When you go into the woods, wrestle your demons, and come back from the dead 
The bird might not be a phoenix, but he’ll rise from the ashes with you

I had plans to draw BotW stuff today, but then Riot hit me in the face with the Demacia update and I couldn’t get this image of Quinn out of my head, so here’s Sir Bird Nerd of Demacia inspired by a scene from her updated lore.

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Went and saw the Lego Batman movie tonight and it was so good. It was so good you guys it was so GOOD

                                                  And Still, I Rise

Sigil for the mental and physical strength to endure all that life throws at you. Like the phoenix you will rise, like the circle of the years you have no beginning and no end. Any who try to end you will find that, though you may falter and fall, still, you rise. 

i take a strange comfort in the fact that at least rory’s stepdad will probably have some helpful advice and perspective re: why it is not necessarily a good idea not to tell your ex-partner about your baby’s existence

Phoenix of the Night

I got to see the extravaganza that was Firebird: Re-imagined at the Mann in Philly with some awesome people this summer (you know who you are) and oh man, this had to come out of that.  (More inspired by the people I was with than the performance which was ethereal and skeletal and fleshy and soulful and AMAZING but not colorful <333)

get a print here and uh, I’ll let y’all know when I do a holo print too–you’d like that, right?

The 9 Esoteric Challenges and Triumphs of Scorpio

1. Sexual- restraining inhibited appetite, becoming a slave to desire  
2. Physical surroundings ~the comfort created by material acquisition 
3. Money, Resources, Abuse of Power, discarding spiritual invocation 
4. Fear ~ Elevating consciousness into higher dimensions so the torment of fear evaporates
5. Hatred ~ the ability for extreme love can transmute to hatred 
6. Ambition ~ the power of devoted aspiration transmutes to a vessel of healing
7. Pride ~ Grandiose self delusions to unraveling ego so body can connect to soul
8. Separateness ~ forced isolation, disconnecting the self, and transmuting this into union
9. Cruelty ~ satisfaction resulting of maltreatment, often for reasons of power

Scorpio is a sign of judgement and tests, resulting in the figurative phoenix rising from the ashes and eventually triumphing in glory. form light, soul light, and the pure light of life emanate and coalesce in Scorpio. The head of the hydra held 9 raging heads. (”Returning, Hercules stood before his Teacher. “The victory is won”, the Teacher said. “The Light that shines at Gate the eighth is now blended with your own”.-Francis Merchant). The Scorpio’s first test involves relinquishing the need to prove to God, or fellow men that he or she is something, it’s consciousness must be aligned with acknowledging the grand delusion, that nothing is containable or capable of being possessed, because none of it exists. 

What am I to say to you?
You want to hear that I still love you.
You beg for a future I don’t possess.
All I want to do is live in peace
Without the ghosts that you left
Haunting me one beautifully hollow word at a time.
I am trying so hard to be free of the cages of my past
Trying to forget the pain of my own choosing
And live with the woman that has been left behind.
I have found happiness in a self I previously despised
I have resurrected ancient emotions that were long since buried
Under the weight of who I should be
Rather than running free in who I am.
Do not mistake my quiet for cruelty or my refusal as weakness
Do not tell me that we are meant to be
Do not minimize the sacrifice I have had to bear
And do not begrudge me for trying to forget
The things that will only keep the wounds in my heart
Festering for the rest of my days.
I burned for you and cried for me
As I watched my world go up in flames that could never see the light of day.
I bathed in that fire
Cleansed my heart of that which could not be.
I became the phoenix rising.
Give me my peace and I will show you the girl who rose from the ashes
To steal herself back
From the mess of a life she has made.

© Courtney Turley 2016

The Positivity Initiative Masterpost I

 Hello everyone! I’ve noticed a lot of hate going on lately and would like to change it. This is a masterpost, detailing the things that this initiative will do to make the community a better place. Memes to spur positivity will be tagged under: the positivity initiative . Please take a look, as this is what the positivity initiative is all about. As I create posts, I will go back and edit in the links, so please don’t be shy about reblogging or liking it.

This will become a reference for people new to rp and new to tumblr rp, specifically. Please don’t be shy about asking questions or making comments to the post–anything that may help someone else is welcome. This will be a support for all rp bloggers that may feel inadequate about their writing or may have received hate.

Everyone is allowed to participate in The Positivity Initiative. No matter the fandom, no matter the muse–everyone is welcome to participate. If you have an idea for a post, please message me or make your own and tag it as the positivity initiative.

Things The Positivity Initiative will aim to do:


  • Create a more positive RP community overall.

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