A list of things I like
  1. phoenix wright
  2. phoenix
  3. phoenix’s arms
  4. you know who i love? that’s right, phoenix wright
  5. phoenix’s cuteness
  6. have you seen his spike hair? 10/10 would pet
  7. phoenix’s legs
  8. his smile??? edgeworth approves
  9. phoenix’s butt
  10. phoenix’s blue suit?? like damn, that’s a lot of blue
  11. phoenix?
  12. phoenix!
  13. pHoEniX WrIGHT??!??!?!
  14. ….phoenix
  15. surprise surprise, it’s phoenix again!

Dear Maria,

That’d be really weird, but I guess I’d find out what kind of game it was so I could keep leveling up until I became the most OP character in it!  Or at least as OP as Daddy.

Maybe I’d ask him if he could take me back to the day my Mommy disappeared and see if he could stop it from happening.  Like that game with the time-travelling ghost guy.

-Trucy Wright

So I’m playing the second case of Apollo Justice, investigating Phoenix’s hospital room when I notice something a little disturbing.

What we have here is a potted plant. What’s the big deal? In Japan, bringing someone in the hospital a potted plant is a huge faux pas. It’s mostly a no-no for people who are hospitalized due to illness, because a potted plant has roots which is seen as a wish that the patient’s illness will “take root” and be there to stay. But I’m pretty sure it’s still seriously bad form even if the patient is there for an injury.

Then it occurs to me, “wait… are those freaking spider lilies???”

Spider lilies are a symbol of death in Japan. So basically someone gave him a gift that sends the very clear message of “I hope you never heal and end up dead.” I’d suspect Kristoph if he weren’t in jail.

Even if he’s not superstitious and doesn’t believe in or care about symbols and stuff, surely knowing someone feels that way about you doesn’t feel good. But instead of throwing the “gift” away, Phoenix displays it prominently, as if to say “mmm I love gazing upon the hatred of my enemies. My sprained ankle feels better already.” Like… what a power move, damn.