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Lygophobia- Fear of darkness; Once entering this level everything is dark and you only get a flashlight for a source of light. This boss crawls around in the dark and makes different noises to distract or try to scare the player. The boss is like the monster we think we see in the dark corner of the room. Be sure to use your hearing well because this boss has silent steps giving it a chance to be right behind you without you noticing.

Pupaphobia- Fear of Puppets; When entering the room, the level room has many different old and new puppets. This boss is a puppet herself but she does not want to be controlled by the string she wants to control whats attached to them. She is a simple boss, she tried to attach puppet strings to the limbs of the player to control them. Other times she crawls on the walls of the room trying to jump at you.

Thantophobia- Fear of losing someone you love; Entering the level is an empty room. This boss uses a special gas-like fog to make the player see things. This fog distracts the player/dreamscaper by making them have hallucinations about the people they love/care for die or leave them for good. While distracted it will give the boss enough time to attack

Night Teror belongs to Rebornica

  • •Me:Say something.
  • •Anxiety:What if you sound stupid? You don't have anything to say. You'll just come across obnoxious.
  • •Person:Hi!
  • •Me:*mumbles* H...Hi.
  • •Anxiety:Great, see how standoffish you look. They hate you. You could have said it a little nicer.
  • •Band Director:Ok, let's here you play.
  • •Me:Oh my god, I didn't practice, I am literally the worst human in existence. What am I going to do they're waiting.
  • •Parents:You never do anything. You should get out more.
  • •Me:Um... I don't really have any friends.
  • •Parents:You're just shy. You'll grow out of it.
  • •Me:Yea....sure, I hope.