I’ll never understand the ‘’no matter if you have gay/trans friends, you still are homo/transphobic’’ rhetoric. Like.. if someone was homophobic or transphobic why would they have gay/lesbian/bi/trans friends? In fact, they would try to stay away from them at all costs. It makes no sense. You are not X-phobic if you respect a person no matter what gender or orientation they have.

You ever see those really negative posts where people are “well why isn’t anybody coming up with this headcanon for this character?! what’s wrong with all of you? you’re all sexist/racist/phobic/ect assholes for not doing it!” 

Hear me out. 

What if. 

You made the post with your headcanons for that character yourself?

What a concept. 

if you are hatefully phobic, leave.

it’s one thing to be scared. I’m scared, too, of bees and heights and strangers and men.

but I don’t discriminate. I don’t perpetuate my fears. I don’t usually ask people to leave public spaces because they make me uncomfortable.

I’m asking now. if you are xenophobic, please leave. if you are homophobic, please leave. if you are biphobic, please leave. if you are transphobic, please leave. if you are acephobic, please leave. and yes, if you are heterophobic, please leave.


SO like I promised, I’ve set up a webcomic! It’s not going to be a super long one, mainly because it’s a test-run of how I get webcomics to work and stuff before my BIG one. 

There are only four pages right now, but the story with be about a traditional dancer who falls in love with a harmonium player in a very LGBTQPIA-phobic India. 

You can read it right here.  

Hey, guys. So there's someone in our side who really shouldn't be speaking for us.

Jet/pack-/jenn/y is very… Um. Kinda just wow. They use the R slur frequently and are all around rather…phobic. Rose tried asking them to stop using the R slur and they refused.

I’d block them. I don’t want this person fighting for me.

Slytherin Headcanon #12

LGBT+ Slytherins supporting each other when their old fashioned parents don’t support their sexuality/gender(s)

Slytherins not putting up with any phobic crap

Slytherins with bigoted parents being educated on sexuality and gender identity young

LGBT+ Slytherins being safe from phobic relatives in the common room and Hogwarts in general

LGBT+ Slytherins.

REALLY WE ALLLL KNOW THIS BUT makeup trends are soo based in eurocentric beauty standards like contouring literally promotes a certain face shape as the sgtandard of beauty. It feels so misogynistic and fat phobic that one of the biggest makeup trends is based in making the face look skinnier with higher cheekbones and a skinny nose

im just rambling but its so bad to me how the whole Instagram makeup model aesthetic seems to be “vaguely ethnic but not TOO ethnic” with light women ending up 5 shades darker after contouring and black women ending up like 3 shades lighter. White women purposely using fake tan and darker foundation to warm up their skin tone’. using contour shades that are WAYY too warm toned and too dark to contour with. Getting lip injections,using lip plumper, or over lining their lips. stealing fashion and makeup trends from 2000s black girls who’ve been called ghetto for years. Beauty *gurus* who use incredibly expensive, like literally thousands worth of expensive high end makeup. 

every single Instagram high glam makeup look is the fucking same because everybody is trying to imitate this “vaguely ethnic white girl with a black boyfriend” look and its not creative and its getting old. 

INFJ: ……and there. I think I was able to explain all the darkest, messed up parts of me, that I’m currently aware of. If you would like to run away now, there’s a door to your left.

ENTP: Run away?

INFJ: It happens. Its why I don’t generally share whats all up in my head.

ENTP: Are you kidding? That was all great. You are so fascinating.

INFJ: Well. Um. Alright. ……maybe I should just use that door…

ENTP: Get your commitment phobic ass back here.

INFJ: Ok ok, no need to start locking the doors.

  • Milo Stewart:Makes a video generalizing a whole group of people as ______phobic. Could totally count as hate speech.
  • People:.......
  • Leafy:Makes a response video and blatantly misgenders them but apologizes anyway, and specifically says not to witch hunt the people in the videos.
So I was reading casserole clam's fanfic and...

“If Harry had been a girl, he would have
thought the reflection staring back at him was alluring and sophisticated, the
white-silver of Draco’s hair contrasting beautifully with the black of his cloak and
the silver embroidery bringing out the gray in his eyes. But Harry was not a girl, and merely thought he looked like a transvestite. Yech!”
Yeah she wrote this
I’m so disgusted
What a queer phobic piece of shit

I’m actually quite uncomfortable with the recent treatment of Trump.

Look. I hate Trump. I hate the vast majority of his supporters. They represent a potential existential threat to me, my religion, my identity, and my ideology. That said, the statues and the reaction them appalled me. Since when is it acceptable to make fun of someones weight? or their genitals? What, just because hes on the right its okay to body shame? I don’t give a flying shit if hes practically Stalin incarnate, the passive transphobia that comes with the micropenis jokes is completely  unacceptable. Just because someone is a phobic nativist douche-canoe doesn’t mean we get to toss all our values, our dignity, our collective respect out the damn window.

My father also brought up another bit: the usage of Drumpt. What is the message of that? Trump never went by that name, in fact, his father didn’t even go by that name. So what is the punchline? “haha, your ancestors were immigrants! thats funny!“? Since when do we make fun of someone using a name they don’t go by? My father is a convert, he had his names changed when he became Jewish. And, of course, theres another case of transphobic implication.

I get it. We all want to piss on Trump. Can we do so without also pissing on the vulnerable, and without taking a dump on our own message? Thanks.

anonymous asked:

I'm just curious if there's a proper name for something like non-binary-phobic. I mean u have homophobic, transphobic, but is there a 'official' name for phobia against non-binary?

I’ve heard of enbyphobia, followers?