Signs as phobias

Aries: Asthenophobia (fear of weakness)

Taurus: Neophobia (fear of change)

Gemini: Thaasophobia (fear of boredom)

Cancer: Isolophobia (fear of solitude) 

Leo: Social phobia (fear of public humiliation)

Virgo:  Autophobia (fear of being undesirable)

Libra: Decidophobia (fear of making decisions )

Scorpio: Proditiophobia (fear of betrayal)

Sagittarius: Philophobia (fear of emotional attachment)

Capricorn: Atychiphobia (fear of failure)

Aquarius: Claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces) 

Pisces: Dystychiphobia (fear of accidents) 

Liam Payne Explains His Phobia Of... Spoons
  • Liam Payne Explains His Phobia Of... Spoons
  • Capital FM

LISTEN: One Direction’s Liam Payne Gets Honest… About His Phobia Of Spoons!

4th June 2015, 09:26

The ‘Best Song Ever’ star gives us the inside scoop on one of the BIGGEST rumours, about his secret phobia!

It’s not your average phobia - having an aversion to spoons - but Liam Payne has explained his reasoning for disliking the little cutlery devils and we have to admits… it does kind of make sense!

The One Direction star stopped by for a chat with us ahead of the band’s performance at our Summertime Ball 2015 With Vodafone this Saturday (6th June), and was quizzed on rumours that have been flying around for some time that he is scared of spoons. It turns out the truth is more complicated!

“See I’m not so much scared of spoons, I’ll hold one,” Liam explained to Capital’s Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon this week. “But I don’t like eating with them, if they’re not my spoons, if that makes sense.

“It is a bit weird. When I was a kid I was a bit naughty at school and when you were naughty they made you do the washing up,” Liam added. “I had to wash all these nasty spoons and then it’s just stuck with me after. I don’t know what people are doing with their spoons, I don’t want to know!”