, I kn - of course I’m happy for Coop - I actually met my soulmate, too, Mom!” Blaine said. He wasn’t being particularly loud, but his voice rang through the quiet flower shop all the same, taking on an echo in Kurt’s head.

Met my soulmate

Met my soulmate

Met my soulmate

Kurt’s heart sank into the sewers below. He’d known for a few weeks now that Blaine was his soulmate - ever since he heard Blaine laugh at one of his jokes, hearty and genuine. He was hoping that Blaine would hear his Sound in return soon, because he wasn’t sure if Blaine would believe him without proof, but apparently that hope was misplaced.

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(Based on this post) You can tell a lot about someone based on their phone background. it shows what’s most important to them

“We should take a picture.”

Kurt curls his toes in his shoes, knees against his chest, as Blaine bumps his shoulder gently. There is pastel sunlight spiraling through the trees into his hair, unbound with curls spilling over his forehead, and a gentle breeze is brushing through the leaves and shaking the branches. Kurt hooks the paper coffee cup underneath his chin, the steam unfurling around his jaw, and raises his brow at Blaine as he bites his lip.

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Spotlight Shining

Nonnie prompted famous Klaine, where Blaine’s a singer/songwriter and Kurt’s a fashion designer. Their fans always freak out when they’re seen together.
Note: I tweaked it a little. Their relationship is kept as a secret first because speculating fans are the most fun to write. Song used is All About Us by He is We. AO3
Warning: Fangirls swear here, much like we do on tumblr, but just a tiny bit.

Kurt stood in front of the mirror in his room, putting on the finishing touches on his outfit. Being the owner and fashion designer of Hummel’s Designs meant that everywhere he went, paparazzi would be snapping pictures of him and he had a reputation to uphold. He checked himself over, gave himself a spin and nodded to himself, unlocking his phone to see a text from Blaine.

Hey there, sweetie. Headed to hair and makeup now and as usual I reserved a seat for you in the front row. Can’t wait to see you! xoxo, B

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Sadly I am not a fic writer but this plot bunny would not stop nipping at my heels so I decided to outline what I could and send it into the ether. If anyone wants to write fic, feel free.

What if in season 4 instead of cheating Blaine just stopped trying to communicate with Kurt. No calls, no texts, no emails. At first its just Blaine trying not to bother him while he’s busy. And Kurt said he’d call when he had time. But then Kurt doesn’t call, no texts, no emails. Its been four days and Blaine’s plagued with thoughts, is he alright, did something happen. But oh look Rachel just posted a picture of them out at a NY restaurant to Facebook. Now Blaine’s beginning to think that maybe Kurt really doesn’t care.

Six days later Kurt finally thinks about the fact that he hasn’t heard from Blaine in a few days.

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Catch My Shadow - Chapter 1 - JennMel - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 18/23
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Wes (Glee), David (Warbler), Finn Hudson, New Directions, The Warblers
Additional Tags: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Grief/Mourning, Loss of Parent(s), Cooper doesn’t exist, Homophobia, AU family for Blaine, Supportive Kurt, Alternate senior year, Kurt and Blaine are the Same Age, Comfort/Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending

Blaine’s father wasn’t perfect, but he was still Blaine’s dad. The last few years had been tough, and often they didn’t really get one another, but somehow they had found a rhythm and were making it work. He even liked Kurt. But then there was the phone call. Then Blaine’s life and future was torn away from him.

Now his dad is gone. Blaine’s living with relatives who might as well be strangers. He’s been forced to leave Dalton and enrol at McKinley. Not quite the senior year Kurt or Blaine pictured.

Listen - Chapter 7

AU where you know someone is your soulmate when they make a certain noise. It could be laugh, a sneeze, a moan, or simply them talking. Whether you decide to listen to that noise is up to you.
Blaine wakes up to a bottle of Advil and a glass of water on the nightstand next to him and Tanya already gone. He looks at his phone, seeing a text from her, squinting to adjust to the bright light of his phone screen.

TO: Blaine
FROM: Tanya

I let myself out! Hope that offer from last night still stands, love you Blainers <3

TO: Tanya
FROM: Blaine

Of course it still stands. Let me know when you want to move in :)

After laying there for a few more moments, Blaine very literally rolled out of bed, bracing himself on his nightstand as he popped three Advil into his mouth, chasing them with a swig of water. He groaned to himself lightly and walked out of his bedroom, met with Kurt leaning against the kitchen doorframe.

“I’m never drinking again,” Blaine put a hand to his forehead, groaning again.

Kurt rolled his eyes, nodding his head toward the kitchen table. “Sit down. I’m making breakfast.”

“What’re you making?” Blaine sat at the table, watching Kurt make his way around the kitchen through the cut-out in the wall.

“I should torture you with a bunch of greasy food but I’m not that mean. Just eggs.” Kurt didn’t look at Blaine once as he spoke, rather focusing on the food he was making.

There’s an awkward silence, and then, “So how’s your family?” Blaine asks.

Kurt looks up and glances at Blaine before turning the flame on the stove off and putting the eggs in a plate. “Is this you being sarcastic again?”

Read the rest on AO3

Gimme that can’t sleep love: The first time Kurt and Blaine fall asleep over the phone together (because they’re both too giddy thinking about kissing to fall asleep uwu)

Kurt stares at the ceiling, watching the moonlight filter through his blinds in silvery slivers. The clock next to him casts a ghoulish green glow across his face as it blares numbers long past midnight, but every single nerve in Kurt’s body is electric. He can feel the ghost of Blaine’s fingertips over his skin—and he’s still amazed that barely touching somebody can make their skin feel so feverish…and tingling…and alive. The thought alone makes Kurt dizzy.

Something winks next to him, and Kurt leans over the bed to look at his phone.

Blaine (3:09 AM): Are you awake?

Blaine (3:09 AM): Because I can’t stop thinking about you.

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“Public Relations” - Kurt/Blaine

Written for @singingquietly​, the grand 2K+ fic winner in my “Yay 1,000 Followers” giveaway! <3

Prompt: noted at the end, read on

(Sorry this took so long, honey! and though this isn’t quite the nerd!Kurt you asked for, he is a very hardworking student! lol)

8,000 words | read on AO3

“Blam over Seblaine, any day. Come on, Rachel, you have to see that.”

“Are you kidding me, Tina? Do you have any idea what chemistry looks like? Remember when they did ‘Animal’ at the AMAs, with Sebastian and Blaine as the leads? I thought my skirt was going to fly off,” says Rachel, leaning back against the exterior wall of the theatre and placing a hand on her chest. “Besides, Sam is straight, and I’m pretty sure he dates a new woman every week.”

Tina snorts and raises a knowing eyebrow. “Did you ever think that maybe he’s dating a new woman every week because women aren’t right for him? Because maaaaybe he’s in love with his best friend?”

Mercedes exchanges a glance with Kurt and rolls her eyes. “This shipping nonsense is ridiculous. Didn’t all five of them self-identify in that Out interview?”

“Shipping is harmless and sexuality is fluid,” Tina replies, crossing her arms. “What about you, Kurt?”

Kurt scrolls his Instagram feed and sighs, “You know I don’t care about their personal lives. I’m here for the music.”

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Klaine Advent Challenge 2015 Day 6 - Fan

Kurt’s a world famous actor adored by fans and Blaine is his completely normal high school sweetheart.

Written for the 2015 Klaine Advent Drabble Challenge.

December 6th prompt ‘Fan’ 

I don’t own Glee. AO3

Kurt’s awoken suddenly by his vibrating phone underneath his pillow, he quickly shuts the alarm off, slides out from underneath his boyfriend’s outstretched arm and tip toes into the kitchen. He knows Blaine has to be up in half an hour so he swiftly gets started on making his favourite breakfast - blueberry pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice. As he’s pouring the mixture into a pan, two warm arms slide around his waist and a warm mouth places a few kisses along his jaw.

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Kurt picked up the notepad by the phone. “Blaine? Who’s Shepard Smith?”

“What?” Blaine came out of the bathroom tugging a shirt on over his head. “Oh, he’s that queen on Fox News. He’s doing a talk at the Barnes and Noble and I thought I’d see what he has to say, you know, bring some LGBTQA support.”

Kurt mouthed a throwing up motion. “Talk about sleeping with the enemy. Gross.” He dropped the pad back on the table and turned to wrap Blaine up in his arms and leaning in for a kiss. ‘“You are a bigger man than I, Blaine Warbler.”

Blaine winked. “Well, not in every area.”

Fic: Wherever You Are (Kurt/Blaine)

10,510 words
Future fic, if their future involves a trip to Australia
Rating: mature, there’s sex.
Thanks to @chiasmuslovesme, and to @stultiloquentia who wrestled with it and wouldn’t let me rest on anything superficial.
Notes: The story sits somewhere between complex emotional conflict and sunny travelogue schmaltz.

i) John F. Kennedy Airport, New York

Blaine tips the cabbie and waves his thanks. The tail lights curve away. Blaine is left on the curb, Diane von Furstenberg signature suitcases lined up on either side of him. His stomach twists unhappily. But aside from the very handsome luggage, he probably looks like any other anxious traveler.

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Clap Your Hands And Shout

Nonnie prompted: Wes and David finding out and getting on Blaine’s case, then showing up to celebrate anyway
Note: I wrote a crack fic and it’s really quite long, and added a few surprises, see if you can spot them! Sebastian is mentioned in the back if it bothers you guys <3 AO3

“C’mon… pick up pick up pick up…”



Whaa? Who is this?….” There was the sound of sheets getting rumpled, “Wes? The hell you doing up at this time? Did you forget that I’m studying in LSE? At the other side of the world? Look up the time differences, you ass.

“It’s only five hours difference, but-” Wes snorted but got interrupted.

It’s 2:06 in the morning!

“Listen to me, I called because something happened. Go log onto Facebook.” Wes rolled his eyes, glancing at the clock that read back 9:06 pm.

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Kurt’s second pregnancy is everything he had hoped his first would be. 

Sequel to this, in which Kurt meets the sperm donor of his first child and promptly falls in love with him. 

Filling a prompt. More mpreg here

The bubble of excitement that he feels when he sees the tiny screen display the word ‘pregnant’ catches Kurt off-guard. The whole thing - finding a sperm donor, all the hormone shots and planting the embryos - had been so technical with little to no romance involved and there had been a moment when Kurt had felt a sense of simple duty to his partner that wanted a child so bad.

And he’ll get one, according to the test that Kurt holds in his hand. It’s one word but the effect of it is immediate and Kurt squeals, unprepared to deal with the feeling of happiness that rushes through him. Having a baby had never been high on his priority list. A few years ago he might have even regarded pregnancy as an unnecessary obstacle. Yet here he is, unable to keep the smile off his face for the rest of the day, and it has everything to do with the little life in his belly.

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Fic: When in Rome

Inspired by a *delightful* catyuy prompt. 

In Brief: “I want a future fic where Jane gets her first Broadway lead and she’s not nervous until they tell her that Blaine Anderson has been cast as her leading man. She’ll have to make out with Mr Anderson, oh god Mr Hummel is going to kill her…”

Thanks to tchrgleek for the beta!  Read on AO3


Kurt gets to his phone after the first ring. He’s not worried, exactly. His father is fine and everyone else, including his husband at the kitchen table, is accounted for. Still, nothing good comes from phone calls before either of them have had their coffee.

He’s ready for an “emergency” on Rachel or Artie’s respective sets, but not for the wail that erupts from the receiver.

“I’M SORRY. Mr. Hummel? Is that you? Oh my god, I’M SO SORRY!”

“Excuse me—?” Kurt tries to cut off the sound, but the wailing rises, and he has no idea who might be apologizing for something on the other end of the line. He has well-worn methods for calming Rachel, Tina, or even Sam (the latter of which mostly involves handing the phone over to Blaine), but without a name—

“I had no idea when I auditioned for the part, Mr. Hummel, I promise!” the voice cries. “My agent thought it would be a good fit, and she was actually right. I haven’t seen a part since Nabulungi in The Book of Mormon that’s such an excellent fit for my skill set, but that doesn’t make up for— for” She trails off in a mumble about kissing and Warbler blazers. In that moment, Kurt suddenly remembers bright eyes and a broad, giddy smile.

“Jane? Is that you?” He leans against one hip against the kitchen countertop and squints into space, as though that might make her logic come into focus. “What on earth do you have to apologize for? We haven’t heard hide nor hair from you since Rachel’s wedding. You vanished.”

“You mean he hasn’t told you? Oh god, I just assumed—“ Her voice rises again as Kurt presses the phone against chest and turns, slowly, toward the kitchen table.

“Blaine, sweetheart?”

“Hmm?” Blaine hums back without taking the toast out of his mouth or looking away from the Style section in the Sunday Times.

“Is there something you were maybe going to tell me?”

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