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I was tagged by @shhadowhunter thank you lovely! 😊
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1. Lucky number? Yes! 5!
2. How do you like your potatoes? Gosh it’s a tie between mashed and fried I’m gonna go with mashed!
3. Favorite book series? The Raven Cycle
4. Celebrity Crush(es)? Oh goodness we’re gonna be here for a while lol, Cameron Monaghan, Cory Michael Smith, Richard Harmon, Daniel Sharman, Cody Christian, Matthew Daddario, Phoebe Tonkin (I love her), Rowan Blanchard (she’s fantastic), the list honestly goes on forever
5. Favorite Disney Princess? Belle
6. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
7. Favorite Flower? Carnations
8. Hogwarts House? Slytherin
9. Pink or Green? Pink
10. Would you rather be a superhero or a super villain? Super villain😎
11. Which inside out character are you most like? Sadness lol
Bonus: Could you see me playing Tessa Gray in Shadowhunters? Uh totally!!

1. Favorite song at the moment?
2. Do you have stuffed animals, if so which is your favorite?
3. Marvel or DC?
4. If you were stranded on an island, who would you like to be stuck there with?
5. Books or movies?
6. Dream job?
7. What’s your favorite season?
8. Favorite day of the week?
9. How’s your year going so far?
10. Favorite school subject?
11. If you had a choice to live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

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Phoebe Tonkin’s cute outfit:

Personal Favorites:

blue slim ripped skinny jeans + white drawstring sweatshirt + red rouge slim dress + black lace cami top + v-neck cami top + wine red casual dress + drawstring denim shortsburgundy lace-up cami top + brown buckle boots + black ankle strap heel pumps + apricot zipper boots + nude strap sandals


So, I bought Psychonauts on Steam at some point I can’t remember exactly (this Winter or this Spring?) and beat it somewhere around March. And well…

I’m disappointed.

That I hadn’t heard of this game ever before.

Seriously, it’s fucking great. I got around to beating it a second time some weeks ago, just to try and catch every conversation, bit of dialogue and easter egg I was able to.