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She’s the one bro - Maynard Siblings Imagine

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You, Jack and Conor were staying at their parent’s house for the weekend, it was a last minute kind of thing on Friday afternoon but the boys were missing their family lots. Being in a relationship with Jack for three years, you were very welcomed in their home, his parents loved you and Anna treated you as her own sister.

It was Sunday afternoon when everything happened. Jack and Conor had gone to meet up with some friends while Anna had stayed around her boyfriend’s house the night before, which both brothers were not happy about before I reminded them about the many times they had you or another girl other.

You were sat editing my video you had filmed with the Maynard siblings before a loud bang echoed around the house. Worried, you placed the laptop on Jack’s bed and walked out his room.

“Hello?” You called out, bringing up Jack’s phone number just in case.

“Y/N?” You heard Anna whimper.

Running down the stairs you see Anna on the floor, red eyes and damp cheeks, “What happened babe?”

Sitting down next to her, you pulled her into your side, while she cried on your shoulder. “H-he used m-me as a bet.”

“Fuck.” Cursing you helped her upstairs, into her room telling her to change so you can go back down and get some junk food.

Once you were downstairs you phoned Jack. “Alright, love.”

“Jack? You and Conor need to get home. It’s Anna, he broke up with her.” You heard your boyfriend curse several time before him shouting Conor’s name.

“Coming now.” He hung up, leaving you to collect Anna’s favourite ice cream and chocolate.

Jack and Conor were around half hour away, and depending on traffic and Conor’s slowness it could be near an hour. Although with the worry for Anna you knew Conor would go over the speed limit, and if he wasn’t Jacks death threats would defiantly get him to go faster.

“Right I got phish food ice cream and galaxy chocolate.” Walking into Anna’s room seeing her red eyed under the blanket of her bed, smiling softy you climbed into her bed with her as she took the ice cream and started to eat it.

You weren’t going to ask what happened with her and her ex-boyfriend knowing she would need some time but she blurted it out.

“Last night, we did you…know, um, yeah well. This morning I woke up and he was speaking on the phone to someone and he was telling them about it.” She let out a loud sob and cuddled into your open arms, “When I asked why he did it, he broke up with me and told me It was a bet.”

She cried loudly into your chest while you repeat multiple death threats under your breath. Slowly her sobs died down and soft breathing was heard, feeling your own eyes slow close, you let the sleep take over.

Forty minutes later, Jack and Conor barged into the house calling both yours and Anna’s name, not hearing a response both boys ran up the stairs to Anna’s room.

Opening the door, the sight of you and Anna curled up bed, caused a smile to grow on Jack’s face. He loved you more than anything and the sight of you and his sister only caused his love to grow, he knew you were the one for him since the first time you met each other.

Closing the door, the Maynard brothers rested their backs on the wall opposite, it was peaceful as they tried to calm themselves down from the panic and anger until Conor spoke up.

“She’s the perfect one for you bro.”

Jack grinned before gesturing Conor to follow him into his room, walking into his room Jack smiled softly at the sight of his bed messed up with your laptop and glasses on the side.

Bending down he open the bottom of his draw before pulling out a black velvet box, turning around he faced Conor who looked confused. “I love her man.”

Lifting the top of the box, he watched Conor’s face turned to surprise before a massive smile grew on to his face that he looked like a Cheshire cat. Jack looked down at the ring before looking back up with Conor with a look of pure love on his face.

“She’s the one bro.”

You’re More Than A Name || Lena Luthor Imagine

“Lena… babe I can’t help if I don’t know what’s wrong.” You murmured, stuck standing in the doorway of your girlfriends office, her back to you, head dipped and if she would let you you’d be over there in a heartbeat.

“You know why Y/N.” Her voice was strained, angry and you could tell her teeth were gritted, her arms balled into fists as they were crossed. You had seen Lena angry, but never at you, and it was a whole new meaning to the word of heartbreak.

“Babe I-” You stepped forward but her cold monotone voice made you freeze.

“Don’t call me that. Go home.” You stayed where you were, this time it was you fighting to contain your anger, the tears welling up and you cursed yourself. You hated this sort of rage, you were angry because it was hurting, because you cared too much and as words left your lips you could hear the tears drip from them.

“Lena, I don’t know what you’re talking about. But if you want to continue to push me away that’s fine. I have always been here for you and now for you to not even let me explain what you think I’ve done…” You shook your head and exhaled. You couldn’t even utter a goodbye, you glanced at her one last time to find she had straightened, her head held higher as you went to turn to face you. You let her, you stayed, your eyes more defiant and upset then she had expected, you weren’t lying. And as she looked at you, she knew that she had messed up. She opened her mouth, to apologise, to sob, to scream, she didn’t know but she didn’t get a chance as you turned and walked out.


She had been trying to call you for all of that day. 24 missed calls and an array of varying emotional voicemails and texts . You almost felt tempted to laugh, all those people who say Lena felt nothing and now she was acting like a kicked puppy.

‘How to get away with murder’ was not to best show to watch when you were mad but that didn’t stop you from binging. You felt a bit better, content with your Phish Food ice cream and an oversized hoodie until a knock at the door made you sigh. You knew who it was, there was no point hiding. You stood, quickly shovelling as much ice cream in your mouth and swallowing as fast as you could.

You turned the handle and took a deep breath. Your heartbeat sped up and when her voice cracked as she whispered your name.

“Y/N. Let me explain.”

You wanted to cry, you wanted to wrap the woman in your arms and just hold her and feel her heartbeat but you remained cold, she had hurt you and you lifted your head.

“You have two minutes.” You shakily drawled, crossing your arms.

“The press, the all were claiming an inside source said that you were dating me only for publicity and money. Y’know the whole Luthor thing. They were claiming this source knew you didn’t love me and I’m so sorry I just drew myself away and immediately assumed it was true and that was wrong. It’s just my biggest fear and I-” You took her hand, your eyes soft in comparison to the sharpness of her face, the roughness of her scrunched face. She immediately relaxed at your touch.

“Lena. I’m still mad at you and I’m sorry that I can’t immediately forgive you but I can get over it I just need a few days. But Lena, when I saw you in that bookstore, do you really think the first thing I thought of was your last name? No. What I thought of was how beautiful you were, how beautiful you are. Your name, your family has never mattered, in that way, to me. You matter to me. And yes, your name makes you who you are to some extent. My point is, the only thing about your last name I care about is whether I get your last name or you change to mine.” The unshed tears in her eyes said all you needed to hear as she hesitantly stepped forward and you let her into your arms.

She held on tight, and you could her the croak of emotional in her tone.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Lena. Always will.”

Slump Day

Words: 872
Bucky Barnes X Steve Rogers X Reader
Request:“Hey Darling :) Can I ask you for an imagine ? :) I really have a bad time at the Moment and thought of some cheering up. Maybe something where you’re also an avenger and the others also notice you’re Feeling down lately. So to get you in a better mood, Steve & Bucky take you out for some ice cream and later watch Football together. Slowly you start to feel better and later you fall asleep cuddled together with them on the Sofa. I hope this is okay with you :)” - Anon

You weren’t proud of yourself for feeling the way that you did. All things considered your life was that bad. You had a successful career as an Avenger. Success in your mind being defined by the number of missions you survived in enough pieces to make it to the next. You had enough money and in the general course of your life, you had pretty good luck with guys. Despite all of this you found yourself in a slump.

It some days it was something as simple as you could bring yourself to get out of bed early enough to make breakfast, while other days, you couldn’t even muster the courage to talk to another human being. You felt guilty knowing that your friends had all suffered so much more than you. So you never said anything to anyone. You tried to push through how you were feeling and hoped no one else noticed.

Steve and Bucky knew better than anyone what you felt like. They also knew what a world of a difference it can make if someone else lets you know that they see your pain and are there for you. So together the two friends concocted a plan to get you right as rain.

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