phoenix spring

  • Stevie Nicks
  • Bella Donna
  • Modern Records
  • 1981
  • MR 38-139
  • 12”
  • 33 rpm
  • Album
  • Significant tracks:
    • “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” [featuring Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers]
    • “After The Glitter Fades”
    • “Edge Of Seventeen”
    • “Leather and Lace” [featuring Don Henley]
  • Record Exchange, Silver Spring, MD


18″x 24″, watercolor and gouache

My piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s “Botanica”show and the opening is tonight! I am so excited about it.

The painting depicts a scene of the Sakura blossoms in Spring.
“Sakura” is the Japanese name of Cherry Blossom. It is a symbol of simplicity, spring and innocence.
The intensity and liveliness of the cherry blossom gives people to dream and hope for big things in the future and to be optimistic.

In the beginning, I actually wanted to do a sunflower painting. However, the sunflower painting did not work out well, so I stopped to paint it in a half way and started a new concept from zero! Everyone have the painting experience would know that the feeling of start over was so depressed.

Since I had wasted a lot of time and the deadline was coming soon, I was quite stressed. I asked myself if I started a new concept, should I paint it traditionally in gouache that was more time consuming or finish it digitally in photoshop that was less time consuming? I finally chose to paint it traditionally despite the fact of my previous failure and the coming deadline. I think I am kind of stubborn and irrational sometimes…

Thus, I felt so relieved when Jenny (the gallery manager) told me my painting was arrived on time and safe. Thank you!

Besides, I think I will go back to redo the sunflower painting sometime in the future.

Finally,  I put some process images here, hope you like it! (I like my thumbnail most><” haha)


Feyre Archeron

The phoenix is always a bird, usually having plumage of colors corresponding to fire: yellow, orange, red, and gold. The most universal characteristic is the bird’s ability to resurrect. Phoenixes burst into flame when it is time for them to die and are reborn from the ashes. Because it is reborn from its own death, the phoenix also took on the characteristics of regeneration and immortality.


I finished translating these magazine scans (thanks to @malafilia and @singularityb for them! - Here’s the original post). I’m in the middle of the translation of the interview with the anime director, so I’m posting this Q&A with Phoenix and Edgeworth first~

In this garden of justice, the flowers of truth are on full bloom!!

Finally the series that sold more than 5.6 millions copies, the legal battle adventure game “Ace Attorney” is going to be animated! A great media mix, incluiding comics, light novels, a live-action film adaptation, a stage play…
So this is a special gift for all the “Gyakuten girls” out there. Speaking of “Ace Attorney”, we’re going to have a little battle of words between these two men who met each other as rivals on court: the hot-blooded lawyer, Phoenix Wright and the handsome prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth. They’re going to show us their growth and changes thanks to their legal battles.
We spoke with series director Ayumu Watanabe. Also check out the Q&A!

Spring love questions with Phoenix Wright!

Q: Spring is the perfect season for taking a nap. Are you sleeping well? Also, do you have any recurring dream?
A: Regardless of the season, I sleep well at any time. I eat well, so I sleep well! Huh, a dream… I always end dreaming about the court. In every dream, Edgeworth is always there, laughing at me. And before I could say anything, I wake up.

Q: With what kind of person would you like to go to a hanami?
A: I went to a hanami the other day. To be honest, it would be great to see the cherry trees with a girl like Mia, but… I went with Maya and Larry, and the place didn’t have blooming flowers. Oh, come to think of it! Just in case, we also invited Edgeworth, and he really came. Me and Pearls stared surprised at those cracks between the eyebrows… I mean! The wrinkles on the cherry tree.

Q: How would you complete the saying “I prefer _______ over flowers”?(*)
A: Even if people usually say “I prefer dumplings over flowers”… Maybe my position should be “I prefer to defend over flowers”. You know, if I don’t get a new client request, this month’s loan would be a problem.

Spring love questions with Miles Edgeworth!

Q: Spring is the perfect season for taking a nap. Are you sleeping well? Also, do you have any recurring dream?
A: If I drink hot milk before going to bed, I always sleep peacefully… On the other side, I hate dreams.

Q: With what kind of person would you like to go to a hanami?
A: I prefer not going to hanamis. The other day, I scolded Detective Gumshoe because he decorated my desk with cherry blossoms from the neighborhood park.

Q: How would you complete the saying “I prefer _______ over flowers”? (*)
A: …I prefer a guilty veredict over flowers.

(*) Hana yori dango/Dumplings over flowers is an old japanese saying which means to take the practical over the aesthetic.


SCANDAL; “Osaka” blogpost by RINA☆

Headed towards Osaka in the morning. The temperature felt higher than Tokyo’s. After we had a radio and TV broadcast recording, it was a talk event at the "Osaka AUTOMESSE 2016”. This would be broadcast on 23rd February, 9PM~; on FM802「ROCK KIDS 802」! Everyone who’d gathered for us, thank you♡

This year, we’ll also have many lives in Osaka. 3days on the album tour, then an outdoor live on our 10th year anniversary since formation at the Izumiotsu Phoenixー! Spring and Summer both, kindly look over us as we continueー

Last night, we went to Furaibou after years. It was delicious, thanks for the meal. I’m looking forward to today’s live recording. Those who’ve won, let’s have a great time together♡

(Note: "Furaibou” is an izakaya in Nagoya.)

So I tried the plot generator out.

I present to you:

There’s Something About Phoenix

An Irresponsible Romance
by Ingthing

Miles Edgeworth is a Buff, Fluttery and incredible Prosecutor from Japanifornia. His life is going nowhere until he meets Phoenix Wright, an Elegant, Handsome man with a passion for law.

Miles takes an instant disliking to Phoenix and the objectionable and stepladdery ways he learnt during his years in San Fransokyo.

However, when a badger tries to prosecute Miles, Phoenix springs to the rescue. Miles begins to notices that Phoenix is actually rather logical at heart.

But, the pressures of Phoenix’s job as a Defense Attorney leave him blind to Miles’s affections and Miles takes up justice to try an distract himself.

Finally, when badger-like Lawyer, Wendy Oldbag, threatens to come between them, Phoenix has to act fast. But will they ever find the irresponsible love that they deserve?

Praise for There’s something about Phoenix

“I fell in love with the wondiferous Phoenix Wright. Last night I dreamed that he was in my teapot.”- The Daily Tale

“About as enjoyable as being slapped with a dead fish, but There’s something about Phoenix does deliver a strong social lesson.”- Enid Kibbler

“I love the bit where a badger tries to prosecute Miles - nearly fell off my seat.”- Hit the Spoof

“I could do better.”- Zob Gloop


Personal Project

I always love all kinds of folklore, fairytale … so I am going to do a personal project, write my own fairytale story. Here it is, the first illustration for the story!

If you saw my peony fairy illustration before, you probably recognize the bud babies in this illustration are actually developed from that peony fairy character. I am kind of excited about it because I believe doing a personal project is the best way to develop your own illustration and it is very enjoyable to do as well. 

I just hope that I can finish all the illustrations that I plan to do.

Enjoy the Spring!