I don’t know if anyone has heard of this (I mean a few of you probably have), but some one made a sTEAMPUNK ACE ATTORNEY RPG



I went ahead and played through it (It’s pretty short, at around five hours), and ohmg it’s fantastic! There are soooo many references to all of the games, and even a few Professor Layton references as well.

The story is an interesting little thing (That contains spoilers for AJ:AA and AA:DD- beware!), and the creators fit in the steampunk theme really well.

I won’t say anything else (because spoilers are stupid), but I’ll give you the link to both the website where you can get it as a free download, and the trailer.

Oh, and you’ll need to download the launcher thing (it really isn’t a launcher but I’m going to call it that) first. I didn’t, and boy was I confused!

And one other thing: the game works only on Windows, so, uh, sorry to you other guys!

Trailer <> Launcher thing idk <> Website/Game

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19. is it okay for guys to wear pink? (particularly sad prosecutors with impressive daddy issues)


While it IS indeed okay for men to wear pink, I feel inclined to point out that the suit Edgeworth wears falls neither under standard definitions of pink nor magenta.

As you can see here, Wikipedia would define it under shades of red as something closer to a crimson, ruby, or terra cotta.  While some shades are also listed under the category shades of pink, you can see that the general definition of ‘pink’ is a much lighter color

Edgeworth’s suit IS NOT PINK

Edgeworth’s PAJAMAS are pink

I hope this helps.

So this is totally @georgialeflayart fault because she drew this amazing fanart of what it would be like when Apollo met Edgeworth. And well, I just had to write their first meeting!

So enjoy, and sorry for the length: I’m on mobile.

To say Apollo was nervous about meeting the chief prosecutor was an understatement. The young attorney was on the verge of cardiac arrest (in his mind at least) as he stood rigidly by his boss’ side in the elevator. Each floor they went up caused the small space to emit a high, irritating, beep and Apollo was starting to fidget in anticipation.

“Apollo, you okay?” His boss, Phoenix, asked as he shot Apollo a concerned look.

“I’m fine,” Apollo said, “Just a little nervous is all.”

“Nervous? What about?”

“It’s nothing, really.”

“Is this about meeting Edgeworth?” Apollo looked away giving Phoenix all the confirmation he needed.

“Ah. Well you have nothing to be worried about. Granted he is the chief prosecutor and being on good terms with him helps you out in the long run. And I know he has a reputation,” Phoenix said, “But underneath all that is a loyal, kind, hard working man who is actually pretty pleasant to be around.”

“Great. That didn’t help at all,” Apollo thought to himself as the elevator stopped at their desired floor.

“Well, let’s go,” Phoenix said with a warm smile. Apollo attempted to return the gesture but found himself giving a nervous grin instead. Phoenix walked with Apollo to the chief prosecutor’s office and knocked on the door. At the deep reply of “Enter,” Apollo took a deep breath to try and steady himself.

Phoenix opened the door with comfortable ease and Apollo followed behind him as he entered the large office. It was more colorful than Apollo had been expecting, and much warmer. It was full of rich furnishings but not overly so. Apollo eyed the two couches and quickly allowed his gaze to scan over the large mounted bookshelves.

“Apollo,” Phoenix said causing the shorter man to jump slightly and focus on him, “This is Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you at last, Mr. Justice,” the deep voice from before said, “I’ve heard nothing but remarkable things about you.”

Edgeworth stretched a hand out in greeting as he spoke and Apollo shook it. With another breath, he looked up and locked gazes with Edgeworth. Apollo’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open as he stared at Edgeworth.

He had seen some pictures of the prosecutor, but he had never imagined that he would be so stunning and attractive. His hair looked silky, his skin was fair and flawless, and his hand was soft. Apollo had expected to see harsh eyes but was pleasantly surprised by the warmth reflected in Edgeworth’s irises.

“…Mr. Justice?” Miles asked causing Apollo to snap back to attention, a bright blush forming on his face. He let go of Miles’ hand and apologized quickly.

Miles offered what Apollo could only call a smile before motioning for the two attorneys to sit. The three men spoke for a little while and Apollo couldn’t stop himself from stealing glances of the chief prosecutor. There was a faint blush permanently fixed on his face and his heart beat rapidly in his chest.

It was as Miles asked, “Now Wright, was this visit business or pleasure?” that Apollo knew he was screwed.

“That voice with that body, saying things like that, should be banned,” Apollo thought as he quickly tried to focus more on what Edgeworth was saying and less on how Miles’ legs looked incredibly well defined in his wine colored pants.

A while back I got the idea for using Giant Bomb’s database of any character who has ever appeared in a video game to do an art exercise, and asked people if there was any way to make a “Random” button just for characters.  Thanks to Prof. Von Explaino, I got this link that does just that!

So for this, I clicked the link and drew whatever came up (though not really, I skipped some that were un-draw-able or just not interesting.)

Here’s the list:
Row 1: Zinc LablancGir DraxonDongurigaeruWinnie Woodpecker 

Row 2: SamAngelLieutenant ZofiaGlottis

Row 3: Aile,  JoleneIvan CapelliMarion