. White Queen
. Marvel Girl
. Hope
. Kid Omega
. Nomor
. Stepford Cuckoos
. Magik
. Colossus
. Cyclops
. Jean Grey

Phoebe, Irma and Celeste Cuckoo a.k.a. THE THREE-IN-ONE

Produced by the Weapon Plus program, these three young telepaths are actually clones created from the DNA structure of Emma Frost. They were originally five, but their sister Sophie died while battling an out of control Quentin Quire on drugs and Esme perished at the end of x-men enemy Xorn. Acting like the resident telepathic force of the Jean Grey Institute, they were a bit sidelined after the arrival of a time-displaced Jean Grey at the school. While they managed to stay close and focused, they felt their time amongst the x-men somehow belittle their potential, so they left the school, and became an independent unit, Cerebra, Inc. working with different super-hero teams, and SHIELD, providing telepathic searches, investigations and services. They quickly became the go-to heroin whenever someone needed a telepath. With time, each one of them specialized her powers :  Irma developped her powers towards world-wide detection and searches, Phoebe became expert at mind manipulation and handled the business aspect of Cerebra, Inc., while Celeste worked on her telepathic blasts. Thanks to them, a lot of new mutants were saved and rescued.
To reward them for their hard work and to help them further, they were offered membership.

They are members of the HELLFIRE CLUB.

They are now called… THE WHITE QUEENS