phiru's dumb sketches


When my cat Mordecai was little, he was (still pretty much is) really attached to me. He’d follow me into the bathroom when I went to take a shower too, but had to wait until I was done, of course, etc. SO, when sometimes when I would go and put my hair up in a towel to dry, he’d climb up to my shoulders and then curl up on top of my head purring like crazy.

I-it was so cute that I didn’t have the heart to pull him off and would balance my head for him to lay up there for a couple minutes until I got tired.

Of course, he’s too big to do that sort of thing now without really hurting my neck, but he’ll still cuddle up with me.


No comment on the Swoobat, derp derp.

FOR THE CATERPIE, remember when your parents would tell you to not talk to strangers and also you wore those ridiculously colored clothes and kind of dumb looking overalls. Pretty much my caterpie.

AT LEAST, I remember dumb overalls and stupid colors but that was because i didn’t know how to dress myself.

My sister’s grandpa (yes, her grandpa, we’re only half-related) sent these coffee mugs and other stuff with pictures of her and my niece, as some sort of birthday gifta long time ago.

So when I grab any random mug from the kitchen to quickly get my coffee, it’s unnerving when I find out that I got a mug with my sister’s face staring at me

just god, sis, let me surf the internet in peace


marvel at my inability to finish anything ever and be happy with it

Two of those are commission wips (the shizuo one two weeks old* actually or something) that I’m gonna redo because I’m not happy with either sigh, i don’t want to take a year to finally give them to the people but i’m nearly halfway to that

the Release Trigger art one is the only one I’m happy with, now I’m just…stuck on how I wanna color it later

rant rant rant time to do more art


basically the tldr of this is “phil’s art fluctuates all the time and she has no idea what she’s doing”

and I think I was busy with school a lot during the first three months?? Because I cannot find/remember any good stuff I drew then. And I have nothing finished yet for December, so I just put sketches from the other day there. Besides, there’s not much of a diff. between Nov-Dec since those were drawn only about a week apart…