phoenix run

tbh Molly is probably my favorite ‘80s actress

Question:  How was the experience of working with River as an actor?

Martha:  It really was fantastic. It was good for me as a young actor to be in the company of another young actor who took his job seriously. I enjoyed that. That was rare for me. I knew what it was like to work with adults who took their job seriously, but most of the time if I was working with people my own age, they weren’t particularly interested in authenticity or studying what they were doing. So I think I had a kindred spirit there. And it was really great.

[Martha Plimpton for The A.V. Club (2012) on River]. 

can we just all appreciate river phoenix for the amazing person he was? like yes he was ridiculously attractive but let’s not forget that he was a supporter of gay rights, a feminist, passionate about animal rights and he truly believed that everyone in the world was, and could do, good. he was a beautiful spirit and soul and i’m so sad he couldn’t be here today

‘’One night, when they were fifteen, they were both in New York City, and they went out for a  dinner. Plimpton ordered soft-shell crabs. A horrified River abruptly left the restaurant. When Plimpton followed him, she found him walking down Park Avenue, crying.

‘’I love you so much – why?’’ he wept. He was devastated that she was eating animals, but even more, he was deeply wounded that he hadn’t been able to convince her that veganism was the better, more moral path.

‘’I love him for that’’, Plimpton said. ‘’For his dramatic desire that we share every belief, that I be with him all the way.’’

[Excerpt from Last Night At The Viper Room by Gavin Edwards].