okay i don’t get why people are “hating” on me bcs i ship phinbella like

okay, i ship phinbella, yes, it’s my favorite ship


i am not one of those shippers who do the CAPS LOCK!!! and scream at you because you don’t ship what i do !!! cool!!!!


i respect your ships, and i respect you as a person, i really dont give a shit if you dont ship phinbella because that doesnt change my opinion on you as a human being

you don’t like phinbella? cool, we can still be friends

so long as you dont constantly nag on me how you dont like it then i will still like you (because nagging me about hating it is basically me nagging you about how much i love it)

im done that is all


This is an accurate description of my relationship with Matty. I can’t even breathe I’ve been laughing so hard.