“Stages”, 2016, 11.5x18 inch print, 17x23 inch recycled rustic wood frame (no mat) - $85

About This Piece:

In this piece, “Stages”, instead of discarding these fallen buds when making a flower arrangement I decided to keep them in one of their own, and I was delighted to see how they emerged at different times, displaying the stages of a flower blossoming. I selected “Stages” for this frame because I liked how the wood was very much like the table the vase is resting on, and it felt simply like an extension of the scene.

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What I Ate Today (vegan)

Breakfast: tofu scramble with leftover Gardein beefless tips and spinach, tofurky breakfast sausage links, mango and avocado

Lunch: Veggie burger with BBQ veggies and salad

Dinner: Vegan pho (tofu, veggies, mushroom broth)

I saw this sign and had to take a picture of it. In Vietnamese the “pho” is pronounced “fuh”

Was this a bitter divorce? Was he just an asshole?