phoenix sunset

Fuck realism!
Fuck being realistic!
Whatever that means anyways…

I believe in the magic
I trust in my power
I trust in the universe.

I get to choose:
the thoughts that I think,
whatever causes me joy,
my purpose!

No one
and nothing knows
what I desire most
for I am here to create this;
I am here to push the horizon line further into the distance,
I am here to give birth
to the passion engulfed in flames within my being!

for years I have believed it wasn’t there
that these flames were but pathetic sparks in the void of my being
but they were always suns placed on the backs of my wings
they have always lined the contours of my heart and mind…

I am made of golden fire;
I am powerful!
and those who have seen the flames dancing behind my eyes
were not delusional when they hid in terror—
traumatized by my innate power—
for they saw their own egoic demise.

why should the sun be afraid to shine?
why should the sun be shameful
for holding the planets in his gentle embrace?

I am not afraid to push and pull the tides,
I am not afraid to lite up the night sky.

I am made of stardust,
of moonbeams,
and aurora ribbons draped across my infinity…

The night is a friend of the morning’s light
for without the dawn
the night’s beauty would never be as stunning
without the grace of the sunset.