phoenix chick


((A rainbow of Habitica costumes! Plus black, white, rainbow, and contributor. XP (It might be “cheating” the white one to use a ghost for the mount (cheating what? this wasn’t a competition), but… SHHH.)

Bonus orange (since I felt like it was hard to see what I was wearing moreso than others):



Phoenix chick!

Got this little commission finished in record time! As soon as the word “phoenix” was mentioned I had a clear image of what I would like to achieve with it.. and I’m super happy with how it has turned out.

This little cutie has a soft body with hard head, wings and feet that have been cast in resin from wax sculptures. The resin “fire” was sculpted in wax, had a silicone mould made of it, then cast in transparent polyurethane resin with dyes and pearl pigments added. I’ll be making a little tutorial on how I did this soon. The head is acrylic painted poulyurethane resin and the body is minky stuffed with weighting beads and fluff! The neck ruff and tail are dyed boa feathers.

These phoenix chicks are slow growers, staying in the big-headed baby stage for several years. Their hot wings and ears are good for seeing any hungry predators off though, the flames get bigger depending on how angry the little bird is.

Phoenixes are symbolic of the sun and rebirth and so they have pretty cheery dispositions at the younger ages. They can live for over 1400 years though, so taking one on as a pet is a great honour. Your comparatively infinitesimal lifespan means the phoenix is actually taking YOU on as a pet…

Phoenixes are now available in my shop :)

Sleepy Hollow “Ragnarok” Missing Scene

Pandora:  Death wins in the end, it seems… Even for a goddess. You love her, don’t you? She is your hope… Your everything. I took her from you.

Ichabod: [teary]  You’re right.  Our bond exceeds anything I’ve ever felt.  It’s woken me up.  It propels me forward.  If there was ever a goddess to truly walk this earth, it is my partner…the woman who I do indeed love. Abigail Mills.  Now.  Let her out. Let her out now. It’s over. 

Pandora: She was never inside it. She’s dead. Dead and gone.

Ichabod: You expect me to believe that she’s just gone?  No.  No, no, no.  You are wrong.  I saw her pulled into this box and you will release her.  Don’t have me call the Horseman back.  I’ll make sure he takes his time if I do.

Jenny: Ichabod–

Ichabod: No.  I have not and I will not abandon her to whatever hell she has sent her to.  There is a way.  [looks coldly at Pandora]  You will tell us.

Pandora:  [quietly] Love can sustain us, and it can also tear us apart.  What will your love of the departed Abigail do to you?

[Pandora, with a slight smile on her lips, dies]

Ichabod: No!

…later, after the box has exploded.

[Ichabod has dropped to his knees before the remnants, clutching pieces of debris of the box to his chest, tears streaming down his face.  Jenny quietly goes up to him and lightly touches his shoulder.  He shrugs her off.]

Ichabod: No!  I must repair it.  There has to be a way!

Jenny: [shakes her head]  You can’t…Not without her.

Ichabod: [his eyes turn wild with understanding, and disbelief.  The wind has been effectively taken out of his sails].  There must be another option.  This isn’t…this isn’t how her story ends.  It can’t be.  What is the point of all of this without Abbie?

Jenny: [her voice is quiet]  I don’t know.

Ichabod: [nods to himself]  I do.  It’s a test…we’re being tested. I will not give up or falter until I find her.

So…there was a way to not trash Abbie’s story or her purpose, have Crane grieve, have him confess his love, have him go on a search to fix it, leave the door open for Nicole to return (though that no Twitter following/not invited for DVD commentaries is suspicious as fuck) all while having Crane continue on missions while attempting to save her.  And it would be natural for him to get sidetracked with solving and saving other things as they present himself on his self-imposed mission to save Abbie.  And if they wanted to do that “Abigail’s essence will rise like a phoenix in some chick that’s not Nicole Beharie,” the door is even open for that.  And there are several writers who had months to figure this shit out.  MONTHS.  WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM?

A Small Feathery Surprise


–The suddenly way smaller phoenix than normal, walked over to the raven upon seeing Ace and started making happy noises as he felt the other’s unnatural warmth which radianted from the raven. 

Somehow Marco had woken up this morning turned into a small phoenix chick, however, with this change part of his memories had disappeared making him more of a child than an actual adult as he followed his instincts more than anything else.


Common moorhen (Gallinula chloropus), at Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona.

This mother and chick perversely refused to swim into the same frame. 

UPDATE 20 October 2015: This bird is now officially recognized as the common gallinule (Gallinula galeata) due to a taxonomic split.  Many thanks to dendroica for the correction. My old Sibley Field Guide is out of date.