Pandora Hearts Meme: Seven retraces - DOUBLE EDITION 2/2
↳ XL: Blindness & XLI: Where am I? [7/7]

I’m all right… ‘cos Gil and Alice came to me. So I’m all right.


Pandora Hearts Meme: Seven Eight retraces - DOUBLE EDITION 1/3
↳ LV: Back To Back & LVI: Rabbit Eyes [6/8]

That’s not what I’m talking about! What’s really pissing me off is that you fought and you gave up without asking for anyone’s help! There are people you should think of and people you can turn to in this kind of situation!


Pandora Hearts Meme: Seven retraces
↳ LIX: Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again [3/7]

Forget what I did? Turn my eyes away?!! My memories, my mistakes, all of my suffering, the past, the future, I have no intention of giving any of them up to you!

I am Elliot Nightray! And I will not let you take that away from me!!