phollie mixes

I DREAMED I HAD A GIFT FOR HOLDING UP THE SKY {a fanmix in reverse for oswald baskerville, starting from his vengeful rampage as glen and retracing back to his days as oswald, an honest man who never had a chance}

two ravens in an old oak tree
one for you and one for me

i. MIRACLE hurts // ii. THIS NIGHT black lab // iii. BLACK kari kimmel // iv. WHERE HAVE ALL YOUR GOOD WORDS GONE laura gibson // v. THE TOWER ludovico einaudi // vi. WASTELAND 10 years // vii. NOVEMBER WAS WHITE, DECEMBER WAS GREY say hi // viii. SIGNS bloc party // ix. TOMORROW daughter // x. SOFT SKELETONS anberlin // xi. MICHICANT bon iver // xii. BIRD SONG INTRO florence & the machine // xiii. I LIVED IN TREES the a lords

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A WHITE AND SOUNDLESS PLACE {a vincent nightray fanmix following the entire progression of his character arc; from his introduction as a scheming, smirking chess master all the way to his slow descent to rock bottom - with a shred of hope at the very end.}

some things you do for money
and some you do for fun
but the things you do for love
are gonna come back to you one by one

i. NORMAL PERSON arcade fire // ii. EROS & APOLLO studio killers // iii. ENGLISH SUMMER RAIN placebo // iv. INFINITESIMAL mother mother // v. DANCE LITTLE LIAR arctic monkeys // vi. YOU’VE GOT TIME regina spektor // vii. THE ALTERNATIVE iamx // viii. LIGHT HOUSE helios // ix. LOVE LOVE LOVE the mountain goats // x. GRACELESS the national // xi. STREET SPIRIT radiohead // xii. I HAVE MADE MISTAKES the oh hellos

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DOES SHE LIGHT UP LIKE A LANTERN {a fanmix for the beautiful hurricane that is ada vessalius, all crooked grace and black magic and a bottomless strength that should never be underestimated}

when i’m by myself 
i can be myself
and my life is coming but i don’t know when

i. END TITLE ravi shankar // ii. WISHING WELL the oh hellos // iii. EMPTY ROOM arcade fire // iv. WINTER SEEDS freelance whales // v. RAMBLING MAN laura marling // vi. DANCE IN THE GRAVEYARDS delta rae // vii. SEA LION WOMAN feist // viii. PARALLELOGRAMS linda perhacs // ix. THE VIOLET HOUR the civil wars // x. IN HER ARMS foxes // {bonus}: xi. MONSTER nicki minaj

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IT’S LIKE HE WAS WEIGHTLESS{a kaworu nagisa fanmix, spanning across all three universes - manga, anime, and rebuild, 3 songs for each loop}

manga; i. ALONE lisa loeb // ii. THERE, THERE the wonder years // iii. SAY SOMETHING a great big world

anime; iv. CIRCLES AROUND THE SUN dispatch // v. WIND IN THE WIRES patrick wolf // vi. WHITE CEDAR the mountain goats

rebuild; vii. ALL THE TREES OF THE FIELD WILL CLAP THEIR HANDS sufjan stevens // viii. BIRTHMARK cass lowe // ix. ISCARIOT walk the moon

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THE MOST MAGICAL OF MIRRORS {a fanmix shadowing the slow, sticky rot of the soul of dorian gray}

dot my i’s with eyebrow pencils,
close my eyelids, hide my eyes,
i’ll be idle in my ideals,
think of nothing else but i

i. SMALL HANDS keaton henson // ii. ROYAL BLUE cold war kids // iii. BLACK MIRROR arcade fire // iv. LET’S FALL IN LOVE mother mother // v. BED brand new // vi. MY LOVE IS REAL the divine fits // vii. LOSE YOUR SOUL dead man’s bones // viii. PRESIDENT iamx // ix. ALL OF YOU riz mc // x. TRANQUILIZE the killers // xi. FITZPLEASURE alt-j // xii. TERRIBLE THINGS april smith and the great picture show // xiii. APRES MOI regina spektor

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