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Shopping Challenge - Phoenix Michaels

Phoenix: “Hey, Big Brother! Whatcha got for me?”

BB: “Would you like a guitar to play in the Big Brother house?”

Phoenix: “Would I EVER!”

BB: “Is that a yes then?”

Phoenix: “Yes! I’ll have that guitar! Food’s great and all but music…music is life. Thanks, man!”

House Total Tally: 60 points


AU where phoenix become a flower shop keeper and send Miles (defense attorney? prosecutor? Mafia boss? You choose!) flowers instead of letters for years. Until one day tragedy strike the flower shop staff….

(and Charley is the shop mascot of course.)

A bit inspired by that au.:D
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paxromanasims replied to your photoset “Shopping Challenge - Phoenix Michaels Phoenix: “Hey, Big Brother!…”

Oh buddy… I have a feeling Marie is gonna be yelling at a few people soon.

desijellysims replied to your photoset “Shopping Challenge - Phoenix Michaels Phoenix: “Hey, Big Brother!…”

Ù-Ú dammit Phoenix, Marie and Choi will not forgive you. They refused to talk to their families to get more points! And you ruined it <-<

Oddly, I hadn’t really planned this in depth (you don’t with these things, really) but I can actually see this being a bit of a game-changer now. Crazy, but this happens in the RL BB games as well.

This challenge ended up being about exploring certain aspects of character with each of the Housemates and it was interesting what they revealed about themselves.

I don’t think Ada was that surprising, after all, she’s not the brightest of the bunnies and her capacity to plan for the future is not…sterling.

Phoenix, I think honestly is just self-centred in some ways. Jayme is, too, but her reasons for refusing are actually selfish if you stop to think about it…or…perhaps she’s changing somehow. I leave it to the audience to judge on that score.

flowershop/cafe au where maya works for phoenix in the flower shop and franziska works for Edgeworth in the high end European cafe across the street. Edgeworth goes to the shop to buy roses for the tables every week and always gets flustered around the handsome flower shop owner who actually knows far less about flowers than his assistant. one day edgeworth sends franziska to get the flowers instead and when she lays her eyes on the adorable bubbly girl at the counter she can’t speak coherent sentences. It takes over twenty minutes for her to finally ask for the flowers and she accidentally leaves her wallet there. Franziska keeps making excuses to go to the shop and edgeworth catches on and they end up in a bet to who can get a date with one of the adorable flower shop workers. turns out they’re both blushy dorks and Maya and phoenix are oblivious. cue many awkward attempts at getting a date


I enjoy capping Maya mid-blink.

Also this is one of the few times the game explicitly mentions and IRL location, in this case the Rockies Mountain range.

For the record I still think an AU where post 1-4 Phoenix actually inherits “The Wet Noodle” would be an amusing side job to earn some extra cash. Bonus if Gumshoe is his best customer and another bonus if Phoenix’s Noodle shop’s biggest competitor is Eldoon’s noodles.

Please take a moment just to imagine Trucy, knowing that her father is retaking the bar exam, and becoming a lawyer again.

Think about how excited she must feel, knowing that he’s going to be the person he always remembered being, who she only met once, in a way, but the rest of her time with him she hasn’t seen that side of Phoenix Wright.

Think about her being there while Phoenix goes clothes shopping with her Uncle Miles, and he’s trying things on and joking and she’s encouraging him and he looks so different - he keeps the beanie on partly to irritate Uncle Miles, but also partly for familiarity, and she can see all of the signs, the tells in his twitches, that say that he’s nervous.

Think about her seeing him step out in a properly tailored suit for the first time (and that really is a first, because even his first lawyer suit wasn’t this good, or this expensive) and she’s never been more proud of him in her life.

Gay Lawyers

Some nice headcanons that kept me up late as hell last night:

  • While Phoenix and Miles are fuckin brutal in court against each other, they’re really gentle at home (they’re old men at heart)
  • Miles usually cooks and Phoenix does all of the clean-up and grocery shopping (Edgeworth would rather die than do the shopping)
  • Phoenix makes Edgeworth’s tea and coffee exactly how he likes it
  • Phoenix is also the king of baking (Miles has had to start exercising more since they moved in together)
  • Miles likes to slow dance when he’s working out a case, so they’ll make space in the living room and light candles and play really soft music and Phoenix will dance with him as long as he needs
  • Miles had to teach Phoenix to dance in the first place
  • Phoenix teases him incessantly about it but he’s always the one that cries first
  • Phoenix suggests “scary movie night” and they invite the whole gang over and it turns out everyone but Dick and Miles get terrified so they end up making it “shitty b movie night” so they watch terrible shit like Rubber and Sharknado and Zombeavers and Stan Helsing
  • Phoenix unironically loves Stan Helsing with a passion
  • Miles refuses to admit it but he unironically loves the Sharknado series
  • Miles gets drunk one night and admits to Phoenix that he actually really loves Sharknado
  • Phoenix buys him a Sharknado shirt and Miles makes him sleep on the couch but secretly loves it
  • GAY