Pholtjun Fanfic - Switch Bodies
  • Genre: Comedy, Fiction
  • Rating: R
  • Warnings:adult language, drug/alcohol addiction
  • Main characters: Phillip Phillips, Heejun Han and Colton Dixon
  • Description:Colton, Heejun and Phillip finally get some time to hang out together. Heejun leads Phillip and Colton to some bars and parties in New York, just to relax from the busy life they were leading after the release of their albums. The next day they wake up and realize they don’t remember anything… and also they realize they are in a big trouble… They just have switched bodies! Heejun wakes up in Phillip’s body, Phillip wakes up in Colton’s body and Colton wakes up in Heejun’s body!

    Now they will have to search for answers about what happened that night and find a solution to get back to their own bodies. How will they act with the bodies changed?
  • Author Note: English is not my original language… so I’ll apologize early for writing something wrong or writing something that could not make sense (because sometimes I will use Google Translator… you know…). Well, otherwise… enjoy it!


PS: My Pholtjun bromance withdrawal made me do this fic…