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TheBoilingFowl made a compilation vid of their favorite funny bits from our Phoenix Wright 2 playthrough.  If anyone wants to make compilation vids, as long as you link back and credit, not only do I 100% approve, I ENCOURAGE it.  I’m glad you’re all enjoying our playthroughs.

Episode 22: CLOTHING BOX of our Phoenix Wright 2 playthrough is up NOW


Phoenix has a habit of unwittingly adopting the mannerisms of the people/(thing/animals) around him!

Here we have him accidentally slipping into Meekins mode, Money the monkey mode (canonised by the anime ;)) and he picks up the singing schtick from everyone else in the courtroom without even realising it initially in SOJ case 1.

(Another example might be when you had to choose from “I reckon so / I reckon no” to say to Lotta during Turnabout Goodbyes. Depending on which you choose, she gets angry at you and accuses you of mocking her accent).

I feel like there must have been other times as well when Phoenix has unwillingly/accidentally picked up another character’s idiosyncrasy (“great, now they’ve got me doing it!”) (or even some more examples of how the answers you get to choose from get changed around sometimes like the “I reckon so” example), so if any others come to mind feel free to add to this post!


(what a weird cast of characters this year around lol…)

FRIDAY: Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)
SATURDAY: Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)
SUNDAY: Damien Bloodmarch (Dream Daddy)

- on Friday i’ll be with a friend cosplaying as edgeworth, so that’ll be fun
- on Saturday i’ll be at the official Vocaloid photoshoot so catch me there!!!! i’ll also probably be walking around most of the day with a small group of Vocaloid cosplayers so keep yer eye out for us. (ALSO i’ll be giving out free Vocaloid stickers in honor of Hatsune Miku’s 10th Anniversary!)

so yeah come say hi, take a photo, maybe a selfie, whatever, it’s chill. see ya there

Two sweaty men, two cheap suits, and one murder.