I always feel so angry about people joking about Order of the Phoenix Harry being ‘teen angst Harry’ or 'Capslock Harry’. At the end of the last book, Harry was kidnapped, saw a friend be murdered right in front of him, was held against his will, and thought he was going to murdered. And then after that he’s just packed off to the Dursleys with no counselling or anything. Harry was extremely traumatized, and it’s incredibly frustrating to see a teen with PTSD being waved off as being just hormonal.

Honestly is a miracle that Phoenix Wright isn’t fucking dead, like the moron shoves incriminating evidence in the faces of mob bosses and hardened criminals in their own homes, almost got straight-up murdered by his girlfriend, fell 40 feet from a burning bridge into freezing rapids that almost no one has survived in, got hit by a car that sent him flying 30 feet and had his head colliding with a telephone pole, ALL OF THIS SHIT and, at worst, he leaves with a sprained ankle like???? What kind of heavenly luck

Mythical Birb AU

Another AU nobody asked for! This was written a while ago, and I completely forgot about it. Suprising since I actually really love the idea, and hope to add more of a story to it.

Dear Gehl Ah’ree,

I was facing my own death penalty while in a foreign court system.  I don’t think you’d handle that without sweating either.

But don’t go trying to tell me I was spouting lies.  I defend my clients with faith and the truth every time.  That’s why Ahlbi was declared not guilty.  He was innocent and without an attorney to prove that, your courts would have murdered an innocent child.

-Phoenix Wright

  • D: Describe your music?
  • River Phoenix: Poetry-based world music with a mercy beat. The band (Aleka's Attic) just toured the East Coast and we're recording a demo for Island. We do a lot of benefits for the environment. In my opinion the environment isn't an issue, it's the platform from which all issue spring. We did a benefit to stop a dam in Quebec. they wanted to flood an area the size of France.
  • [Details Magazine, 1991]