ΦΣΣ Spring Recruitment 2014 <3

I was hoping you could post this as a thoughts/prayers request. 

Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority on the campus of Central Michigan University lost a sister today.  It would be greatly appreciated if all Panhellenic women could keep her family, friends, and sisters in their thoughts or prayers.

Thank you.

Panhellenic Love and sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers coming your way. 

My rant on Phi Sigma Pi

I thought it was so stupid. A coed fraternity? I thought it was a bunch of socially awkward losers too lame for social Greeks.

And then a good friend (the then-president and current G-big) asked me to come out to an event. These people were nothing like I thought. They were best friends and outgoing. They didn’t care what you wore. They only cared that you tried.
They showed up to hand me my bid. They became my best friends. My pledge class and I are tight as fuck. They were closer to me than my pledge class for the social sorority I pledged for a hot minute.
The fact is, we’re only different in that we have men and women. We hand out bids, we have a rush week, big/little, formal, ceremonies, etc.
We’re not better than social Greeks and they aren’t better than us; we’re just a different kind if frat. And honestly? I wouldn’t give up my Brothers for the world.