Philippine Mythology as told by my childhood: Tik-tik

The Tik-tik, a variant of the aswang, is characterized by its long tongue and the sound it makes when it is out hunting. It is drawn to the scent of an infant in its mother’s womb and uses its long, thin tongue to suck the blood of the victim by passing it through the mother’s navel.

Philippine Mythology as told by my childhood: Tikbalang

A Tikbalang is an elemental creature that lurks in the mountains and forests. It has the head and legs of a horse, while having the torso and arms of a man. It is said that in order to tame a Tikbalang, one must ride it and obtain hair from its mane. Some older people say that when the sun is shining while it is also raining, a Tikbalang is getting married.

*This might not be true for you (they’re kind of not true for me now). The short descriptions are just how these creatures were depicted to me when I was a kid.

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Hundreds protest at Philadelphia International Airport following an emergency call to action by Philadelphia Councilwoman Helen Gym.  Several families are being detained at the airport as a result of Trump’s executive order.

PA Governor Tom Wolf, US Senator Bob Casey, US Congressman Bob Brady, and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney were all present and addressed the protestors with an update on the legal fight.

Philadelphia, January 28, 2017

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