phoebe and the rat

True identity (Peter Pan)

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“Y/N can you go get some water?” Peter asked me and I nodded wrapping the bucket and walking away to the lake of mermaids. Ones I was there they all said hi and I smiled in response putting the bucket on the water.

“Can you sing the song from yesterday?” One of them ask anxiously, I looked at all of them who were closer than before, I looked around for any signs of the lost boys or Peter, luckily they weren’t any close, so I nodded and they squealed, I quickly shushed them and took a deep breath to start singing


 You know that I’m greedy for love- they started and I couldn’t help but smile

 Boy, you give me feelings,never felt before

 I’m making it obvious by knocking at your door

 I know that I’m coming tonight

 You know I’m coming tonight

 Don’t want to deny it anymore. Then I heard some bushes moving so the mermaids hide in the water, Peter appeared right away so I quickly took the bucket walking in his direction. 

 "What are you doing here Peter?“ I asked trying to act natural, he snapped out of trance and looked at me confused.

 "I don’t know” I frowned at him “I just followed a voice” Could it be mine? But he was too far away to hear me. Didn’t he? I shrugged and walked to the camp right behind Peter.

 I was bored so I decided to go back with the mermaids, when they saw me, all of them got closer as I stood by the edge. “Come on Y/N you know we don’t bite you” she joked and I got closer, my feet touching the water.

 I bite my lip, I shouldn’t be doing this, I should be with the lost boys, goofing around.

 But I wasn’t.    

Instead I was here, talking with this crazy mermaids that could drown me at any moment. Before I knew it I was inside the lake, I went back to the surface, panicking I hold the rock tightly, then I saw a tale, but it wasn’t any tale, it was mine. I had a tale, and I screamed loudly but a blonde one covered my mouth

 "Shut up! You’ll call him if you scream!“ She said angrily and then took his hand off me 

 "I won’t if you tell me WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE A TALE!” I whispered loudly and desperate at her 

 "Cause you’re a mermaid, silly" she said obviously

 "Oh my gosh" I mumbled


When I find out it was hard to be near Peter, but I got over it, then we started dating but it was easier for me to act like human but I was always spending some time with the mermaids,  who thought me how to properly be one, and I couldn’t help the urge to go back to the lake, the more I spent on land; the more I wanted to go back to the lake.

“Look what I got” Phoebe, a little mermaid squealed happily, she showed us a little bright star with the inscription “to the left on the middle. 

It was Peter’s.

“Phoebe! This is Peter’s!”I said worriedly and her eyes widen, her skin pailed

“WERE ARE THEY?” we heard an angry shout Phoebe froze almost instantly, we quickly hide because we knew Peter was close

“YOU LITTLE RAT” I heard him shout angrily at Phoebe, who’s cheeks were red, and her eyes were full of tears “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO STOLE SOMETHING FROM ME, HUH?” He kept screaming

“I’m sorry…” she whispered and he wrapped her by the hair making her squeal in pain 

“Well, I’m sorry too” he whispered darkly and I slapped him, making him loose his grip on Phoebe’s hair, which make her fall in my arms, I gave her to Dimitri, one of my mermaid’s friends and I got out of the water angrily, my tale turning into legs as I touched the sand

“YOU HEARTLESS SON OF A BITCH, DON’T YOU HAVE A SOUL? DO YOU KNOW WHAT COMPASION IS? FOR GOD’S SAKE PAN, YOU WERE GOING TO KILL HER! SHE’S JUST A BABY!” I scolled him at the top of my lungs, he was frozen, he couldn’t believe I was what I was 

“You’re a memermaid” He asked quietly I rolled my eyes

“YES I’M A FUCKING MERMAID, YOU IDIOT!” I screamed louder, then I got closer to his ear “and I swear if you touch any of the mermaids I would personally drown you,is that clear?” he nodded emotionless “Good”

I went back at night, silently walking into Peter’s tent, then the light when on, a pair of arms hold me tight, pulling me closer to his chest, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine

“Did you know how sexy you are when you turn evil and overprotective?” 

“Do you know how awful you are when you try to kill inocent people?” I snapped back, he smiled sassily

“Fair enough” he whispered in my ear “But you… deserve a punishment for what you did” he said, and I guess you know how this ended up, and for those that don’t know.

 I’ll just say I couldn’t walk properly the next morning.

I’m very impressed with how patient and well-behaved my mouse Phoebe is with my 4 year old niece. Mice are much more high-strung than rats, and Phoebe is very old, and being woken up in the middle of the day (mice are nocturnal) to be handed over to a stranger with clumsy hands. And she’s been great about it. Cheers for Phoebe!

  • Aries: Isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic?
  • Taurus: Oh, I'm sorry. Did my back hurt your knife?
  • Gemini: Are you setting Ross up with someone? Does she have a wedding dress?
  • Cancer: You know what, I figure if I can do laundry, there's nothing I can't do.
  • Leo: Hello? Vegas? Yes, we would like some more alcohol, and you know, we would like some more beers too... hello? Oh wait... I forgot to dial.
  • Virgo: I swear when she runs she runs like a mix between Kermit the Frog and the Six Million Dollar Man.
  • Libra: You know what? I just shouldn't be allowed to make decisions anymore.
  • Scorpio: I use my breasts to get other people's attention.
  • Sagittarius: How do you expect me to grow if you won't let me blow?
  • Capricorn: Well, maybe it's my decision. Well, maybe I don't need your money. Wait. I said maybe.
  • Aquarius: Nodded off? Ross, you were snoring! My father's boat didn't make that much noise when it hit rocks!
  • Pisces: Phoebe, this music couldn't get any worse. There are rats in the basement hanging themselves!

1. I’ll be There for You - The Rembrandts // 2. Greensleeves (Sandy the male nanny plays this on the recorder) // 3. Baby Got Back - Sir Mix A Lot (the inappropriate song that Rachel and Ross sing to make Emma laugh) // 4. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor (Chandler sings this in a helium voice) // 5. What Reason - Deckard (plays during Rachel’s birthday party in TOW Phoebe’s Rats) // 6. We Are The Champions - Queen (Phoebe sings this at the piano bar) // 7. Delta Dawn - Tanya Tucker (Monica sings this at the piano bar) // 8. I’m So Excited - The Pointer Sisters (Monica sings this at the piano bar) // 9. Joy To The World - Three Dog Night (Chandler sings this at the piano bar) // 10. Thrown Down - Fleetwood Mac (Rachel sees Joey kissing Charlie) // 11. Untitled - Interpol (Joey kisses Rachel in Barbados) BONUS: Let My Love Open The Door - Pete Townshend (used in the season 9 promos)