“We go together like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong”
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Aleka’s Attic concert in 1990 opening for The Psychedelic Furs at Gainesville, FL. by Sky Phoenix.

‘’I saw Aleka’s Attic open for a band I liked. Was it the Psychedelic Furs? I have no idea. After the concert we went to that vegan place. Coney Island? Casa no carne?Anyway, River Phoenix was sitting alone at the counter and I really just wanted to go up and say, “Hey, I think you’re great.” (…) I’ve never been very good with the cold call, so it never happened. Thing is, if I knew he wouldn’t be here in a few years, I would have worked up the nerve to say “HI” or to do that head nod thing or something similar.’’ [Memory shared by a fan about the concert in the video, on May 2004]


Stevie’s closing remarks after rocking Phoenix with her ‘24 Karat Gold Tour’ last Tuesday!

“Don’t watch the news, it’s depressing.”

wishing a happy birthday to my best friend, platonic soulmate and sister @vespucci-beach !! who i drew this for a few days ago ready for her special day

it’s been a tough year for me again, and for us both… and she’s always been there for me despite how much i complain and how much of a dick i am. so i drew a pic of her an her bf to wish her a happy bday!!

(don’t tag as #kin or #me unless this is for you!!)

please go wish her a happy birthday because she’s fantastic and perfect and i love her in every way!!


‘Wild Heart & Bella Donna’, 24 Karat Gold Tour, Phoenix, AZ.


‘Crying In The Night’, 24 Karat Gold Tour, Phoenix, AZ.

Indigenous Peoples' Day Gains Momentum As A Replacement For Columbus Day
Denver, where Columbus Day was first celebrated about 100 years ago, now permanently recognizes Indigenous Peoples' Day.

The state of Vermont and the city of Phoenix have joined the list of places that now call the second Monday in October Indigenous Peoples’ Day, in a show of momentum for honoring indigenous people on the federal holiday that’s named for Christopher Columbus.

Phoenix is now the largest U.S. city to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day, according to member station KJZZ, which says the move came on a unanimous vote. Other cities have adopted similar laws in recent years, from Seattle to Minneapolis.

The city council of Denver, which observed Indigenous Peoples’ Day last year under a temporary proclamation, embraced a permanent observance this week — a development that’s particularly striking because Denver is where the idea for a holiday honoring Christopher Columbus first took root.