Hey @team-erdos, it’s giant origami coffee mug.

Thomas Hull’s PHiZZ unit arranged in a torus. SUPER fun, highly recommend. The only downside is your friends WILL get tired of you sending them progress shots because it takes forever. It took me two days (plus a little more that I’m not counting because I only had to go to bed early because of doctor’s appointment, so just two days, really) of folding to do this. I’m incredibly pleased I switched to the 3″x3″ because the 1″x1″ were a nightmare. I can do PHiZZ icosahedrons with the teensy no problem, but the geometry there is much easier to force.

IF you’re going to make one of these, I have a few recommendations. As you can see in the fourth picture, I have a “Stand” for it - ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NECESSARY FORGIVE MY LANGUAGE. Your arms will get so tired of contorting to get to the connections if you don’t have one of these. Trust me. The other recommendation is to connect a cross section as soon as you’re able - good sense of accomplishment and much easier to continue on. 

Now lets talk size - It’s hard to know when to close it! Mine has more units in it than the one in the link earlier because… Well, I closed it when I felt like it. One of the shapes you make is pentagons and I have thirteen on each side of the coffee cup whereas the one in the link only has twelve. I’m confident you could do fourteen if you wanted too, so, you know, a full rainbow, not that purple nonsense. 

Thank you to @paperloveaffair for not blocking me instagram for spamming you with progress shots. :#


Three and four chunks out of five assembled and attached.  These took me about an hour to put together each, and then another fifteen to twenty minutes to stick together.  Total expenditure of time so far: Sixteen hours.  I made one of these a few months ago with 4 in. by 4 in. paper, and it took me about half that amount of time.  Size counts.