Eric and Fox Masterlist

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Eric and Fox Trilogy

Fire Fox

Embers and Ash

Phoenix Rising

Eric’s POV

Through the Eyes of the Predator

I Never Though I’d Be Here - Chapter 1

I Never Thought I’d Be Here - Chapter 2

Eric and Fox Standalone Stories

Dauntless, Candor or Cut

Pier Confessions

The Experiment

Highest Bidder

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

The Plot of Phoenix Rising

Had an epiphany the other day: I don’t have time for this story. Like, I could if I MADE time for it, but…I don’t have time to get invested in another long-ass project I won’t be getting paid for.

BUT because I still think it’s a good idea and because I might revisit it one day…here’s the skeleton plot:

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Phoenix of the Night

I got to see the extravaganza that was Firebird: Re-imagined at the Mann in Philly with some awesome people this summer (you know who you are) and oh man, this had to come out of that.  (More inspired by the people I was with than the performance which was ethereal and skeletal and fleshy and soulful and AMAZING but not colorful <333)

get a print here and uh, I’ll let y’all know when I do a holo print too–you’d like that, right?


Four years ago today I went into the hospital for back surgery to help with a bruised spinal cord. I woke up not able to move my legs or feel my legs. Six months of intense therapy and being confined to a wheel chair brought me to my lowest of lows. There were times that i wanted to give up. Learning to walk again was the most difficult thing I had to endure.
Today, four years later, I am able to deadlift 275lbs, leg press 630 lbs thanks to Crush60.
Hard work and dedication is what it takes. Don’t let anything EVER keep you down. Your mind is stronger than your body. You can over come anything!