But that’s when he met Louis’ eyes. He looked straight at him, gave a small, wry smile that looked cold and didn’t reach his eyes.  He leaned down to place open-mouthed kisses on the unnamed girl’s exposed neck and shoulder, yet inexplicably still holding his eye contact with Louis.


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Coming from watching the Agents of Shield via live stream and watching Lost last time. I totally get where you are coming from like the crowd was so much more mature and they legit asked questions even though some were obvious but the TVD crowd is such a bad representation of the fandom. Like there are people like you who paid and people watching a home who wanted real answers and questions. And nothing immature, it's like really.

It was a waste of time. We could have gotten at least 3 more questions if people were more mature and respectful. I actually blame the people who organized the event, more than the fandom. If they were going to have it in the Dolby theatre, and it was going to stream live, than they should have had an applause sign and treated it like a live talk show. They let the crowd get out of control, and if they gave clear instruction for how to behave in the same theatre the Oscars are in, than it would have been a different experience. They even called on the same girl twice, once in the TO panel and again in the TVD panel. But there was nobody, except Ian, telling people to shut up.

I was so embarrassed. All I could think the entire time, was I bet Ian had more fun at the Lost panel.

What froze Louis was what Harry was doing. He had a girl in front of him, and he was dancing with her filthily. Absolutely filthily. There was no space between their bodies – every inch was pressed against every inch, grinding hard against each other. It was like they were practically having sex on the dance floor.



..just warn me if you plan on bringing home Moaning Monica again - “

Niall snorted. “Every time you call her that it makes me think of Harry Potter.”

“At least she doesn’t look like Moaning Myrtle,” Louis conceded.

“Sounds like her though,” they said simultaneously, before bending over with laughter.

“Ni, you took your shirt off and did the Single Ladies dance,” Cher informed him, eyes twinkling. “On my kitchen table. Wearing my pink feathered boa.”

idk man i really want to see that tbh