• <p> Detox, on PhiPhi's hate post-S4:Yeah, I totally contributed to the hate that PhiPhi got in LA, including threats of bodily harm. It wasn't until later that I sort of felt bad about it.<p/><b>The Gays™:</b> *cheering and applauding*<p/><b>Valentina, on her fans harassing the other queens on S9:</b> I don't agree with my fans behavior and I'm sorry that happened, even if I didn't take action.<p/><b>The Gays™:</b> SHE'S EVIL!! WE TOLD YOU!!<p/></p>

Im not saying that Trixies joke about Aja should be justified, but PhiPhi said ‘Trixie wears that much makeup to hide the bruises from her dad’ and they made HIV jokes about Ongina, they made racist jokes about Bob, literally no one was spared. It’s a roast tour and they’re supposed to do that. I’m not saying I enjoy it, but if yall wanna call someone out call them all out, call this whole tour out, or just let it be what it is, a roast tour. I understand not feeling comfortable with these jokes, bcuz same, but don’t make it sound like Trixie said that just to be malicious, cuz that was not the context

The Signs as Lip Sync For Your Life’s

Aries: Raven vs. Nicole Paige Brooks

Taurus: DiDa Ritz vs. The Princess

Gemini: Coco Montrese vs. Alyssa Edwards

Cancer: Katya Zamolochikova vs. Sasha Belle

Leo: Trinity K Bonet vs. Adore Delano

Virgo: Manila Luzon vs. Delta Work 

Libra: Trinity K Bonet vs. Milk

Scorpio: Sharon Needles vs. Phiphi O'Hara

Sagittarius: Kennedy Davenport vs. Katya Zamolodchikova

Capricorn: Raven vs. Jujuebee

Aquarius: Joslyn Fox vs. Laganja Estranja

Pisces: Jinkx Monsoon vs. Detox

Phi Phi: *Talks shit about Alyssa unaware she is behind the mirror listening*


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day 1.5/6 all the cute stuff from when i hung out with @lucycamui

  • makka ice cream crêpe, yuuri parfait, katsudon pirozhki
  • free postcards w the food!! 
  • seung-gil, victor, and yuuri acrylic keychains
  • lucy gave me the phiphi and kenny rubber keychains 😭💞
  • lucy also won that yuuri plush from one of those crane games ohmygod you guys lucy is a legend… a boss… a champion… 

Don’t even try to tell me that racism isn’t prominent in the gay community. This is only a small part of it, but the fact that the most hated queens ever from the show are people of color tells you enough. Black queens get trashed and hated and get death threats sent to them far more than white queens despite not doing anything bad at all. I’ve said it before that nothing a queen does on the show, literally NOTHING, warrants you the right to send hate or death threats to them personally cuz that’s just disgusting, no matter the race of the queens, but theres a stroooong racial bias in this fandom and that you can not deny. Tyra,PhiPhi,Roxxxy,CoCo,Trinity K Bonet,Kennedy,Jasmine all received some of the most grossest comments and bullying online. White queens got hate too, sure, but people were much quicker and far more eager to hate on queens of color. Even the fact that pre-season for  s9, the queens who received the most negative comments were Jaymes and Nina, despite having white queens who expressed racist behavior in the past in the same cast, lets you know about that. You’re allowed to like who you like and dislike who you dislike obviously that goes without saying, but we all must first recognize the internalized racism and admit the white privilege in order to move forward and make changes. With that said, if you have opinions on queens that are negative please write them in your own personal accounts, don’t tag queens on your hate, I’m sure they’ve all been through enough in their lives, they don’t need the extra negativity. 

Drag Race Asks

RuPaul: What’s your greatest strength – charisma, uniqueness, nerve or talent?
Sharon Needles:  Do you like scary movies, Sidney?  What’s your favourite?
Chad Michaels:  Is there someone you can impersonate to perfection?
Untucked:  What’s the shadiest thing you’ve ever said?
Available On iTunes!:  The first five songs that come into your head.
Michelle Visage: Are you a tough critic or a sweet little pussycat?
Bianca Del Rio:  Stone, gold, glass… What’s your heart made of?
Bob The Drag Queen:  Tell us a joke, funny girl!
Santino Rice:  Describe the strangest outfit you’ve ever worn, Amadeus.
Guest Judges:  Name three people, alive or dead, whose opinions really matter to you
All-Stars:  Ever had a brush with fame?
Absolut Vodka:  Favourite drink?
Bebe Zahara Benet:  Do you represent your hometown or not?
Raja:  Did you roll with the cool kids at school?  Or, if you weren’t a Heather, Heather, what clique did you fit with, Heather?
Willam:  A choice of questions – either tell us about a time you were thrown out of somewhere, or tell us about the sickest you’ve ever felt…
Jinkx Monsoon:  Trouble sleeping?  Or trouble staying awake?
Mimi Imfurst:  How far would you go to grab people’s attention?
Drag U:  Condragulations!  You’ve won a fabulous free makeover!  What sickening style icon will it be based on?
Max:  What colour is your hair today, and what’s your favourite colour it’s ever been?
Alyssa + Coco:  Can you hold a grudge?  (Extra points if you tell us all about it)
Tyra Sanchez:   Give us an unpopular opinion.
Katya:  If you could live in any country in all the world, where would you go?
Ongina:  Would you ever shave your head?  (If you already have, we want pics!)
PhiPhi O’Hara:  Is it better to be loved or feared?
Latrice Royale:  Tell us about a time you picked yourself up after a fall (and know that we’re so proud of you, hon!)
Shangela:  If at first you don’t succeed…  Is there something in life where you keep on try-trying-again?
Nina Flowers:  Does your look match your personality?
Violet Chachki:  What’s your favourite physical feature?
Naomi Smalls:  Take the first name of one of your personal idols, and the last name from another.  This makes the name of your brand new persona – now tell us all about your gorgeous self!
Jiggly Caliente: May I call you Jiggly?

Valentina haters

Pressed bc your fav remains irrelevant? Ya’ll can call her fake as much a you want, the bitch is talented and focused, at the end of the day it is a competition and she played her cards well. If your only real argument is her not commenting on the hate her “sisters” received (although she did on Trinity’ live), sorry Detox didn’t do it for Phiphi. Also she is not responsible for what other people say or do. Period. (And yes I was also expecting a message from her about that but whatever, she posted it on her instagram) This is not the first time queens receive hate and let’s not fool ourselves, it will keep happening so if your skin is not tough enough to protect you from the heat maybe you shouldn’t be competing in a fucking Reality Tv Show. You exposed yourself and your character for the world to see and judge. Pd: if your other argument is the way she treated Farrah sorry but that wasn’t the time for her to speak. All she did during the whole competition was cry and put too much highlight. And if not texting you back is a good enough reason to take an important moment from a “friend” well bitch you don’t deserve her attention, who wants to befriend someone so needy? That intervention was not genuine she was just trying to be relevant. So in Valentina’s words for all her haters out there, pressed and offended by her: FARRAH, SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

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So I have this headcanon that Victor is ridiculously fast with Rubik's cubes bc when he was younger he had too much energy for Yakov to handle so he was handed a cube one day to stay quiet and for years at competitions or in the stands or whatever Yakov handed him a cube to keep him distracted so all that time he found the trick to solving them and now he can solve them in no time

i honest to god think victor is a fonken genius, like. you know those people that are good at everything??? literally EVERYTHING??? victor is one of Them. yuuri hates it. hates it. what do you mean you can solve a rubik’s cube in thirty seconds flat? what do you mean you can juggle the most amount of bananas this side of the hemisphere???? because victor nikiforov, five-time world champion, not only holds records in figure skating but his name pops up every 10 pages or so in the guinness world records for being the best at the randomest shit and victor always turns everything into a competition, too, like no. how. why

“don’t do this,” yuuri groans as victor grabs another shopping cart.

“c'mon, first one to reach the end of their list wins,” victor say eagerly. his eyes are already shifting around wildly, trying to spot items.

“what is there to win, victor?”

pero no… sorry yuuri… victor is gone and halfway through with his produce section

“this was supposed to be a cute date,” yuuri mumbles, and he’s so fonken mad and sad, because phiphi said this was a cute thing that happened on kdramas and yuuri and victor are kdrama-levels of relationship goals but LITTLE. DOES. PHIPHI. KNOW.