phoenix family

Mothers Day

-Sirius is sat drinking alone, Grimmauld place is as dark an grim as ever. The curtain covering Walburga’s painting must have fallen because he can hear her screaming again.- - 

Sirius: I get it *Laughs bitterly* 

Walburga: Look at what you’ve become… you betrayed me, and then what? got your little friends killed too, didn’t you? 

Walburga: What will you do? Cover me with a curtain? 

Sirius: *takes the curtain from the floor but freezes as Walburga starts speaking*

Sirius: *through his teeth* 

Walburga: Regulus chose to join the death eaters because he was a black. 

Sirius: Me? *laughs rather maniacally* 

((OOC: Since its mothers day in the UK have some post- Azkaban black family angst… 

Walbluga played by @sirussly (so beautifully terrifying on such short notice) 

and thanks to @jilylicious for helping me develop a super rough idea, you’re amazing)) 


I’m sure it’s been done similarly in the past for the Ace Attorney games and their protagonists’ backstories, but something about this was really weird to me??

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The Scamander Family - Headcanon

The Scamander family were a happy one; some may have considered them odd or eccentric, but they were happy – and, really, that was all that mattered. Newt and Porpentina (“Tina” to her family and friends) had four children; Phoenix, Linnet, Leo and Wren, all of whom were raised to love and care for magical creatures with their hearts and souls. No one was more loved, however, than Newt and Tina themselves for their children absolutely adored them.