Black Redstart ~ Hausrotschwanz ~ Phoenicurus ochruros

I successfully hand-raised and releasesd 3 young Black Redstarts this year. They did all kinds of funny and silly things in the living-room. Please note that most other song birds like tits/chickadees need a more natural and greener environment to grow up with fresh twigs (e. g. hazelnut twigs) whereas Redstarts really enjoy all kinds other materials that you can also find inside of buildings.

2013 © Jesse Alveo

Big Day

Had a “Big Day” yesterday: went on 3 walks through the same reserve. on at 05.30 am one at 13.30pm and one at 18.30 pm. My feet are killing me, and I seem to have picked up a little sunburn :-). The things we do to see some birds. Had a blast, the morning walk was very crowded with mostly twitchers, Due to the strange weather, the result was a lower species number as last year. only 68 different species. (this is not Ecuador, but Belgium mind you). A new lifer for me was the Black Redstart

the midday walk, was less crowded, and also had some more novice people. Making it an interesting mix. The weather had picked up, so the walk was pleasant, and added a few waders to the list, and a new lifer to my list : the Wood Sandpiper.

By the time the last walk started, my feet were already killing me, but after changing my rubber boots for comfortable trekking shoes I got a new boost. Only 7 people were in the walk, so it had a very chill atmosphere. No new Lifers, but some great observations of a Hobby and a fox. we also heard cuckoos, nightingales, Long-eared Owls, …

the end result was a total list of 84 species over the entire day. and my year list got bumped up to 100+. not bad for a second year bird nut.

The picture was taken last year, this year I didn’t take pictures