phoenix clan


Before RZA decided to make “The Man with the Iron Fists”, he actually began work on a low budget old school styled kung fu film, “Wu Tang vs The Golden Phoenix”. The trailer can be found on You Tube but very little footage of the film actually saw the light of day.
Here’s some rare behind the scenes footage of RZA working on a fight scene. It’s unknown whether this and the Bobby Digital film were actually ever completed. If they were, they probably sit in RZA’s vault.

Adam Schumpert - Shiba Tsukimi (Phoenix Clan Champion)

There was some discussion on actually showing her injury in this set, but instead we decided we wanted her looking strong and a worthy opponent. We did try to get her gracefully aged up a bit from her prior Celestial appearance but obviously not to her current age in Emperor Edition. The detail and color in her clothing and armor are easy some of my favorite work from Adam. Notice her swords blade with its fire pattern.

Another “famous” chocolate skinned character I have is this bad guy. Haha it’s so weird to see him in this new color palette! Before Masa would have dark brown hair just like his grandfather, who was a “warrior” descendant. But since he’s 25% “warrior”, 75% conqueror of Phoenix descendance, I guess maybe I’d just better give him the mark of this dominant clan, which is gray-blue hair.

His messy gray indentifies his mixed lineage though. And that also happens to have great importance in his story. The Phoenix clan is a little bit too protective of their own clan… In exclusion of others :´(

Don’t think they are a clan of idiotic racists though XD; There’s at least a little of ignorance and intolerance in every comunity.

Isawa Koiso -The Master of Fire - Mario Wibisono 

Spoiled last year today we finally got to tell you who she is, not that many of you didn’t correctly guess a Master of Fire. Our description on her was a homicidal gorgeous pyromaniac and I think that’s exactly what we got. The detail in this is just insane like all of Mario’’s work. Love it. Great piece of work. 

Anyone notice yet that she is pretty tall?

Isawa Sanetomo - April Lee

Sanetomo was among the new Sensei and we tried to spread those among some of the best L5R artists we had. So April was given Phoenix and Crane. Originally Sanetomo was an Earth shuggy, ie the rocks. But he was made Air which fortunately worked out ok because rocks don’t float on their own so it still has an air vibe.

Been trying to include scrolls more with Shugenja it adds some RPG touches and gives the shugenja something to hold and add some flavor at times.