lena-bean-sims said: I’ve always wanted to try this, but I’m not sure I have the time/desire to do two legacies at once. Unless I just rush through the challenge XD

Haha, you mean like I’m doing?  XD

chisagi said: And this is only the first generation. Holy crap.

I knoooooow…all my creys.

phoebe91 said: Aw man, you might get like a billion kids before you have one with perfect genes!

I hope not!!

beautifulplumbbobs said: WOW.

IKR??  Jaw dropped.

sennypsims said: Maybe save her to your bin and use her later? I really like her!! >_> but seriously, how do your sims end up so gorgeous?

Oh yes, she was in my bin as quick as you could say “Save that sim!”  lol.  And I dunno…just lucky I guess!!