Everytime someone says something offensive about my son wearing skirts or dresses I get sick to my stomach

I’m not a fighter, in fact I shy away from arguments as a rule

but I can’t when it comes to this

i have to stand up for him cuz no one else will.

But EVERYTIME it leaves me feeling nauseous and miserable

and usually crying.

AND it’s usually people i know who say shit.

When it really gets to me, I take a picture of him and post it

to remind myself why i fight.


This is picture of my son and daughter and the dress they both love and fight over.

I haven’t raised my kids with much respect toward gender lines. They wear what they choose and act according to their nature, rather than something predescribed to them. 

And often it’s a terrible uphill battle. My own in-laws don’t accept my son in a dress, even though they accept my daughter in ‘boy’ clothes. My brother-in-law told my son that only girls wear dresses and then complained to me loudly about letting him wear “whatever he wants”.

Recently, at a princess themed birthday party, where my son was one of three boys among twelve 6-9 year old girls, my son was mocked by parents and kids alike for wanting to do 'the girly things’ like building a crown and wand with jewels, picking a 'girl’ colored crown, coloring pictures of princesses, and sitting in a chair 'for girls’.

I found myself glad that we didn’t know ahead of time that it was a dress-up party or he would have wanted to wear his gown and I can’t imagine what he would have suffered. And then I felt bad for feeling relieved because I’m the one telling him he can wear whatever he likes.

It’s so endlessly frustrating, until I look at these pictures. Because if they’re happy, then I’m happy too. So I had to post them :)

(oh, I posted the spinning picture because that’s the reason they both like the dress so much.)

anonymous asked:

You don't know me aside from reblogging and likes on Tumblr, but I wanted to let you know that it means a lot to me that you wrote about missing people from fandom who suddenly "disappear off the face of the earth." I say this because I lost someone and it kills me that nobody's messaged his account asking for his whereabouts. He died and his accounts remain open, but unattended. It just gives me peace that there are people out there like you who care for people like him.

oh, wow.

now this just breaks my heart. 

the most memorable time this happened to me was with an author from hetalia, who was absolutely punctual, posting every other day, and then one day - nothing. after a week went by with still no posts i found his lj and messaged him, but i never got anything back and could never find anything more about him. 

that was one of the hardest things for me. most people move on from a fandom, but they are still there, you can still find them. Others… are just gone. 

i am happy that you at least knew about your friend.

Is it irrational to miss someone when you didn't even know them?

this is my experience with the world of fanfiction.

you feel like you get to know someone and then they drop off the face of the earth, abandon their fics, their lj’s and tumblr’s, and there is no way to find them ever again.

it’s worse than losing a rl friend because at least you could find a real life friend again, if you really wanted too. 

how do you know if you have strep throat?

my tonsils are all covered in white spots but nothing is on my actual throat.

it hurts to swallow too,

but my sinuses are also going crazy,

plus im sick to my stomach and havent eaten more than a few bites in like three days.

i don’t want to see my doctor *pouts*


i’d rather go to urgent care. blah.

okay, i’ll send fics.

i am so lonely and just finished the harry potter fandom story.

i feel like i missed out on something.

something bizarre, but interesting nonetheless.

makes me want to become more involved in a fandom.

the quiet is making me crazy.

i blame you guys.