—  (noun) Pistanthrophobia is defined as the fear of trusting people. This fear is conceived from negative experiences an individual endured in former relationship(s). Trust is perceived as one of the most fragile connections and understandings humanity builds, which is why pistanthrophobia must be overcome to live a fulfilling life. 

gift for Rebornica
Yesterday, a day drawing and I decided to make speedpaint,first part where he was kept as part of the circuit as I paint there ;-;

I like to paint these cats ~
And it seems these pussy liked me because I was always a problem plagued :“D

Work was drawn 5 hours and 42 minutes.
I do not have a graphics tablet!Therefore, so long I drew

Myrmecophobia Boss (The Fear of Ants)

She is 7-8 Feet tall and is Portrayed as a queen Fire ant

Attacks: She normally protects herself with swarms of ants but if a player gets too close to her, she will try and bite or stand on them, occasionally flying to another side of the boss room. She can send out Worker and Soldier ants.

Strengths / Weaknesses: Her Thorax and the back of her head are the weakest parts of her, her strongest parts are her Crown and the Spikes sticking out from her back.

Nickname: Myrm / Meco

Speedpaint: https://youtu.be/bXaE7qRPfxQ 

I hope you like her rebornica

Taphophobia is the phobia of being buried alive. You may think this just an irrational fear, but it happens and has happened more often than you might think.

One such case tells of a young woman admitted to the hospital for what was suspected to be yellow fever. Her death was recorded only days later and she was buried in the hospital cemetery. When a nurse reported unusual findings in her care the body was exhumed. What they found was not one person, but two. The young lady had died in the coffin of asphyxiation and beside her she cradled her newborn daughter who had been born and died alongside her in the coffin.