phobia the fear of the darkness

The Signs as Phobias
  • *use moon/mars, this post doesn't mean you have this phobia*
  • Aries: Gerascophobia
  • –The excessive fear of getting old.
  • Taurus: Xenophobia
  • –The excessive fear of the unknown.
  • Gemini: Aphenphosmphobia
  • –The excessive fear of intimacy.
  • Cancer: Autophobia
  • –The excessive fear of abandonment.
  • Leo: Athazagoraphobia
  • -The excessive fear of being forgotten.
  • Virgo: Mysophobia
  • –The excessive fear of germs.
  • Libra: Decidophobia
  • -The excessive fear of making decisions.
  • Scorpio: Philophobia
  • -The excessive fear of falling in love.
  • Sagittarius: Claustrophobia
  • –The excessive fear of small spaces.
  • Capricorn: Pediaphobia
  • -The excessive fear of children.
  • Aquarius: Soteriophobia
  • -The excessive fear of being completely dependent on others.
  • Pisces: Nyctophobia
  • –The excessive fear of darkness.
Markiplier and friends related ask meme
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  • Stone Face Tyler: Do you have any scars?
  • Gizmo: What is your pet peeve?
  • VeryTiredKat: Do you have a phobia?
  • CrankyCrew: Favorite fandom you've ever been a part of?
  • IIIII'M Tyler: Best prank you've pulled/had pulled on you?
  • Smol blue boy: Describe your first crush.
  • Iced Dark Roast: Favorite drink to order from Starbucks? (Or from Dunkin lol)
  • Amyplier: Who is your OTP outside of the Markiplier fandom?
  • #smilealways: Favorite inspirational quote?
  • Chica-Bica: Favorite pet growing up?
  • Try Not To Cringe: Ever had bronchitis?
  • CHANGE: Ever had a sports injury?
  • The Floof™: Craziest color you've dyed your hair, or want to dye your hair?

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HC of RFA+Saeran+V where MC has a severe phobia of the dark, and ends up freaking out when there's a power outage?

Ooh, power outages are scary. I don’t have a severe fear, but I’m still scared of the dark…
( ̄~ ̄;;) I can relate a bit.

-As thunder shook the small place he rented, you pressed yourself against him more, curling your legs up on the extra space of the couch.

- “Are you sure the power won’t go out?”

- “Nah, it’s not that bad.”

- As soon as the words left his mouth, the power flickered once, twice, then was out.

- You let out a squeal and hid yourself against him, tears already forming.

- “A-Are you really that scared?”

- When you nod, he gets in Protective Mode- Even though it’s cute you’re clinging on him, he pushes the thought away as he brings the flashlight up on both of your phones.

- He hands you yours, kissing your forehead as he promises to be right back, and a few minutes later he’s back with his ‘special’ candles.

- He did want to save them for a romantic night, but priorities.

- Thankfully, the candles did help bring on a more lovely mood…

-When the power goes out, he lets out a wail due to the horrible timing for his LOLOL sesh, and it takes him a bit to notice that he’s not the only one upset.

- He turns towards your direction, not being able to see you huddled under the covers of his bed until lightning strikes outside and lights up the room

- He stumbles over, his room not the cleanest, and carefully reaches for you. After a few questions, he realizes that you’re almost scared out of your mind!

- Fueled by your sad sniffles, he finds his way to his school bag, putting out his handheld and setting it on max brightness, rushing to set it on the nightstand to comfort you

- It helps a bit, but the main comfort you receive are the warm and soothing cuddles he gives you, even letting you use the data up on his phone to watch some funny videos (after he calls the power company, of course)

-As soon as the movie you two were watching started hitting it’s climax, the power shut off completely, and that was when the two of you first registered the stormy noises coming from outside.

- Before you can say anything, Jaehee is sighing and making her way into the kitchen, pulling out flashlights and a few candles.

- She doesn’t notice how scared you are until  she shines the light towards you, and instantly she’s got the light face up on the coffee table, illuminating the room as she squeezes you tight

- She focuses on calming you down a bit first, rocking you and rubbing your back, and when you’re able to calm down and realize you’re not in pitch darkness anymore, she kisses your forehead

- But rest assured, she is completely ready for a power outage. You wouldn’t have to worry about being in the dark for the rest of the night.

-He tsked as the power finally gave up in the company building, the storm outside raging and leaving him annoyed.

-Thankfully, he didn’t lose any work himself, but others might.

- Wordlessly reaching for his phone, using the main screen as a light, shined it towards you, ready to apologize for the power, but freezing as he saw you huddled up on the sofa he kept

-You were shaking, and when the storm allowed it, he could hear you struggling to breathe

-He rushed over, pestering you with hurried questions

-Were you okay??? Are you hurt?? Did you need a doctor???

-You muttered out 'scared’, in between shaky hands and breaths, and he was able to piece it together.

- He didn’t know much of what to do, so he wrapped an arm around you and used a free hand to send a mass text to many workers.

-Soon, his office had several flashlights to help keep the room lit, until the power could turn back on.

-He never mocked you, just let you hide between his arms until the flashlights came.

-He wasn’t used to having to worry about storms. With his line of work, they always supplied him a generator or two. Of course, when the power actually goes out, he’s not prepared at all.

- He laments for a bit, not used to living somewhere without them, and hurriedly gets his phone flashlight up, looking for you

- You were supposed to be taking a bath, so he carefully peeks the light in, asking if you are okay, but when he hears sniffles he’s busting in

- You’re curled up in the bath, trying to hide yourself, and he’s quick to grab a towel and help you out, holding you close even though you’re wet.

- He spends a minute coddling you, before he realizes that you’re cold and desperately need your clothes, so he helps shine the light as you get dressed, willing himself not to be a pervert.

-Once that’s taking care of, he’s holding you close and guiding you to the bedroom, lighting up an old battery operated star projector he had, and cuddling you while trying to distract you with it

-When the power went out at his small studio-like apartment, he just let out a loud groan as the wifi on his phone went out.

- Grumbling a bit to himself, he turned the flashlight on his phone and set out towards the kitchen, where you were supposed to be getting snacks

- Instead, in the middle of the hall, he sees you huddled up on the floor, snacks forgotten

- He’s beside you quickly. At first trying to make sure you’re not hurt, but then he realizes you’re just scared. He wants to tease, to get anything other than fear out of you, but he bites his tongue and gingerly touches you.

- Slowly, he steers you back towards the bedroom, trying to come up with what he can do to help. Unfortunately, the most he can do is have his phone face down on the night stand, partially lighting up the room with the flashlight on it.

- He lays you on the side of the bed with more access to the light, and settles in with you, offering just to talk or make up stories to help calm you down

-Soon, with the conversation, your fear slowly ebbs to a manageable point as he finally distracts you

-You would think he wouldn’t have noticed, but when the show you were watching suddenly cuts off, along with the buzz of electricity in the room, he lets out a sigh

-He tries talking to you, but he hears your whimpers and he’s instantly stumbling to the couch, reaching for you and asking if you’re okay.

- Once he realizes you’re scared, he grasps your hand, trying to guide you to the flashlights he has.

-It takes him a bit to locate them, not exactly remembering with drawer he hand them in, but after a solid click, he can see brightness and is so glad it works.

-He hands it to you, standing up and pulling you close, offering kind words to help calm you down.

- He wished he could be more helpful, but with his failing eyes he did the best he could.

-He would apologize for not noticing sooner, and for almost everything else, but ultimately he peppers you in kisses and promises to make a good safety plan for when this happens again in the future.

The Signs’ Phobias


Arachnophobia - the fear of spiders


Metathesiophobia - the fear of change


Acrophobia - the fear of heights


Philophobia - the fear of love


Nyctophobia - the fear of darkness


Enochlophobia - the fear of crowds


Ophidiophobia - the fear of snakes


Gamophobia - the fear of commitment


Claustrophobia - the fear of confined spaces


Coulrophobia - the fear of clowns


Necrophobia - the fear of death or dead things


Monophobia - the fear of being alone

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Hi I was wondering if you can make a BTS Hogwarts au! Like what are the BTS boys boggarts, houses, and favorite and least favorite subjects in Hogwarts along with favorite teacher. Love your blog. Pretty please 🙏?

  • Seokjin
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Ever since he was a child, Jin had always wanted to go to Hogwarts and formerly learn how to do magic. In addtion, Jin really likes hands on classes and as such his favorite subjects are Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions (even if his lab partner, Namjoon, has a tendency to accidentally ruin many of their potions). 
    • Least fave subject: Despite enjoying learning about all aspects of the realm of witches and wizards, Jin doesn’t really care for Divination. He doesn’t like the reading in-between the lines aspect class and he doesn’t really like Professor Trelawney. 
    • Fave teacher: Jin really admires the Head of the Gryffindor House, Professor McGonagall. Whenever he sees her transfigure into a cat he is left in awe and he hopes to one day have at least the same skill in magic as she does. 
  • Yoongi
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: It may come as a surprise to many people, but Yoongi is really good at school and he likes taking courses at Hogwarts. In particular his favorite subjects are Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Yoongi is a really good spellcaster and this is shown through his performance in those classes. 
    • Least fave subject: Although Yoongi likes school and enjoys taking his classes, there is one subject that he does not care for and that is Quidditch. His excuse for not liking the subject is that and I quote, “requires too much energy.”
    • Fave teacher: Before he started ruining Hogwarts in the name of Lord Voldemort, Professor Snape was Yoongi’s favorite teacher for the sole and simple reason that Yoongi admired how Professor Snape did not take any crap from any of his students. 
  • Hoseok
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: The moment that Hobi found out that he was a wizard and could go to Hogwarts, he was so excited. He wanted to learn all there was about magic and he found that one of his favorite subjects to be Charms. He really likes all the applications of Charms. In addition Hobi’s favorite subjects includes Quidditch
    • Least fave subject: Despite loving his classes at Hogwarts, Hobi finds that Studies of Ancient Runes to be a major bore. He’d rather spend his time out on the Quidditch pitch, or hanging out with friends. 
    • Fave teacher: It might same odd and out-of-place, but Hobi’s favorite teacher is Madame Pompfrey, because of her ability to heal and mend just about any injury or sickness. It amazes Hobi at how much she is capable of doing and her level of skill in magic. 
  • Namjoon
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Halfblood
    • Fave subjects: Namjoon has always been fascinated by the differences between the world of witches and wizards and the world of muggles. That is why his favorite subjects are History of Magic and Astronomy, because it gives him the chance to compare the differences and similarities between witches, wizards, and muggles. 
    • Least fave subject: Although Namjoon excels in classes that focus on theory and lecture, he struggles with hands on classes. Potions is his least favorite class, because he always finds away to make a dangerous concoction and endanger the lives of everyone in the classroom, which Seokjin can attest to. 
    • Fave teacher: Although he is no longer teaching, Namjoon really likes Professor Dumbledore. He really admires Dumbledore’s intellect and magical abilities. 
  • Jimin
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Having never been exposed to magic before Hogwarts, Jimin is curious about everything. As such he is really fascinated by Herbology and Charms. For him it’s the best of both worlds. Learning about magical plants and learning spells that can be used in his day to day life. 
    • Least fave subject: Jimin isn’t that interested in Muggle Studies, because it takes away from him learning about the realm of magic. He’d rather spend his time playing Quidditch with his friends.  
    • Fave teacher: Due to Jimin’s love of Herbology, his favorite teacher is Professor Sprout. He loves the passion in her eyes and in the way she speaks whenever she teaches class. Because of her passion, Jimin fell in love with Herbology. 
  • Taehyung
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Halfbood 
    • Fave subjects: Taehyung has such a sweet and soft heart. As such he would really love Care of Magical Creatures. He would love to learn about the animals and play with them. In addition, Taehyung really enjoys Transfiguration and he’s constantly try transforming random objects into animals (Jungkook often complains that his socks randomly go missing and he’s sure that Taehyung is to blame).
    • Least fave subject: Taehyung wouldn’t really care for History of Magic. Just sitting there and listening to the professor drone on and on would drive him insane. 
    • Fave teacher: Taehyung’s favorite professor, for sure, would be Hagrid. Tae feels a deep connection with Hagrid, because of the shared love that they have for magical creatures (legit Taehyung would be like Hagrid and hide a dragon).
  • Jungkook
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Ravenclaw and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: People are often surprised at how good Jungkook is at magic, considering that he is a Muggleborn. This kid is so good at magic and although he’s good at just about everything, Jungkook particularly loves Quidditch and Defense Against the Dark Arts. These two classes combine two things that Jungkook loves, sports and spellcasting.
    • Least fave subject: Although Jungkook is not bothered by the subject of Arithemacy itself, he absolutely cannot stand how much homework he gets from that class (it takes away from Quidditch practice). Thus Arithemacy is his least favorite course. 
    • Fave teacher: Jungkook really admires the Head of the Ravenclaw House, Professor Flitwick. He admires his command of magic and his knowledge on the subject. 

I put the boggarts for each member under read more, because I touch up on some dark and potentially triggering ideas (such as death and mental illness) when it comes to their boggarts.

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Enneagram 5

The Five in Profile

Healthy: Observe everything with extraordinary perceptiveness and insight. Are mentally alert, curious, have a searching intelligence: nothing escapes their notice. Display foresight and prediction abilities. Able to concentrate: become engrossed in what has caught their attention. / Attain skillful mastery of whatever interests them. Excited by knowledge: often become expert in some field. Innovative and inventive, producing extremely valuable, original works. Highly independent, idiosyncratic, and whimsical. At Their Best: Become visionaries, broadly comprehending the world while penetrating it profoundly. Open-minded, take things in whole, in their true context. Make pioneering discoveries and find entirely new ways of doing and perceiving things.

Average: Begin conceptualizing everything before acting—working things out in their minds: model building, preparing, practicing, gathering resources. Studious, acquiring technique. Become specialized and often “intellectual”: involvement in research, scholarship, and building theories. / Increasingly detached as they become involved with complicated ideas or imaginary worlds. Become preoccupied with their visions and interpretations rather than reality. Are fascinated by offbeat, esoteric subjects, even those involving dark and disturbing elements. Detached from the practical world, a “disembodied mind,” although high-strung and intense. / Begin to take an antagonistic stance toward anything which would interfere with their inner world and personal vision. Become provocative and abrasive, with intentionally extreme and radical views. Cynical and argumentative.

Unhealthy: Become reclusive and isolated from reality, eccentric and nihilistic. Highly unstable and fearful of aggressions: they reject and repulse others and all social attachments. / Get obsessed with yet frightened by their threatening ideas, becoming horrified, delirious, and prey to gross distortions and phobias. / Seeking oblivion, they may commit suicide or have a psychotic break with reality. Deranged, explosively self-destructive, with schizophrenic overtones.

Key Motivations: Want to be capable and competent, to master a body of knowledge and skill, to explore reality, to remain undisturbed by others, to reduce their needs.

Examples: Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Friedrich Nietzsche, Stanley Kubrick, Georgia O'Keeffe, Emily Dickinson, Simone Weil, Bill Gates, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacob Bronowski, James Joyce, Gary Larson, David Lynch, Stephen King, Tim Burton, Clive Barker, Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk, John Cage, Glenn Gould, Charles Ives, Bobby Fischer, and Vincent van Gogh.

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Klangst fic idea - Nyctophobia

Imagine if Keith was afraid of the dark, and had trouble sleeping because of it. When Keith and Lance first start dating, he tries his best to hide it, and just deals when Lance turns the light out at night, suppressing the tension in his body that the fear causes him, but can’t resist cuddling a little closer to Lance for comfort. Imagine Keith waking up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, to a pitch black room, panicking and sweating, and he can’t find Lance in the bed because he’s rolled too far away. But he’s too scared to move, and so he just lies there hyperventilating, waiting for either Lance to roll closer, or for the sun to come up. And on mornings after a night like that, he’s always drained and achy, and just getting through the day is so difficult

Imagine when it starts getting really bad, and its not just when he’s going to sleep that he’s scared of the dark, but when he’s walking around their apartment in the evening, or at night, and the lights are off, and he just. Can’t. He runs past doors that lead into dark rooms, avoids certain parts of the apartment all together because he just can’t deal with not being able to see what’s in the shadows. He has to suppress the mounting anxiety and nausea that rise in his chest every night when Lance turns their light out and there’s a couple seconds where he’s just alone in the bed before Lance climbs in next to him. 

And imagine when Lance finally finds out about it, because he came home late one night to a totally pitch black apartment during a power cut, and finds Keith completely freaked out, a solid hour into the worst panic attack of his life. Keith’s just curled up in the corner of the kitchen, knees pulled up to his chest, hands balled in his hair, breathing ragged and just staring, wide eyed at the floor in front of him. Imagine Lance rushing to his side and just grabbing hold of him, demanding to know what’s wrong, but Keith’s so far in he doesn’t even see Lance until the power comes back on and the kitchen lights up. Keith just kind of shakily looks up, and starts crying, which freaks Lance the hell out, because he’s never seen Keith cry before. 

Imagine Lance doing everything he can for Keith after that, to make sure that he’s never left alone in a dark environment again. If he turns the light off in a room, he closes the door so Keith doesn’t have to see in every time he walks past. They get a lamp and nightlight for their room so it’s never totally dark, and Keith’s never left alone in the bed in the dark while Lance turns the light off. And best of all, Lance never once teases Keith about it, or makes light of the situation, because he totally understands phobias, and seeing Keith so freaked out the night of the power cut just scared him so much. Keith never really vocally acknowledges everything Lance does for him after that, but Lance notices his gratefulness in the small things, like when Keith noses his neck after he climbs into bed, or smiles every time he sees Lance closing the door on a dark room.

Questions & Answers

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Rules: answer all of the questions and tag some blogs you’d like to get to know better!

Name: Victoria

Family name: Putinski

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5′5″

Age: 26

Favourite colour: Kelly green, and indigo blue. 

Time right now: 9:24 PM

Hours of sleep: 6-8

Lucky number: 7

Last thing I googled: “floral mens punk t-shirt”

Fav fictional character: Oh God how can I choose one @_@ Hiccup from HTTYD

Blankets I sleep with: a duvet and a wool blanket from Iceland

Favourite artists: blaaah too many to list so I’ll just put my ultimate fave as @maddox-rider <3

Dream trip: Antarctica

Dream job: character animator or background/layout painter at Mercury Filmworks 

What you’re wearing right now: denim overalls over my Tabitha Howlter shirt, with my grey owl jumper on top (I am ultimate phan-trash mode atm)

Follower count: 19,591

Posts: almost 5,870 (that is crazy omg)

What do you post about: my own art, internet support group advice, reblogs of other nice art

Most active followers: @thegraceofebonee, @the-squirrel-queen

When did your blog reach it’s peak: I’m not sure if it’s reached it yet

Why did you make this blog: To share my art and make art friends :)

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Yes

Why did you choose your URL: My primary blog @geomagics used to be “incaseyoucare”, so “incaseyouart” seemed logical. Now I regret it a bit since everyone apparently reads it as “incaseyoghurt” lol (fact: I have a sideblog @incaseyoghurt)

Countries you’ve lived in: Canada

Favourite fandom: Dan & Phil

Languages you speak: English and a bit of French. 

Favourite film: Dragonheart

Last article you read: Earthquake in British Columbia

Last thing you bought online: temporary dragon tattoo, fake piercings, tattoo sleeves, blue hair chalk *cough* can you tell what cosplay I’m doing next 

Last person you dreamt of: My friend Mars

A recurring dream: There is a large, open, grassy field. I am running across it in a panic because I am being chased by some unknown aggressor. I reach the woods at the end of the field, still running. There is a log cabin up ahead, which I smash in to, eager to escape (not sure what). I discover a trap door into a basement. I fall in to complete darkness. I wake up. (I have this dream once every few years, idk why)

Phobias/Fears: Waves (especially the break point along shore), high winds and tornadoes/hurricanes (extremely violent storms in general). 

How would your friends describe you: Person obsessed with those two British guys online

If you had $$$ to spend, what would you buy first: Honestly probably a house, so I didn’t have to keep wasting my money on rent. 

Shuffle your song library- first song that plays: Brave by Riley Pearce

I tag: @gilove2dance, @beeken, @sarafinascomplex, @koneko-manga have fun guys~

Fleshing out your Original Character(s)

Hello! This is just a little thing to help writers of all kinds help develop their characters. Not only will this have simple questions, but also scenarios that would make you have to think. Happy writing :)

Section 1: The basics

Date of birth:
Astrological and Zodiac signs:
Natural Gender:
-Gender they identify with:
Hair/fur color:
Hair/fur style:
Eye color:
Eye shape:
Skin tone:
Highest level of education:
dialect or accent:
typical clothes style for Winter:
Does your character need glasses/contacts?
Posture when feeling guilty
Physical and/or mental disability?
body style
facial features

Section 2: Favorites/favourites

-nonalcoholic beverage:
-alcoholic beverage (if legal age):
-TV series (non animated):
-Animated TV series:
-genera of music:
-animal (non mythical):
-animal (mythical):
-recreational activity:
-place to be when sad:
-thing to do on a cold winter night:
-thing to do during a sunny summer day:
-thing to do when with someone they like:
-Video game:
-Voice actor
-art style
-style of dance
-thing to learn about
-place to visit
-sweet treat
-vehicle (Make and Model)
-ice cream flavor
-Hair color
-eye color
-School subject
-way to pamper themself

Section 3: Personality Traits

introvert or extrovert?
outgoing or reserved?
Brave or timid?
finicky or sloppy?
studious or negligent?
adventurous or cautious?
stubborn or flexible?
Leader or follower?
shameful or shameless?
trustworthy or unreliable?
Capable or inept?
Cultured or uncivilized?
Creative or unimaginative?
Dynamic or predictable?
Gentle or surly?
Stressful or relaxed?
withdrawn or wild?
Pratical or Imaginative?
vague or straight to the point?
What kind of drunk, if they drink to the point of getting such, are they?
Optimistic or pessimistic?
suspicious or friendly?
secretive or honest?
tactful or tactless?
thoughtful or thoughtless?
strong willed or weak willed?
penny pincher or spendthrift?
quirky or plebeian?
what is their view on pain?
What is there view of ‘suffering’?
Would they help others, leave them be, or make them suffer?
What would they do if they found a wallet with no ID in it?
What would they do if they were witnessing a kidnapping? a rape attempt? a gang attack? a theft? a murder? an Assult? Bullying?
What would they do if someone was drowning? on fire? bleeding? Freezing? Or some other medical emergency?

Section 4: Family

(Step) Father:
(Step) Mother:
(Step/half) Sibling(s)?:
what is their relationship with each?
Were they adopted?
Were they neglected?
Were they abandoned?
Were they abused?
-who did the abusing
Did they run away?
What kind of home did they live in?
How was their childhood? Teenage years? Adulthood?
Did any family member die?
Did parents get a divorce?
was there infidelity or incest in the family?
are there any famous people in the family?
Family coat-of-arms?

Section 5: Negatives

Pet peeves
Bad habits
Criminal record (including DUI and public indecency)
When was the last time they lied? what did they lie about? Who did they lie to? why did they lie?
when was the last time they got into a fight?
have they ever (attempted to) killed anyone?
have they done anything in the black market
Are they racist? Sexist? ageist?
have they ever deliberately hurt someone?
do they bash anyone because of their religion? sexual orientation? gender identity? physical or mental disability?
dark secrets?
have they ever stereotyped someone?
Have they ever judged someone before getting to know them?
have they ever self-injured?
have they attempted suicide?
which of the seven deadly sins are stronger in them? (Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Lust)
Have they ever failed a class?
-have they ever dropped out
Bad manners?

section 6: other

hopes for the future:
Dreams about:
longs for:
job history:
status in society:
medical history:
blood type:
-have they ever donated blood?
in their free time they:
style of writing:
their opinion on “the price of freedom”:
what is “freedom” to them?
have they ever lost faith in someone?
have they ever changed religions?
what is their greatest achievement?
what is their life goal?
what do they dread having to do?
who is their best friend?
who is their worst enemy?
what do they long to do?
what is their dream vacation?
do they have any survival skills?
-cooking skills?
-sewing skills?
-mechanical/electrical/plumbing skills?
-woodworking skills?
Dating history
credit score (if able to have a credit card)
mode of transportation
guilty pleasure
have they ever moved?
have they had their wisdom teeth pulled?
have they ever broken a bone?
If they identify with a gender opposite to what they were born with, have they gotten a sex change?
What was their schooling like?

Section 7: Scenarios

1) They are stuck in a zombie apocalypse. They are only able to bring 5 things with them. What do they take? (Pets do not count)
2) They are trapped on a deserted island; what is the first thing they do?
3) They come across a man unconscious on the ground. he does not respond when called. What do they do?
4) They hear a rumor about their best friend- a rather nasty rumor too- what do they do?
5) Zombie apocalypse time again; Does your character work together with Their worst enemy to survive or do they do something else?
6) Your character’s significant other is sick, what do they do to help them feel better?
7) Your character gets some terrible news- the worst news they could every receive. How do they react?
8) Your character meets their idol and gets to spend the day with them; what do they do and how do they act? v9) They are celebrating their favorite/favourite holiday but they had to invite their enemy to the party
10) Your character became a parent! What is their knee-jerk reaction?

Section 8: Opinions on

1) Gay Marriage
2) Abortion
3) Divorce
4) Religion
5) Stereotypes
6) Vaccinations
7) War
8) Eating out/Dining in
9) Guns or weapons in general
10) Rape
11) School/Education
12) Technology
13) Drugs (Illegal)
14) Drugs (Legal)
15) The legalization of Drugs
16) Animals in Captivity
17) Improper Grammar
18) Working
19) Betrayal
20) Swearing
21) Abuse
22) Illegal activities (such as snag fishing)
23) Moving
24) Government
25) Monopolizing
26) Businesses
27) Immigration
28) Animal Testing
29) Standerdize Testing
30) Death Penalty
31) Climate Change
32) Piracy (taking of other people’s work)
33) Obesity
34) Prostitution
35) Meat eating
36) Sex