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Notable Kobra Kid Quotes

honestly like half of these are inspired by @kobramemekid and late night memes 

“Why must the beautiful people suffer?”

“Listen, unless someone is dusted or a meme has been stolen, don’t classify a message as an emergency." 

"Today’s weather is apocalyptic with a high chance of nuclear fallout.”

“Who gave sand the right to Get Everywhere?" 

"A lovely story really, but as you can see, I’m wearing my I Don’t Care face and therefore do not care." 

"I will literally fight the Phoenix Witch right now. Square up Witch let’s go." 

"You didn’t say not to teach the Girl how to hot wire a car." 

"Where the memes go, so shall I follow.”


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Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I know I have requests to fill and fics to write and cat lawyers to draw, but i just so happened to see something on the pwkm today and I thought of something.

Miles giving Phoenix a collar.

No, no, this isn’t another one of my weird trashy textposts. I want Miles to present Phoenix with a collar post-AJ and personally put it on him. There’s nothing sexual about it. It’s simply a sign of ownership, care, commitment, love.

Now, I know this sounds weird, but bear with me for a while while I explain.

Throughout Phoenix’s life, he’s been repeatedly used, thrown about, and discarded. First came Dahlia, whom he loved with all his heart, who hated him and used him solely for the purpose of evidence disposal. Then Edgeworth who came back into his life, only to betray him and shatter his heart again when he led everyone to believe he was dead. Then came the AJ era and Kristpoph who saw him as nothing but a threat and a toy to be played with and manipulated.

Furthermore, as if this was not yet enough, throughout the seven years in which Phoenix was disbarred, he was left alone, unwanted, forgotten, when he needed help and comfort the most. Larry was nowhere to be found. Sure Maya sent him gifts, but did she ever visit? Did she ever bother to find the time to come down and make sure her best friend was doing alright? And Edgeworth, who seemed to show him such care in T&T, suddenly disappears and doesn’t come back from Europe. Phoenix goes over to “help” Miles a few times overseas, but Miles himself never put in that kind of effort to fly back to help, or even to just keep Phoenix company, to ensure that he wasn’t crying and breaking down every night because of just how awful he felt everyday.

So post-AJ, after Miles finally comes back and settles down since he’s been appointed the new Chief Prosecutor, when he and Phoenix finally start to get closer again, Phoenix finds himself unwilling to begin another relationship with him. Phoenix has been picked up and a whim and thrown aside too many times. He doesn’t want that to happen again. Hell, he doesn’t trust Miles to not do that to him again. And then Miles is at a loss. The prosecutor knows it’s largely his fault that he let this happen to Phoenix, that he personally hurt the man so many times. So he decides to leave Phoenix alone for now. But not leave him alone as in leave him completely, no. He drops the notion of a relationship so that he can properly spend time with Phoenix, to be a real friend to Phoenix for once in his life.

Some time passes before Miles finally brings the topic up again. Miles says that he understands if Phoenix refuses him again and that he will hold no grudges. This time, it is Phoenix who is most distraught. After all this time, he’s come to realise that he still loves Edgeworth, that he wants to give the man another chance, but he can’t. He cannot afford to be simply forgotten and tossed aside again. He knows he will not be able to take it.

Then Miles produces a box and presents it to Phoenix. It’s a velvety square box, one that looks like it would hold a necklace of some sort. Phoenix is hesitant, but he accepts it, and very slowly cracks it open to take a peak. At first, he doesn’t believe what he sees, so he then opens it fully to take a good look at the gift. It’s an embroidered maroon collar, soft to the touch, with a golden tag on the front in the shape of his attorney’s badge with his name engraved on it.

Phoenix doesn’t understand.

Miles looks nervous before he begins to explain, and then Phoenix finally begins to understand.

Miles had Pess, the only thing Phoenix had ever seen Miles wholeheartedly care for and love unconditionally. To Miles, this collar was a representation of all the love and care he could ever give. Additionally, Miles knows how much Phoenix has been hurt, he knows how much he fears abandonment. The collar is a mark of ownership, of commitment, a sign that Miles was taking Phoenix in to never let him go again.

It might be a little strange, but that collar is Miles’ promise to him.

With trembling hands, Phoenix gives the box back to Miles, and the prosecutor looks disappointed. But Phoenix then quickly shakes his head and grabs Miles’ hands/wrists, asking Miles to put the collar on him. He wants Miles to do it himself. At first, Miles just looks shocked, then joy and relief washes over him and he quickly and gladly agrees.

Phoenix instinctively bows his head as Miles removes the collar from the box and gently clasps it around the attorney’s neck. Then Phoenix swallows and takes in a deep breath, trying to will his tears away. But once Miles is done, he gently pushes Phoenix’s chin up so that he could meet the lawyers eyes. Then that fond smile Miles gives him is too much and Phoenix feels the warm tears finally roll down his cheeks