“I can’t believe it’s been 25 years ago that we lost this sweet amazing soul. I photographed River Phoenix at his family home in Gainesville Florida for Details Magazine. After the shoot we went for a beer and shot some pool. When I returned home to New York there was a message on my answering machine thanking me for the shoot. A true gentleman.”

— Photographer John Huba on River.

All of STRQ is Alive and Whole™️ Headcanons:

-Yang or Ruby: Mom-

Raven and Summer, simultaneously: What?

-Ruby has four parents who are Concerned™️ that Ozpin let her into Beacon early, but also proud af because they all helped train her.

-“You’re not my real dad!”

-At least 50% of the student body at Beacon has Summer listed as their emergency point of contact, either because she lives closer than their family or because they have no one else.

-Yang: Can I-

Raven: Ask your mother.

Yang: …mom.

-STRQ are frequently guest speakers at Beacon, and after the girls start going, Raven and Qrow start competing over who can embarrass them the most.

-Ruby, after Qrow won’t let her do something: Tai is my only dad now.

-Summer: Your whole team is invited over for winter break.

Ruby: What about Team JNPR? They don’t have anywhere to go for breaks either.

Summer, already tripling recipes in her head: Just invite everyone.

-Raven gets Yang and Ruby to do her dirty work and pull pranks on Qrow and Tai (she’s still not over the fact that they don’t let her participate in their prank wars). Summer pretends like she doesn’t notice (they don’t let her participate either).

-Raven questions Blake relentlessly about her skill and semblance the first time they meet, until she’s satisfied that Blake is a good partner for her daughter. Yang is embarrassed, and Blake is On Edge because what is it with her and black-and-red-themed-red-sword-wielders?? Once she becomes more comfortable around Raven though, she admires her and talks with her frequently about fighting and attack moves.

-Weiss is Overwhelmed™️ because Parents Are Like This In Real Life?? Warm hugs?? Conversations over meals?? Family sit down dinners that aren’t uncomfy and stilted and forced?? Ruby I can’t believe your mom knitted me a sweater she doesn’t even know me?? “What is this?” “Affection.” “Gross….do it again.”

-Nora calls Summer “Mom”. Everyone is 100% okay with this.

-Taiyang helps Pyrrha train Jaune. Qrow observes and offers scathing -but surprisingly helpful- comments.

-Ren helps Summer in the kitchen. Once he gave Summer a hug because she told JNPR that they’re welcome to come over any time, and Summer was the one who cried.

-Raven, clutching both Yang and Ruby: Don’t talk to me or my children ever again.

-STRQ watching the Vytal Tournament.

Raven, any time any of team RWBY do anything: I TAUGHT HER THAT MOVE!!

-Team RWBY fighting alongside Team STRQ when Cinder attacks Beacon. As a result, Beacon not falling but RWBY being clued in on the secret war raging between Ozpin and Salem.

-Summer helping Ruby understand and control her Silver Eye traits.

-STRQ being protective because RWBY are too young to be in a war.

Ozpin: They’re almost the same age that you were.

Summer “Momma Bear” Rose: Is that supposed to help your case?

In celebration of Marvel’s 80th Anniversary, Marvel is excited to kick off 2019 with a series of special variant covers, designed by acclaimed superstar artist Phil Noto! Get these amazing covers starting in January!

1. Amazing Spider-Man #13

2. Avengers #12

3. Captain America #7

4. Champions #1

5. Fantastic Four #6

6. Immortal Hulk #11

7. Thor #9

8. Tony Stark: Iron Man #8

9. Venom #10

Amazing New X-Men Tribuate cover drawn by Phil Jimenez!

Via his twitter: “A couple months back, @Marvel asked me to do a variant cover focused on @grantmorrison’s sublime #NewXMen run, on which I worked 3x! W/my gig at @DCComics, I don’t think I’ll get another chance to play w/Jean, Emma, et al, so here’s my tribute to Grant & mutie lovers everywhere!”