This is actually my first ever piece of fanart! I saw the first piece of Sexplainations artwork by gheewizzers (here) with the two part hearts hugging, so I created this, hopefully they don’t mind! I know we haven’t really covered the gender/sexuality topic yet, but I can’t wait till we do.

I really hope I 1) haven’t spelled anything wrong and 2) haven’t offended anyone with this image. It’s obviously a gross oversimplification of the nuances of gender and sexuality, but I tried to cover the most common umbrella terms. The colours were deliberately chosen so it’s not obvious what is supposed to be ‘male’ and what is supposed to be ‘female’. From the top left it goes

Heterosexual, Homosexual

Asexual, Bisexual, Pansexual

Cisgender, Transgender, Bigender

Agender, Genderqueer

I really like this series so watch out for more fanart of it, I plan to do something around the birds and the bees next :)


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They still have Blainers open but you must read the rules first, then submit along with a practise para or so. Preferably tonight but if you can’t do it tonight then I’ll tell them to hold the character in reserve for you so you can get your submission in

Love you long time girly